Third-quarter mayoral campaign filing: Matt Miklave

NORWALK, Conn. – Common Councilman Matt Miklave has a dogged determination and a positive outlook when it comes to his pursuit of the Democratic nomination for the right to run against Republican incumbent Richard Moccia to become mayor of Norwalk.

Miklave insists he has the backing of Norwalkers who are tired of business as usual in City Hall or who want someone who is independent of the Democratic Party insiders, and he points to a recent internal poll that put him four points up on former Police Chief Rilling and 12 points ahead of District D Democratic Chairman Vinny Mangiacopra and former Town Clerk Andy Garfunkel. And while the poll reported that more than 60 percent of the 300 people contacted either were undecided or refused to answer, Miklave took that as a sign that this is anyone’s race.

His positive outlook and determination paid off in the third fundraising quarter, as Miklave received $5,775 in donations from 23 individual donors, including 15 Norwalk residents. The total included four $1,000 donations, including one from Dino Melitsanopoulos and one from Kevin DiMauro, both of Norwalk. The others came from Joanne Goldner-Kahan of Westport and George Bauer of Canton.

Individuals are limited to donating no more than $1,000 per election.

Miklave’s total was second to the $10,022 raised from 119 donors by Rilling, but it topped Mangiacopra’s $4,306 from 43 donors. Garfunkel raised less than $100 from two donors in the period.

Miklave, who loaned his campaign $10,000 in the early stages, reported having $4,209 on hand going into Tuesday’s primary election. Mangiacopra as more than $15,000 and Rilling listed more than $13,000 on hand. Garfunkel has nearly $5,000 in his campaign coffer.

Here are the numbers from Miklave’s third-quarter campaign filing:

$5,775 from individuals

$0 from committees

$21,582.07 expenditures

Expenses paid by candidate:

$1,300 Bridge communications poll

$2,544.84 signs

$2,293 print

$2,354 print

$4,981.08 a-dm

$7,471.62 a-dm

$10,000 loan outstanding

$4,209 balance on hand

New donors:

(Donors are from Norwalk unless otherwise noted)

Dino Melitsanopoulos $1,000

Joanne Goldner-Kahan, Westport $1,000

Kevin DiMauro $1,000

George Bauer, Canton $1,000

Suzanne St. Therese $250

John Fawley, Bainbridge Island, Wash. $250

Linda Dunsmore $200

Dennis Lalli, New York $150

Ellen Tully $100

Jo Deupree $100

Dawn Capenzano $100

Meryl Rosenfeld $100

Darlene Walther, Palm Coast, Fla. $50

Michelle Johnson, Bloomfield $50

Anne Magnin $50

Marija Bryant $50

Catherine Maxey $50

Jane Rossomando, Sandy Hook $50

Multiple donors:

(first figure = 3rd quarter; second figure = three-quarter total)

Anthony Ditrio $100, $850 aggregate

Debora Goldstein $50, $150 aggregate

Emil Albanese $25, $100 aggregate

Kate Tepper Kimmich $25, $50 aggregate

Scott Kimmich $25, $50 aggregate


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