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I have always been an unaffiliated voter, giving up my right to vote in political parties primaries, to insure that my voting selections were free of party labels and were directed to selecting the person best suited to fulfill the role of the position being voted on. This year, as we vote for mayor of Norwalk, I will be voting for Lisa Brinton for Mayor.

Harry Rilling is a nice person. I voted for him in 2013. But he has failed to provide the leadership needed to take our City forward and has failed time and time again when dealing with the problems the City has faced; whether it is protecting Norwalk’s interests in the Walk Bridge project, getting our downtown district free of the “POKO disaster”, or providing a financial plan to avoid tax increases as our infrastructure costs, such as debt service, double over the next few years.

Lisa Brinton, a retired businesswoman, has been an advocate for improving Norwalk schools for many years, and in the more recent years active in promoting improved land-use and city financial management.
Her reform platform includes:

  1. Standing up for Norwalk residents
  2. Protecting neighborhoods with updated zoning regulations
  3. Creating a livable Norwalk inspection program to address the rental market, including review and enforcement of quality of life ordinances
  4. Funding master plans for park and recreation facilities
  5. Introducing a traffic safety enforcement schedule
  6. Implementing an inclusive and transparent process for political appointments
  7. Mandating ethics training for every city worker and political appointee
  8. Establishing a charter revision task force
  9. Reviewing City Hall communication
  10. Reviewing the budgeting process and the auditing of third party agencies
  11. Upgrading IT databases and practices of building, zoning and tax records
  12. Supporting local businesses with best practices and smart development
  13. Advocating a 90-day moratorium on the Walk Bridge project to allow for consideration of alternative solutions
  14. Building on the Manresa Study to evaluate usage options and return the land to providing appropriate property tax receipts to the City
  15. Supporting economic development focused on trades and technical jobs
  16. Seeking supplemental school funding from third parties and increasing overall city grant writing

This comprehensive program reflects the needs of our city and my experience with Lisa Brinton assures me it will be executed when she is elected Mayor. I urge all Norwalk voters to support her election as our next Mayor.

As a District E resident, I will also be voting for Tom Livingston for Common Council. Tom is the singular councilperson that has put the interest of the citizens of Norwalk first on every issue coming before the council, always following his logical thought process and insisting on factual information on which to base his decisions. Tom has been an outstanding councilman and deserves support for his reelection from everyone in District E .

Dave Davidson


Cathy Travers October 30, 2019 at 8:48 am

Yes it’s time for a change ..Duff’s comments about racism told me exactly what he and Rilling want… divide this city … it was out of line and has become the mantra for Democrats when they want to degrade an opponent… he pushed me to the side of Lisa in this election .

David Muccigrosso October 30, 2019 at 9:24 am

I would add that any plan for stricter enforcement against abusive landlords/slumlords needs to figure out how to prevent their tenants from ending up on the streets.

If we’re not careful, this will end up a classic example of unintended consequences.

We don’t want to kick people out onto the streets, especially not entire families. These people presumably have *jobs*, too, and like anyone else spend their money on goods and services, so directly or not, they’re contributing to the tax base.

We should have a plan that only punishes the most egregious of abuses, and focuses on transitioning people into code-compliant housing and above-board leases. Get them paying landlords who actually pay their fair share of taxes.

If the landlords don’t want to play ball, find new landlords. Having your ownership of property protected by the law is a privilege you lose when you break the laws about how you use that property.

Colin Hosten October 30, 2019 at 10:16 am

Interesting. I agree with you that Tom Livingston “has put the interest of the citizens of Norwalk first on every issue.” I’ll be voting for him (and his running mate Lisa Shanahan) in District E, for sure.

And yet, in “following his logical thought process and insisting on factual information on which to base his decisions,” Tom is also supporting Harry Rilling for re-election as Mayor.

I guess that’s what Tom thinks is best for the citizens of Norwalk. Hard to disagree with him on that.

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