Top 10: Most read, most commented-on stories Nov. 2-8

Most read, most commented-on stories
Most read, most commented-on stories

NORWALK, Conn. — Here’s a list of our most popular stories for the week covering Nov. 2-8:

Most read:

  1. Norwalk High grad makes political history in Utah
  2. Norwalk P&Z-inspired drama marks beginning of staid Council committee meeting
  3. Norwalk Schools tech chief says improvements are on the way
  4. Wilms claims victory in 142nd State House District (Election Blog)
  5. Mushak: Fairfield Avenue truck accident could have killed people
  6. Hempstead’s Planning Committee taking Norwalkers advice
  7. Cafero on Foley loss: ‘He was the wrong Republican’
  8. John Mosby complaint tossed, Alvin Mosby files another
  9. Norwalk’s ‘Rome’ dates back to coal-burning days
  10. POKO still awaiting Citibank financing Most commented on:




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