Transgender teen could be moved out of state

HARTFORD, Conn. – The transgender youth known as “Jane Doe” may soon be transferred from the adult women’s prison where she’s been held since April to a private youth facility in Massachusetts, according to the Children and Families Department.

A judge ordered the 16-year-old into Correction Department custody at the request of DCF officials, who maintained the girl is too violent for its facilities. The transfer was based on a rarely-used law and has been challenged in state and federal court.

In a Thursday press release, DCF Commissioner Joette Katz said the teen has been “tentatively accepted” at the Massachusetts facility and is expected to be transferred there in the next two weeks.

Katz defended the time it has taken to find a suitable program, saying more than a dozen prospective facilities either were not secure or could not accommodate “Jane Doe’s” gender identity.

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One response to “Transgender teen could be moved out of state”

  1. Norewalk Lifer

    A rarely used law landed this child in the Correction system, well, to my view, not enough bankers landed there, so somehow we must make up the shortfall, yes?

    Fear does really strange things to humans, isn’t that obvious?
    How many “straight” kids with violent tendencies ended up in the Corrections system? What motivates actions like this?

    Public “opinion”???? hell, there are human cave dwellers who still believe Kennedy is alive, and we never landed on the moon.

    So in my opinion, if it IS public opinion/fear that drove this decision, well, I think that data is a little flawed.

    Really now, this is America, what’s next? stoning for pregnant mothers who don’t marry as their “fathers” wish them to?

    Norwalk Lifer

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