The end’s in sight: Norwalk BOE to vote on June 20 as last day of school

NORWALK, Conn. – Norwalk Public Schools students can highlight June 20 on their smartphone calendars as the last day of classes for the current school year.

This is assuming there are no more snow days or other unexpected school cancellations, and that the Board of Education votes to approve the end of year schedule at its Tuesday night meeting.

According to information contained in the BOE agenda packet, and pending BOE approval, the final week of school – June 16-20 – will be a short one, with two-hour early dismissals Monday through Thursday. On Friday, high school students will be dismissed for the summer at 11:40 a.m. Middle schoolers get out at 12:25 p.m. Early elementary pupils – Fox Run, Jefferson, Marvin and Naramake – will attend from 8:45 a.m. to 12:45 p.m., and late elementary pupils will go from 9:20 a.m. to 1:20 p.m.

While the students will be on early dismissal, teachers will work full days. Monday and Tuesday will be professional development days for elementary and middle school teachers.

Also on Tuesday night’s agenda is a discussion and possible approval of a Memorandum of Intent between NPS and the South Norwalk Community Center regarding an “After the Bell Program.”

The program would provide South Norwalk children with accessible after-school programs in their own neighborhood, where there is currently no elementary school.

According to information in the agenda packet, children from South Norwalk – District 99 – currently are bussed to eight different schools throughout the city. Many get on a bus at 8 a.m. and come home at 4:15 p.m. , with no “late bus” transportation available for those wishing to attend after-school programs.

“In addition” the information sheet says, “parent involvement is stymied because of the travel distance and the fact that families must also take public transportation or taxi cabs in order to visit their child’s school.”

The agreement with SoNoCC would establish an after-school program for South Norwalk children beginning in September 2014. The memorandum states it is the intent of NPS to expand the program to at least one other site for the 2014-15 year or in 2015-16.

Read the full information sheet here: After the Bell Program memorandum of intent

Also the agenda is a superintendent’s report on bullying.

The meeting is scheduled for 7:45 p.m. Tuesday in Room A300 at City Hall

Agenda: Agenda 4-8-14


7 responses to “The end’s in sight: Norwalk BOE to vote on June 20 as last day of school”

  1. Bruce Kimmel

    Great initiative, and long overdue. It seems to me that the next step in this process should be an examination of the registration process so that it is fair to everyone.

  2. Marjorie M

    Bruce, this program can NOT be fair to everyone. According to federal law, the money can only be used to serve targeted Title I students ONLY from schools that are eligible to receive Title I money, as I learned. Therefore, if Cranbury School does not receive Title I money, a student from South Norwalk may NOT attend this after school program. Itmay seem unfair, but that is the manner in which federal law stipulates the spending of these funds.

  3. Bruce Kimmel

    My reference to fairness was about the registration process.

  4. Mike Barbis

    Marjorie: This issue about Title I schools is on the verge of being moot … Norwalk will shortly be a Title 1 district as we have passed the 50% threshold of students that qualify for Free and Reduced Lunch. Thus this distinction will no longer exist. We thought we were there this year but an audit of the figures had us less than 50 basis points from the magic number. We will be there next school year based on all of the data we have

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    what’s the hold up??????

    1. Mark Chapman


      The holdup is that we were having an internal discussion about the increasingly racist tone and racist comments in your posts. We have a clear policy about comments, and you are violating it or bumping up against it on a regular basis. We do not condone this type of behavior. You have every right to your opinion, and you have a right to say it, but not on our site, paid for and operated by us, by our advertisers and by the people who donate. We have decided we and our readers can do without this kind of discourse, and, accordingly, you are being added to our banned commenter list.

  6. Lifelong Teacher

    Thank you, Mark and Nancy.

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