Three Norwalk cops honored at first Police Commission meeting

The Norwalk Police Commission at work.

NORWALK, Conn. – Norwalk’s new Police Commission bestowed twice as many honors as usual Monday at its first meeting.

Sgt. Terrence Blake was named October Officer of the Month for an arrest that involved the seizure of a handgun, Chief Thomas Kulhawik said. Officers James Yturbe and Paul Wargo were named November Officers of the Month for stopping a suicide in progress, Kulhawik said.

Last month’s Police Commission meeting was canceled in the wake of the election. The new commissioners unanimously confirmed the nominations from Kulhawik.

Norwalk Police Commissioner Charlie Yost and Sgt. Terrance Blake. (Courtesy NPD)

Blake was working the night shift on Oct. 17 when he began a conversation with someone he recognized, Kulhawik said. That turned into a foot chase. The suspect had a handgun, which Blake recovered, Kulhawik said.

“He made a very good arrest and probably prevented a shooting from occurring,” Kulhawik said. “I think a lot of the reason our violent crime is down is because of the number of guns taken off the street, and Terry’s been one of the people involved in a lot of these seizures.”

On Nov. 3, Yturbe and Wargo were sent to check on someone who was distraught, Kulhawik said. When they got there they could see the person through a window, ready to hang his or her self, Kulhawik said. The subject jumped off the bed, but the officers got in and took the weight off the rope. The person survived and was treated, he said.

Norwalk Police Commissioner Fran Collier-Clemmons and Officer Paul Wargo. (Courtesy NPD.)

They were also recommended for a medal of merit, he said.

Also at the meeting:

Mayor Harry Rilling suggested that new members might want to consider asking for synopses of major incidents every month. Commissioner Fran Collier-Clemmons indicated that she thought that might be helpful.

Rilling also said he would like to name one of the other commissioners chairperson for a year, but didn’t think it was possible under the charter. He said he would consult Corporation Counsel Mario Coppola.


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    Thank you NON for reporting on such positive work from our PD. Well done, officers! You made a difference and are deserving of such honors.

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