Third-quarter mayoral campaign filing: Harry Rilling

(Correction 11:10 a.m.: An earlier version of this story indicated the campaign had received a loan. According to the campaign’s Deputy Treasurer David Murchie, the campaign has received no loans.)

NORWALK, Conn. – Harry Rilling is on a bit of a roll as the Sept. 10 Democratic mayoral primary election nears.

Rilling was the first of the four Democratic candidates to get enough signatures to secure a spot on the ballot, and he presented the most signatures. This week he picked up endorsements from all three of Norwalk’s Democratic state legislators. Then, Tuesday, the former chief of police filed his third-quarter campaign finance report showing he raised $10,022, all from individual donors. That total was $35.21 less than money raised by Vinny Mangiacopra, Matt Miklave and Andy Garfunkel combined.

Rilling reported donations from 119 individuals, with just over 100 of the residing in Norwalk.

Rilling has raised $58,784.99 so far in his bid to become the next Norwalk mayor.

Here are the main numbers from Rilling’s third-quarter filing:

$10,022 from 119 individuals

0 from committees

$751 other monetary receipts (LeMay refund of insurance)

$37,194.78 expenditures

Expenses paid by candidate:

$1,380 David Murchie wage

$1,000 DNA Campaigns consulting

$2,382.87 walk cards

$649 Aidan Novins wage

$475.57 John Aube wage

$405.19 Kenneth McClary

$1,990 The Blue Deal LLC lawn signs

$1,110 CapAd communications Alexandra

$4,019 mailers DNA

$3,524 mailers

$149.99 Englewood Edge LLC (NancyOnNorwalk.com) advertising

(other smaller miscellaneous expenses)

$13,971.40 balance on hand

Third-quarter donors:

(donors are from Norwalk unless otherwise noted)

Anastasios Kyriakides $600

Judson Aley $500

Judy Farnsworth $290

Dominic Muro $250

Tobias Arianna $250

David McQuade, Vernon $250

Christopher Names $250

Elizabeth Maurice $200

Mary Yordon $200

Gabrielle Gavrielidis $200

John Petrafesa $150

Mary Pugh $100

Gordon Tully $100

Hariklia Koskorelos $100

Steven Kerschner $100

Robin Montgomery, Brookfield $100

Tim Hefferan $100

Peter Thor $100

John Levin $50

Jeanne Taylor $50

Marilyn Robinson $50

Deborah O’Connor $50

Jacqueline Novotny $50

John Rivera $50

Cristina Kish $50

Karen Spencer $50

Harriet Abel $50

Fran Collier-Clemmons $50

Maryse Dorleans $50

Dan DiCicco $50

Raquel Tchobanove, Bronxville $50

Ioannis Kyriakides $50

Bryan Kerschner $50

Lindsey Guerrero $50

Kathryn Ghadiyali $50

Marlinda Jacobs $50

Monica Ferraro, Stamford $50

Mario Bellavia, Stamford $50

Zikos Kyrkos $50

Clyde Tinnen $50

Francisco Valencia $50

Gregory Detroy $50

Michael DePalma $50

Theodore Brown $50

Antonio Lopez $40

Juan Sanchez, Bridgeport $40

Albert Dancy, Darien $40

Tom Roncinske, Danbury $40

Kenneth McClary, Bloomfield $40

Leda Gonzalez 25

Carolyn Walker $25

Silvia Valencia $25

Brenda Penn-Williams $25

Shirley Mosby $25

Anthony Buono $25

Thursa Merritt $25

Sal Liccione, Westport $22

Mary Georgoulis $20

Broderick Sawyer $20

Jimmy Penn $20

Lee Larchevesque $20

Marjorie Clark $10

Multiple donors:

(first number = 3rd quarter donation; second number = three-quarter total)

Michael Mushak, $100, $1,000 aggregate

Joyce Murray $60, $860 aggregate

Kathi Curioloi $300, $800 aggregate

Nicole Coppola, Milford $150, $800 aggregate

Elizabeth Gibbs $500, $650 aggregate

Ronald Restivo $100, $600 aggregate

Galen Wells $200, $599 aggregate

Donna King $200, $550 aggregate

Joseph Dominick $250, $500 aggregate

Ira Bloom, Westport $150, $500 aggregate

Michael Corsello, Westport $200, $400 aggregate

Heidi Godleski $150 $350 aggregate

Mary Bellavia, Stamford $50, $300 aggregate

Peter Fullam $200, $300 aggregate

Mary Burgess $15, $275 aggregate

Rod Lopez-Fabrega $100, $275 aggregate

Lawrence Andronaco $100, $250 aggregate

Alex Knopp $50, $200 aggregate

Robert Lametta $100, $200 aggregate

Larry Rossi $100, $200 aggregate

Ralph Bloom $100, $200 aggregate

Lynne Moore $75, $175 aggregate

Lois Flynn $75, $175 aggregate

Elsa Peterson Obuchowski $15, $175 aggregate

Robert Burgess $100, $170 aggregate

Daniel Obuchowski $15, $150 aggregate

Emorfia Petrides $100, $150 aggregate

Daniel Godleski $50, $150 aggregate

Robert Hard $50, $150 aggregate

James Doyle $50, $150 aggregate

Nate Sumpter $30, $130 aggregate

Steven Wallerstein $75, $125 aggregate

Judith Cobin $25, $125 aggregate

Jeremiah Crowley $25, $125 aggregate

Stuart Wells $25, $124 aggregate

Corrine Weston $55, $105 aggregate

Yvonne Rodriguez $50, $100 aggregate

Darnell Crosland $50, $100 aggregate

Diane Lauricella $85, $95 aggregate

Sheri Brown $25, $75 aggregate

Margaret Farnsworth $25, $65 aggregate

John Hauter $25, $60 aggregate

Felicia Rozek $25, $65 aggregate


9 responses to “Third-quarter mayoral campaign filing: Harry Rilling”

  1. Asa H.M.

    Stuart Wells has given twice? Shouldn’t our Registrar of Voters be neutral? Come on…it only shows that this campaign will support the same old, same old. Time for Putting Norwalk First. Time for Matt Miklave to implement budget reform, and bring in qualified, talented new individuals that are honest about what they do. We can’t continue with people that say one thing and do the opposite.

  2. Don’t Panic

    Stuart Wells is the Democratic Registrar. Karen Lyons is the Republican Registrar. These are elected offices.

  3. NorwalkVoter

    You have errors in your report for Rilling. Pls recheck the payments and the loan. Not correct.

  4. Oldtimer

    “Shouldn’t our Registrar of Voters be neutral? ” Why ? Are you suggesting that every City employee should give up the right to support a candidate, maybe even the right to vote ?

    City employees see a lot of how an administration has worked, or failed to work, and form valuable opinions that should not be silenced because they work in City Hall. There are other former employees that could probably tell us a lot but choose to keep their experience, and opinions, to themselves.

  5. David Murchie

    As Deputy Treasurer for the campaign, I note that there have been NO loans to the campaign. Please correct this story.

    1. Mark Chapman

      @David Murchie
      We have corrected the story.

  6. bill

    I agree that all registrar of voters should be neutral and ineligible to donate in a primary.

  7. RU4REEL

    What is wrong with you folks, Oldtimer is spot on, city employees who live here are paying attention in some instances, sorry if you don’t like it.
    Wells is a taxpayer and he can donate to whom ever he wants, you should feel bad for him, if moccia wins Stu may be in the stew.
    Besides it shows me that Wells is his own man, it takes courage to step up like that, especially with a vindictive leader steering the ship.
    I know a few other folks donating under others names, you don’t think those are city employees?
    I did see a few city employees on the list I know though, not afraid to speak up, good for them.
    Does Stu have a Rilling lawn sign too!

  8. Asa H.M.

    To clarify, I was not asking about other city employees. While I do believe they should all be able to stand for their convictions, the perception in this case of a Registrar of Voters – and ESPECIALLY THE DEMOCRATIC ONE IN A DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY – might lead to better judgement. Oh well, this is Norwalk and better judgement is not our strong suit…

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