This week’s most read, most commented-on stories

NORWALK, Conn. – Here are the Top 10 most-read stories and most-commented-on stories for the week of Sept. 21-27:

Most read:

  1. $2M settlement passes: City to buy 127 Fillow, help Al Madany find new mosque site
  2. ‘Lesser of two evils’ defended in Norwalk Council endorsement of Al Madany settlement
  3. Norwalker suing tax assessor over uncorrected ‘error’
  4. Norwalk Zoning Commission to P&Z department head: It’s planning, not just zoning
  5. Norwalk leaders: Al Madany settlement impact should be minimal
  6. Hamilton: Norwalk tax assessor was admonished for bidding in tax sale
  7. Greene defends, dismisses Norwalk Master Plan
  8. King duels Greene over Norwalk planning studies, sidewalks 
  9. City got mosque issue wrong from the outset
  10. SoNo Comeback Task Force reports on its brainstorming, skewers Parking Authority

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