Thank you; now let’s look to the election

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A few hours ago I was notified that my petition seeking the Democratic nomination for Commissioner of the First Taxing District has succeeded in gathering the required number of signatures.

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks:

To my husband and the rest of my family for their unwavering support;

To my fellow First Taxing District incumbents, without whose encouragement I might not have had the fortitude to pursue this goal;

To my fellow Democrats who signed up to be circulators and took hours out of their busy lives to visit voters at their doors and gather signatures in rain, heat, and gloom of night; and other Democratic Town Committee members who made phone calls to apartment dwellers to arrange for me to visit their buildings and gather their signatures;

And last but not least to the voters who signed my petition – they are the ones who count, figuratively and literally! I especially appreciate:

  • The voter who just got out of the hospital and called the phone number on my leave-behind card to have me bring my petition to her;
  • The voter who was taking a nap, but willingly woke up and signed;
  • The voter who signed using a special easy-grip pen because of a medical condition that impairs the ability to write;
  • The voter who asked a series of astute questions about my experience and goals, listened thoughtfully to my answers, and then agreed to sign;
  • The voter who met with me not just to sign my petition, but also to deliver my cards to voters she knows;
  • The voters who went door to door with me to introduce me to their neighbors and ask for signatures.


I would not have come this far without all of your help and support!

Now it’s time to look ahead to November 2. As my opponent for the nomination did not submit petition signatures, I am now the Democratic nominee for Commissioner and there won’t be a Democratic primary in my district. My name will appear on the ballot on Row A as the Democrat running for Commissioner, First Taxing District.

I’ll be seeing many of you in the coming weeks as I campaign for myself, my fellow First District Democratic candidate (Rosa Murray, Treasurer), and the other Democrats running for Norwalk’s municipal offices. I look forward to continuing to serve you and hope to earn your vote!


Elsa Peterson Obuchowski


6 responses to “Thank you; now let’s look to the election”

  1. CT-Patriot

    I think with all due respect, it’s time to go in another direction.

    Democrats have time and time again shown us what happens with power.


    You forgot to thank the Academy…


    To tell you the truth, once you’re done thanking everyone. the best thing you can do in my opinion is adopt Jackie Lightfield’s EXACT agenda and run on that – and actually attempt to make real changes for the future of Norwalk.

    You know… while keeping your Green in its pristine, under utilIzed state!

  4. Congratulations, Elsa! The taxing districts are a rather strange, old management system in Norwalk, but while they exist, the First Taxing District will have a smart and caring commissioner with you if elected. Looking forward to sensible updates to the Green, making the roadways around it more pedestrian/biking friendly as well as highlighting the historic features of Norwalk in that area of the city. I pray that the taxing districts will do their utmost to contribute to a vibrant Norwalk. Let us citizens know how we can help!

  5. George

    Thank God I’m on well water.

    I to would like to thank my smokin’ hot wife for chosing a house on well water, my children Ely and Emma also known as the little E’s for living with well water. Thank you to Gould Pumps and the JS+ series well pump. To Halo water filters and the Halo 5 model.

    The loan processor for taking us thru the mortgage process. The underwriter for approving the mortgage. Our realtor for steering us to a house with well water. The lower taxes for less city services.

    Thank you also for not having to deal with another form of government and last but not least the neighbor’s who also have well water.

  6. Shari Brennan

    Congratulations Elsa

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