Top 10: Most read, most commented-on stories

Most popular stories
Most popular stories

NORWALK, Conn. – Here’s a look  at the most-read and most-commented on stories on Nancy On Norwalk for the week covering Nov. 16-22.

Most read:

  1. Norwalk Schools Superintendent Manny Rivera has resigned 
  2. Norwalk’s ‘silence’ is deafening 
  3. Norwalk political notes: Petrini pans iPad usage; Kimmel slams Watts, Simms 
  4. Norwalk leaders hint at super’s reasons for departing, say they’ll try again
  5. GGP wants to build hotel, NCC space into its SoNo mall
  6. Construction on extended stay SoNo Hotel expected next summer
  7. Norwalk Zoning Commissioner calls Commission chairman ‘a child’ 
  8. Rilling looks back on first year as Norwalk’s mayor
  9. Don’t buy Norwalk Democrats’ spin regarding Rivera 
  10. Norwalk Council members’ attendance surveyed

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