Third-quarter mayoral campaign filing: Vinny Mangiacopra

NORWALK, Conn. – Democratic mayoral hopeful Vinny Mangiacopra did not have a big fundraising quarter, according to third-quarter figures filed Tuesday in accordance with campaign financing laws.

After a spectacular second quarter, Mangiacopra found himself having to scramble for petition signatures – as did his three opponents – to get on the ballot for the Sept. 10 Democratic primary, taking time away from fundraising activities. Thus, after tapping 237 individual donors for more than $40,000 in the second quarter, the District D Democratic Party Chairman dropped to 43 individuals and $4,306 this time around. The total placed him third in the quarter behind Harry Rilling, who took in more than $10,000 from 119 contributors, and Matt Miklave, who totaled $5,775 from just 23 donors.

Just over half – 22 – of Mangiacopra’s donors were Norwalk residents. Miklave has 15 local donors, and Rilling had more than 100.

The good news for the 31-year-old “change” candidate? He has raised more than $70,000 overall – without loaning his campaign money – and has the most money on hand for the stretch run. Mangiacopra reported having $15,178.90 on hand going into the primary. Rilling reported $13,991.40 and Miklave $4,209.

Former Town Clerk Andy Garfunkel raised just $76.21 from two individuals in the quarter and has an aggregate total of $9,704.90. He reported a balance on hand of $5,492.56.

Here are the numbers from Mangiacopra’s third-quarter campaign filing:

$3,906 from individuals

$300 from committees

Expenditures: $34,721

Ray Dunlap, $1,400

Adam Huberty, $500 wage

Paul Russell, West Hartford $3,500 wage

Will Sharry $6,199.17

Travis Simms $3,500

State of Conn. labor $459

Printing $15,812

(Plus miscellaneous small items)

Balance on hand: $15,178

New donors:

Thomas Kruger, Stamford $500

John Igneri, Norwalk $350

Stephen Banker, Greenwich $250

Robert Frazier, Norwalk $250

Jason Stanevich, New Haven $250

Joseph Carter, Norwalk $150

Mark Pinzon, Norwalk $100

Steven Mednick, New Haven $100

Raymond Allen, West Haven $50

Suzanne Andrews, South Salem $20

Esther Bess, Norwalk $50

Amanda Brown, Norwalk $51

Dan Ciporin, Greenwich $50

Salvatore Depiano, Fairfield $50

Burtt Ehrlich, Greenwich $50

Maya Gui, Norwalk $50

Milton Harkrader, Norwalk $50

Florence Josem, Norwalk $50

Patricia Tinto, Norwalk $50

Holley Slauson, Norwalk $50

Rejil Solis, Brooklyn $35

Kathleen Jaegar, Norwalk $30

Jean Sharry, Westwood $25

Daniel Smith, Norwalk $15

Multiple donors:

(first figure = 3rd quarter donation; second figure = three-quarter total)

Mary Fabrizi, Bridgeport $250, aggregate $500 program director Bridgeport Board of Education

Elaine Petronella, Norwalk $150, $450 aggregate

Dennis Scinto, Bridgeport $50, $325 aggregate

Nora King, Norwalk 100, aggregate $300

Russell Paul, West Hartford $100, aggregate $300

Damon Workiewicz, Shelton $100, aggregate $250

Shirley Goad, Norwalk $100, aggregate $250

Matthew Rosado Shelton $25, $225 aggregate

Monica Thomas, Norwalk $100, aggregate $175

Shannon Marietta Newnan $75, $170 aggregate

Piet Marks, Norwalk $100, $150 aggregate

Joey Santacroce, Oxford $50, $150 aggregate

Margherita McElwreath, Norwalk $50, $125 aggregate

Taber Hamilton, $30, aggregate $115

Group donation:

Roofer’s Political Education $300


3 responses to “Third-quarter mayoral campaign filing: Vinny Mangiacopra”

  1. McKeen Shanogg

    Is Mary Fabrizi (Bridgeport Board of Ed) related to the former Bridgeport mayor Fabrizi who got caught on video using cocaine? More important, look at the number of donors from the Bridgeport area. Norwalk needs a mayor to represent Norwalk, not to bring Bridgeport style corruption to Norwalk.

  2. bill

    Vinny = Bridgeport born and raised, you get what you pay for

  3. D(ysfunctional)TC

    Simms could only shake down $3500? Must be losing his edge. Maybe the pot of gold at the end of the primary, when Vinny moves to the dustbin of irrelevancy.

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