I denounce these heinous acts

Mayor Harry Rilling.

The senseless murders of eight innocent people in Georgia last week were tragic. I offer my deepest condolences to the families of the victims and to the Asian American and Pacific Islander communities. The scapegoating and harassment of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders has to stop. There is no doubt that these attacks were fueled by racism and xenophobia.

Hatred and bigotry have no place in our society, yet, Communities of Color are frequently subjected to verbal threats, harassment, and physical violence. It is the lived experience of so many people across this country, and has been for generations. It has to stop. We have to do better.

This last year has brought out the best in us, but it has also revealed some of the worst in us. As a result of harsh rhetoric around the coronavirus pandemic, Asian Americans have felt unsafe, targeted, and subjected to violence and harassment. No one should feel unsafe in their homes and their communities. I join with others in denouncing these heinous acts, and reaffirm that Norwalk is and will always be a safe and welcoming place for all people.


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  1. John ONeill

    I personally like Mayor Rilling…
    As a police chief he would fire a detective investigating Atlanta Spa shooting who came up with this conclusion..
    While I agree that racism of any kind is abhorrent I’m not sure if this is the case in Atlanta shooting. Maybe Harry has info we don’t..?
    I’d be disappointed if Mayor Rilling was using this shooting to launch his campaign..He’s better than that…I think?
    Is it possible that Harry had a few martinis with Bob Duff today while discussing political strategy for 2021? I hope not.
    Speaking of Bob Duff, there was a vote this week on fixing police accountability law. It’s obvious Robert Duff hates the police. Or is willing to sell them out for a few votes. Very Very sad.
    Note to CT Police: Bob Duff is definitely not your friend.
    I’m still waiting for those who blindly supported him and his cheap shot at police in August to apologize . They are as big a disgrace as he is.

  2. Nancy McGuire

    So is the senseless murder of 10 white people in Boulder. Racism is not restricted to one shade of skin, one religion, or to one political party.

  3. Bryan Meek

    When is city hall opening? When are the pot holes being patched? Will City Hall be taking raises again this year? How is it the operating budget went up 6% when early retirement packages were given? How is it the pension fund only earned 2% when the S&P went up 10%? Who exactly are we paying $500k to manage these funds? How does identity politics help Norwalk?

  4. Scott Vetare

    Right on Nancy McGuire! Right on!!

  5. Mike Skinner

    Harry, you should really get your fact straight before making comments like this. It’s believed that the shooter has some sort of sexual dysfunction and wasn’t targeting Asians.from what I’ve read he was on his way to Florida to shoot up a place that was involved in making xxx films

  6. David Muccigrosso

    I denounce your heinous “leadership”.

    There’s a vacant spot on East Main right next to Evarito’s, saying that “Il Fornaio [pizza place] is Coming Next Year – 2019!”

    It’s been there since 2018. Seriously, man, what’s the holdup? Oh, oh, I know this one! It’s your heinous permitting process.

    Your response to blatant and obvious police corruption was to appoint an “accountability and compliance officer” AKA giving a force veteran a sinecure desk job where he lectures his decades-long buddies every month or two about making sure they’ve signed out the non-LoJacked cruiser when they plan on going out drinking during a patrol.

    Meanwhile a homeless skateboarder wakes me up at 2:30am, his buddies slowly grind away the SoNo Pearl’s nice little marble fountain facade, the cops can’t be bothered to what is clearly a traffic, safety, and nuisance issue, and you can’t be bothered to maybe reopen the skate park. Gee Harry, I wonder what’d happen if *I* showed up outside *your* house at 2:30am dragging a piece of plywood up and down your street and occasionally whacking it with a hammer.

    You spend all your time fighting a local developer over… what is the whole deal again? Seriously, I can’t figure out a single compelling government interest in hassling Jason Milligan, even if he’s a bit annoying and pushy. At least he’s trying to redevelop a clearly-dying neighborhood, not just building more bougie overpriced Yuppie Traps.

    Harry, I’m a progressive. I want the best for all of us. But we need real progressive governance. Not whatever *this* is. No one cares if you think this stuff is heinous. Let’s fix up Norwalk first.

  7. DrewT

    While I appreciate the Mayor for his comments but have to wonder where he was while Anti Semitic Crimes have been on the rise right here in Norwalk?! Where was his statement when we found out NHMS had a student send Anti Semitic images to students? So much so there was a whole discussion about it on Wednesday for about an hour?!

  8. BAS

    @Nancy McGuire – you bring up a valid point. This statement as it’s written in the plural (heinous acts) completely ignored what happened in Colorado. It’s comes across as ignoring those who perished in Boulder? What bc they were mostly causation? More Cheap tricks.

  9. Victor Cavallo

    Sad. I never expected Harry to have it in him to be a racial arsonist and recklessly alienate a huge block of constituents who don’t share the same view and who prefer that their Mayor stick to local issues that need fixing like budgets, education and zoning. This is not Harry talking.

  10. Pauline C Gamer

    I am appalled that so many people start “screaming” racist, etc. before the facts are in. It makes politicians look ignorant. In Georgia and Colorado the perpetrators of these heinous crimes are known to be mentally ill.

  11. Jamie

    Fueled by racism except the FBI director said it does not appear the motive was racially motivated. Fake news

  12. Sam Tyler

    Meanwhile ignore the discrimination, in your own city, when a fire department official can slander a Jewish person and get transferred and a promotion for it.

  13. Donny O’Day

    Wow. This is a fairly plain vanilla press release, but seems to have triggered a number of people here. I’m surprised some people are putting their names on these comments. It is not always about you – let one go by every once in a while.

  14. John ONeill

    @Donny – 1) I wouldn’t call this statement Vanilla.
    2) The Great thing about America is everyone is entitled to their opinion and should be respected
    3) Those of us who stop listening become ignorant faster than we think. Someone famous once said that and it makes complete sense.

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