The ballot has two sides!

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Please make sure that when you vote, either in person or absentee, that you turn your ballot over.

Whatever your political affiliation, it is important to remember that the down ticket candidates who may end up on the reverse side of the ballot give up their time and energy when they seek the opportunity to serve the Norwalk Community.

The least we voters can do in return is to make sure we acknowledge those candidates, by taking the time to look at both sides of the ballot.

Thank you.

Kathleen Mary Tepper


2 responses to “The ballot has two sides!”

  1. Elsa Peterson Obuchowski

    As a candidate for First Taxing District Commissioner, I approve this message.
    Whether or not your district has taxing district officers, your ballot has important positions on the back, notably Board of Education at-large (vote for up to four candidates).
    Sample ballots for all Norwalk districts (A1, A2, etc.) can be viewed on the Registrar of Voters website at https://www.norwalkct.org/DocumentCenter/View/19713/NORWALK-CT-2020-Sample-Ballots

  2. Diane Lauricella

    Well said Kate!
    And thank you for your years of service advocating for true democracy and citizen rights!

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