We must join together against racism and violence

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Over the past few days, I have experienced multiple emotions ranging from frustration, sadness, and anger, to disgust. Racism and violence in any form are intolerable to our way of life, and what happened to George Floyd is beyond reprehensible.  There is absolutely no circumstance when it is acceptable or appropriate to support any act of hate. We have to do better as a society to reject all forms of bigotry and find ways to unite despite the evil actors who surround us.

I believe protesting and voicing our concerns is an amazing right we have in this country.  I find hope in peaceful forms of protest.  In the wake of this horrific death, we as a community can join together, in a peaceful way, as so many of us here have done, and reject cruel treatment against another human being.

This is an issue that transcends political, religious, and philosophical views. It is a question of basic humanity. In this, there is nothing to divide us. On the contrary, I hope that this event will bring us closer and give us the strength to stand up together and fight against racism.

Patrizia Zucaro



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