Thanks, Mayor Rilling, for backing us up

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We, the Working Group and the Falls at Silvermine, would like to thank Mayor Rilling for his support on changes to the James Street Bridge in Silvermine. First of all, we are delighted that although the cladding has not yet been installed, the bridge is open. Secondly, the original bridge was slated to have formliner (concrete fake stone) and through conversation with DOT Commissioner Redeker and backup from Mayor Rilling, we were able to have that changed to real stone cladding. The neighborhood requested fieldstone because that stone is everywhere in Silvermine and we are a historic area. Parts of Silvermine are either on the National Register or slated to be. Additionally James Street is a small country road. Somewhere along the way in the process, our request for the right stone was sidelined and models of an inappropriate stone showed up. Mayor Rilling has now reversed that process so that we will get the right stone, Connecticut fieldstone, on the bridge. The weather is changing and it may not be accomplished until spring but we are assured it will be done. Thank you Mayor Rilling for backing us up! We very much appreciate it.

Respectfully submitted,

The Working Group:
Ricardo Viera, architect
Dr. Lillian Viera
Lee Levey, architect and NASH Advisory Board
Leigh Grant, NASH Advisory Board
Marcia Harris, interior designer
The Falls at Silvermine


Bryan Meek November 3, 2019 at 8:57 pm

The late Hal Alvord is responsible for this bridge replacement and I am sure would have sought similar remedies on the final materials with Council approval. He was fired by this Mayor and this structurally deficient bridge might not have been replaced without his efforts. Glad to see the new DPW chief respecting the neighbors wishes, but let’s not gloss over why we are here.

Bryan Meek November 3, 2019 at 9:00 pm

how many city owned bridges are being replaced from project work that commenced in the last 6 years? One in Rowayton maybe that was about to fall under itself? Does the reshaping of the NOrwalk river by removal of the Flock dam count?

Debora Goldstein November 4, 2019 at 7:25 am

Funny. When East Norwalkers asked for the same thing for the East Norwalk Railroad bridge, we were told it wasn’t possible.

Furthermore, we are losing the pink sandstone facade that is of historical significance, but the DOT determined “no impact” to the pink sandstone, so we get no compensatory items.

The DOT wouldn’t even commit to re-use this beautiful resource elsewhere.

I’m glad your gateway will be what your neighborhood’s asked for. East Norwalk’s will be turned into Port Chester.

Bryan Meek November 4, 2019 at 7:41 am

Wow, Nancy didn’t fact check the lack of real improvements undertaken in the last 6 yeas. Poko and the mall is really all there is and a few politically expedient sidewalks. Camacho’s complaints about retirees not listing their occupations for a few hundred is right up there with the $ millions that have walked out of city hall for lawsuits and pure fraud. Stay focused Ron and watch what real leadership looks like after tomorrow.

Leigh Grant November 12, 2019 at 4:05 pm

Replying to Deborah’s comment that I just saw today, we were told by then DPW head that the stone cladding was not possible. It turned out that a meeting with Commissioner Redeker and backup from the mayor made it possible. You were dealing with DOT – possibly a whole different ballgame for a railway bridge. The stone you lost was likely brownstone that originates in CT and makes up the composition of many buildings in New York. The capstones on the Perry Ave. bridge over the Silvermine River are made of that. Perhaps I’m wrong and but Brownstone is also sandstone. I’m sorry for you because it’s wonderful stone aesthetically. I think we were lucky in timing and in approaching Redeker. And the mayor was a big help.

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