Too young? Not for Norwalk’s Future Now

By Marc Bradley

NORWALK, Conn. – I’m glad to see that the Norwalk Democrats are considering a real alternative to Mr. Moccia. Vincent Mangiacopra is a different kind of candidate and the type of leader that Norwalk needs in the Mayor’s office.

His call for Norwalk’s Future Now is poignant, because Norwalk desperately needs to move forward. Mr. Mangiacopra is not part of the bickering old guard – D and R alike – that has been “running” the city for the past 20 plus years. Norwalk’s taxpayers are sick and tired of it.

During my time as chairman of the DTC, Mr. Mangiacopra invested countless hours working to improve our city; fighting to ensure that all Norwalkers had a voice at the table. He understands the issues facing the city and he has the creativity and managerial experience necessary to jump start Norwalk’s growth.

In his announcement speech, Mr. Mangiacopra proposed real solutions to help Norwalk reach its potential. As a Norwalk business owner himself, Mr. Mangiacopra knows that small, local businesses are the engines of the city. He called for the creation of an Economic Development Office to better streamline the process for businesses to move to Norwalk, and more importantly, to help existing businesses grow and prosper. Mr. Mangiacopra understands that hammering businesses with taxes and fees won’t move the city forward or put people back to work.

He promised to vastly expand “community policing” with an aim at reestablishing trust between the police and the residents of Norwalk. He called for an around-the-clock, boots-on-the-ground approach (including his boots) to let residents know that the city cares whether or not your kids are safe in the community. He also pledged to bring a Boys and Girls Club to the city. With the loss of the YMCA, this type of public-private investment is exactly what Norwalk’s children deserve.

Lastly, Mr. Mangiacopra doesn’t need a reminder about the importance of a good public school system. He lives with someone who knows; his wife Kelsie is a public elementary school teacher in the Norwalk. Mr. Mangiacopra understands that teachers are much more than “budget busters,” as the Republican leadership has expressed, and he has pledged to work with the BOE and school employees to devise a plan to weather the current budget crunch and to create a topnotch school system that will attract new families (aka taxpayers) to Norwalk.

These investments cost money and Mr. Mangiacopra knows that. But these investments are necessary to rebuild Norwalk and make it the vibrant and attractive place that it should be. In the coming months I’m confident that he will lay out a detailed plan to bring forward Norwalk’s Future Now, and I am excited to endorse his candidacy for Mayor.

Marc Bradley

Norwalk Democratic Town Committee, Chairman (2010 – 2012)


14 responses to “Too young? Not for Norwalk’s Future Now”

  1. Joe Espo

    Dear Marc: you don’t live here any more. Your opinions don’t matter. Stay away from our town. Because your duplicity is not welcomed here. Two years ago, Andy was the best thing since sliced bread for Norwalk. Now he’s not. And now you tell us it’s Vinny. Did you not tell us the truth about Andy two years ago? What should we believe?

  2. NorwalkLifer

    Supporting two Democratic candidates for mayor in consecutive elections as a Democratic leader in the town is not duplicitous; it’s consistent. Joe do you know what that word means?

    A good example of duplicity is Harry Rilling going to the GOP convention in 2011, congratulating the mayor and then running in 2013 as a Democrat. That’s duplicitous.

  3. NorwalkVoter

    Marc has no clue about Norwalk Democrats or Republicans. He was so disinterested that he wis MIA most of his tenure as Chairman of the Democratic party. He was out working for losing candidates outside of Norwalk. He and Vinny are opportunists of the first order. Each seems to be just looking for a job, somewhere, somehow. Marc is irrelevant.

  4. NorwalkDinosaur

    @NorwalkVoter, are you “the bickering old guard” that Mr. Bradley is referring to? Bold goes the tongue under the cloak of annonimity.

  5. rburnett

    Yes, sort of like the cloak of anonimity worn by NorwalkDinosaur….Ironic

  6. NorwalkDinosaur

    I’m not casting stones @rburnett

  7. NorwalkVoter

    @NorwalkDinosaur No bickering here. Just the facts. And you are the ageist, not I.

  8. D(ysfunctional)TC

    At last, we hear from the grandfather of local Democrat disharmony. Once Amanda and Vinny consolidate Marc’s total failure for Norwalk Democrats this fall, maybe we can start rebuilding the party to reflect the values of Norwalk Democrats instead of the kook fringe.

  9. Revisionist History

    D(ysfunctional)TC, Marc was on the DTC for 2 years. He’s hardly a grandfather of anything. He inherited $10K in DTC debt from the previous leadership, a 5-10 common council minority, and a Republican mayor.

    He left money in the bank, an albeit brief, 8-7 council majority (prior to all of your “true Dems” jumping ship to join Moccia and his merry band of idiots), and a successful purge of the “kooks” in District B.

    What glory days are you hoping to return to? Maybe another 24-years of Republican rule under Frank Espisito?

  10. Tim T

    Yes, sort of like the cloak of anonymity worn by rburnett ….Ironic
    Maybe you haven’t figured it out yet but everyone on here has a clock of anonymity..What exactly is a rburnett?? How do we know that is your name and not something you pulled out of a comic book?

  11. rburnett

    Tim T: As an FYI – and I’m fairly certain you can’t figure this out on your own – it’s R Burnett. And you can verify existance by checking any one of the public records. and what is a Tim T?

  12. Tim T

    R Burnett
    Odd as I took your advise and just did a Google search for R Burnett in Norwalk and you seem to not exist..Like I said anonymity….

  13. 0ldtimer

    When he said public records he probably meant City website tax records. He, or you, only show on google if your name has been published somewhere. R Burnett should have come up, even if only for being published here, but that is a circular search that doesn’t tell much.
    By the way, the mayor does not show up on the tax records as he is not a listed taxpayer.

  14. Peter I Berman

    All candidates are welcome to the table. But when they ignore demands for relief from punitive taxes funding excessive municipal salaries one wonders the seriousness of their campaigns. Is better schools simply a matter of increasing salaries – 5th highest in the state ? Or more 150k administrators ? None of Democrat candidates have spoken about taxes and budgets. Is that the path to victory or just more failed campaigns ? Do any of the 4 candidates offer property tax relief ? One wonders what City they reside in.

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