Three flee Norwalk fire

Fire burns Saturday at 67 Fair St. (Norwalk Fire Department)

NORWALK, Conn. – This is a press release, presented in the format in which it was sent:

The Norwalk Fire Department responded to a structure fire today at 12:17pm, at 67 Fair Street. The cities combined communications center received a 911 call, saying there was smoke coming from a white house at the corner of Tindall Avenue and Fair Street. Upon arrival firefighters found  heavy smoke pouring from the 2nd floor windows of the 2 story home. An initial report from a bystander was that he could hear someone inside banging on the window of the 2nd floor. That report fortunately turned out to be wrong, but prior to FD arrival he did escort the 1st floor occupant out of the home. Firefighters searched the home as hose lines were being advanced, locating 2 occupants in a basement apartment and quickly bringing the fire quickly under control.

A home at 67 Fair St. was heavily damaged Saturday by fire. (Norwalk Fire Department)

At press time a total of 8 occupants were being relocated by the American Red Cross. The structure was posted unfit for occupancy and the cause of the blaze was under investigation by Deputy Fire Marshal Kirk McDonald. 29 Firefighters responded to the fire with 4 Engines, 2 Trucks a Rescue and Command Car.



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2 responses to “Three flee Norwalk fire”

  1. Rick

    The firefighters made a good stop and no loss of life.It was lunch time 4 of the firemen were not out on the fire boat and the mall hasn’t been built yet and the new construction has now changed the way our city responds. High rises now command priority response like no other time in Norwalks history.Norwalk never had so many high rises finished and filled.

    When will we see the projected impact on service when the mall is built? Most cities add 10 percent to all departments when malls are built what makes Norwalk insulated from hiring? 15 new men for a city of 100,000 ? The union wont be happy thats anticpated overtime.

    GGP Tyson mall saw 21 new officers once the mall opened whats Norwalks plan?

    Not for nothing we have a bridge being worked on that cuts the city in half when up and all the construction altering the effect of response and delivery of service every day.

    Isn’t it time to plan on no State money and a poorly run city?

    The well is dry folks as it is having no State budget is leaving the key figures in Norwalk at a disadvantage doesn’t it ?
    The last thing we need to see is layoffs and station closings.

    Its nice to see what is available for manpower but for the sake of safety for both the taxpayer and firefighter isn’t it time we start talking policy.

    The old fire chief made a deal to enhance the water pressure snd service at Lajoies ,long before contractors yards were permitted along Meadow st.

    It was a great deal nothing got done city is worse off and council members are oblivious that passing things on Meadow st was a poor decision on fire suppression alone. City hall didn’t have to make new rules just enforce the old ones and fell short on behalf of its residents.

    When do we get a new leadership the firefighters deserve better don’t they?

  2. Rick

    Two charged lines and plenty of flame lick and a phone call suggests the smoke alarms were not working.

    It was a duplex from the sounds of it.

    Maybe its time to educate the public Deputy Fire Marshal Kirk McDonald.

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