Travis Simms arrested

Minority Leader Travis Simms (D-District B)
Norwalk Minority Leader Travis Simms (D-District B).

Updated, 2 a.m., previous arrest history; 3:15, additional detail. Correction 10:09 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 22.

NORWALK, Conn. – South Norwalk Common Councilman Travis Simms has been arrested, sources say.

“Simms was arrested by warrant for failure to register a high-capacity (greater than 10 rounds) magazine. This came to light as a result of his gun being stolen. It’s statute 53-202x, a misdemeanor,” said NancyOnNorwalk contributor Harold Cobin, after talking to Norwalk Police Deputy Chief David Wrinn.

Simms is the Council’s minority leader. He was charged with Failure to Register High Capacity Magazine and released on a promise to appear after turning himself in, Chief Thomas Kulhawik said in an email.

Simms’ Land Rover was broken into in September as it sat in the Martin Luther King Drive parking lot of the building Simms lives in. At the time, he reported that a legally registered firearm, a Sig Sauer .40 caliber pistol, had been stolen, as well as a smartphone.

The gun has not been recovered, Cobin said, quoting Wrinn.

Simms did not respond to a request for comment.

Simms was arrested Aug. 19, 2012, and charged with breach of peace second degree and interfering with an officer, according to the state website. The state’s website says that a jury trial is scheduled for Nov. 14.

That incident involved a close relative, according to the Stamford Advocate, but Simms was trying to help that relative, who had been arrested, the Advocate said. Simms was talking to that relative, who was seated in a Norwalk Police patrol car. Officers told him to leave but Simms challenged them, eventually yelling at the officers from across the street, the Advocate reports. When officers attempted to handcuff Simms he resisted, according to the account.

Simms was arrested in April 2010 and charged with assault, reckless endangerment and threatening after he allegedly punched his twin brother in the face and pulled out a handgun after they got into a fight, the Advocate reported. His brother, Tarvis was also arrested and charged in the incident. There is nothing on the state website about that incident. The charges were nolled, according to published reports.

Travis and Travis Simms are both professional boxers, and Travis is the former World Boxing Association super welterweight champ.


47 responses to “Travis Simms arrested”

  1. New Era

    What a shame for Sono

  2. WOW just WOW

    Will we be hearing from Mayor Rilling on this?? will he finally take a stand.? Silly me why would I expect that.

  3. Casey Smith

    Here we go, again. Last time, he was on the Council, he was arrested for fighting with his brother.

  4. Harold Cobin

    Statute 53-202x is a Class C misdemeanor, punishable by a term of imprisonment not to exceed three months or a fine up to $500.

  5. Seth

    Further proof that the bogus laws enacted by Malloy et al are laughable. The first of many many of these sorts of nonsensical incidents. Repeal and address the mental & substance abuse illnesses that plague this country.

    Travis – will you be voting for Malloy in 2 weeks? Better yet, wonder if he wants your vote?

  6. Oyster

    Nice deflection. Headline should read “another petty crime in Norwalk goes unsolved by PD.”

  7. Oldtimer

    David Wrinn is a deputy chief, Tom Kuwalik is the chief. Travis and his brother Tarvis are both former boxers. The charge is a misdemeanor and registering the magazine before the case goes to court will probably result in this charge being dismissed. If he owned the gun and the magazine before the law went in to effect in January of this year, how was he to know of the new requirement to register the magazine ?

  8. Tim D

    @Oldtimer Are you serious? “If he owned the gun and the magazine before the law went in to effect in January of this year, how was he to know of the new requirement to register the magazine?” You could feign excuses for just about anyone? PR Genius! You cannot be serious!!!!????

    In case you missed it: Connecticut has arguably the staunchest gun laws in the nation. Every person was required to register all high capacity magazines in addition to assault rifles under the most ridiculous gun laws ever enacted.

  9. Tim D

    @Oldtimer Furthermore – it was his duty to find out what was legal and illegal. Just like the rest of us. No matter how intrusive and progressive the new BS laws are.

  10. Non Partisan Voter

    @Wow just Wow – please post Moccia’s comments regarding Simms previous arrests when Moccia was in office. I’d like to see what stand he took.

  11. One and Done

    Non Partisan voter. You demonstrate that you are anything but non partisan.
    When a certain member of the local GOP was arrested for criminal activity, party bosses asked for his resignation.
    When your party’s leader punches out 80 year olds, or violates Malloy’s stupid gun laws, it’s perfectly ok to remain silent.
    Hypocrisy defined.

  12. WOW just WOW

    Non Partisan Voter

    First let me say FYI Moccia is no longer Mayor, so what he did or didn’t do is of no importance.
    I have no idea what Moccia had to say nor do I care. The situation is completely different as Moccia is a Republican and Simms a Democrat. Rilling and Simms are both Democrats, so in this case the Mayor should condemn the action of a fellow party member.
    Also like Moccia or not he was not afraid to take a stand on an issue. Rilling on the other hand takes a stand on nothing.

  13. Non Partisan Voter

    Wow. Moccia never took a stand on Simms either because he didn’t want to anger the African American community. I agree with you that those who were involved in the DTC slap fest should have resigned and said so at the time. I for one am glad that we have a mayor who doesn’t shoot from the hip with his opinions. Perhaps there is a lesson in there for you.

  14. WOW just WOW

    Non Partisan Voter
    Thank You for pointing out how Rilling never condemned the slap fest as you call it. I forgot about that. It seems he has a long history of leading from behind.

  15. Oldtimer

    It is my understanding the gun is registered and he has a permit to carry. I believe the case could be made that he believed he was in compliance having registered the weapon, if he gets the magazine registered before this goes to court. That is not taking his side or justifying him for failure to register. It is merely a reflection on how the courts operate. There are two classes of crimes. One is called wrong in itself and intent is part of the crime. The other is failure to follow a rule or regulation and is seldom pursued in the courts with the same enthusiasm. Parking tickets, for example, are not even returnable to court. Failure to register a magazine for an already registered weapon can easily be seen as a similar offense.

  16. Haley

    Confidential to Old-Timer
    Re: How was he to know?
    I would hope that as a common councilman, Travis Simms reads and watches the news. It is his civic duty — in fact all of our civic duty — to be informed. He should resign.

  17. Scott

    Correct me if I’m wrong but I believe when you purchase a firearm the record is kept at the gun dealer and not with the state. One of the believed point of registering under the new law was to create a state database. Conspiracy theory – maybe. Malloy and the state made a big deal about not extending the registration deadline so I highly doubt that a court would allow Mr. Simms to register his magazines and dismiss this. I truly hope that they do because it would set a precedent that would benefit all the legal gun owners who defiantly refused to register. l

  18. Oldtimer

    Checking Sig Saur’s website, it is clear they are having a hard time filling all the orders for magazines. For all we know, Simms may be one of the gun owners waiting for a new magazine that would comply with CT law.

  19. LWitherspoon

    City Sheriff Anna Duleep ran for her office on a platform of using the City Sheriff position to fight gun violence. Duleep won.

    Now fellow Democrat and Common Councilman Travis Simms admits to breaking CT’s gun law, and was arrested. Simms’s gun and illegal magazine was stolen from his car and is now the hands of a gangbanger or other criminal. Whatever happens, we can be certain that whoever stole Mr. Simms’s gun won’t be registering it.

    Of guns recovered from persons arrested and charged with a crime, 84 percent of those guns were stolen in a burglary. Is there any doubt that Mr. Simms’s gun will now be used in a crime? I am disappointed that City Sheriff Duleep is silent on this matter. One wonders if the Councilman’s party affiliation has anything to do with Sheriff Duleep’s silence.

  20. Scott

    Oldtimer you must now see the absurdity of the new gun laws. I personally have no problem with background checks but the simple possession of an unregistered 15 round magazine by a law abiding legal gun owner will now be a felony for Mr. Simms if it happens again. The new laws will in no way prevent the criminal who now possesses that gun from committing a crime with it. The new laws are like when people say locks are for keepin honest people honest. o

  21. LWitherspoon


    Do I understand correctly that the high-capacity magazine Simms left in his car would be legal if it had been registered? What if the stolen magazine had fewer than ten rounds in it?

  22. Scott

    If it was not registered prior to the deadline, which is long past, then he is in violation possessing the magazine even empty I believe

  23. Tim D

    @Oldtimer “For all we know, Simms may be one of the gun owners waiting for a new magazine that would comply with CT law.” So again, you feign ignorance to make up more excuses for someone who obviously did not familiarize themselves with Connecticut’s ridiculous gun laws. Why can one guy, in this case Simms, keep and use an “outlawed” magazine while he waits for a replacement and rest of Connecticut taxpayers and lawful gun owners are not granted the same?

    @LWitherspoon – you are right on the money! There won’t be a police buy back on that Sig.

  24. LWitherspoon

    Thank you.

    Any idea why Mr. Simms felt the need to leave a loaded handgun in his car?

  25. Scott

    Leaving it locked in the vehicle along with his cell phone may not have been the most advisable thing to do i believe he was well within his rights. Gun ownership carries a great responsibility

  26. Been there done that

    When did wrinn become chief?

    Editor’s note: Thanks for the catch. Correction made.

  27. WOW just WOW

    I am very surprised that you would make this statement considering these guns laws were back of the chief of police in CT.

    “Oldtimer you must now see the absurdity of the new gun laws”

    You know how you tend to support what the police do right or WRONG

  28. Scott

    WOW just WOW i had to read your comment three times to figure out what the heck you were talking about nut then i read the link and lmao. You think I’m Scott Vetare! Although he is a good friend and co-worker he is not me. My last name is Phelan. What’s yours?

  29. Svetare

    WOW just WOW. Obviously you have a problem with my backing the N.P.D. WELL TOUGH FOR YOU. Maybe if you stop hiding behind your mothers apron strings and use a real name I’d have some respect for your silly comments. If I anger you that much give me a call and we’ll chat somewhere!

    But kids will be kids and you’ll never grow up. maybe you got tasered one too many times. I pity people like you.

  30. Ken

    Ok, first WE DO NOT REGISTER HANDGUNS IN CT. The transaction is recorded but thats it. If you move here with guns they won’t be on record but they’re still yours and no law has been broken. I really wish media and the PD would stop saying these are registered to people, a more correct way to say it is records show it belongs to him, or better yet simply that its not stolen because its not against any law to use another persons legally owned gun.

    That said Im amazed his permit was still intact given what appears to be a violent past. Leaving a loaded gun overnight in a car in that area is beyond stupid anyway. This should focus attention upon the total lack of responsibility of a well known member of the Democratic community. A Community which bends over backwards restricting our gun rights but frequently finds its leadership being the very ones who lack the ability to make rational intelligent decisions. Leaving a loaded gun in a car in a bad neighborhood, punching your brother AND pulling a gun on him? Interfering and resisting police? Really? Just like the Debacle last year when a Democrat woman punched another elderly democrat in the eye and nothing happened this guy even having a permit at all lays bare the favoritism involved when its a minority Democrat breaking the law. Nobody else coulda punched that old man and not been arrested and nobody else could do what Travis did and keep their permit. To top it off HIS party is the reason we have this stupid ten round limit and he wasn’t aware of it? Pathetic, vote these liberals lowlifes out in November, from bottom to top we need to change the people running the show here.

  31. Ken

    You are wrong. Since the day NICS went online the state keeps a record of every transaction. Its not a registry. Until last year it only involved new purchases of long guns and transfers of handguns. If you come here, even now, with guns legal here you don’t need to register them. The only real registry is for assault weapons, which is ironic because they already know who bought them here so why bother? Oh yeah, so they can charge a fee. They tried to get real registration included but couldn’t, matter of fact EVERYTHING in that bill was tried before and never made it. They used Newtown not to pass laws to prevent another school shooting, simply to pass what they couldn’t without the emotion of the aftermath. They truly did use those children for political gain with full knowledge that nothing they did will help. The Democrats in our state have shown again and again that they aren’t worthy of office or public trust.

  32. Ken

    Oh, and you CANNOT register anything anymore. The deadline was January and thats it. Because, we don’t have a real registry other than for AWs and even those are now locked. Nobody can bring or buy any LCMs or AWs in CT period. And theres a big difference Id thing between simply possessing a LCM and carrying more than ten rounds in one. If he had 12 in the gun the mag definitely had more than ten. People may look up to him but they shouldn’t, he seems at the very least a violent hypocrite. Another product of our projects exposed for what he is, NOT a good decent law abiding citizen by a long shot.

  33. LWitherspoon

    The tragedy in Sandy Hook occurred because a gun owner allowed her mentally ill son to have free access to automatic weapons. In the wake of Sandy Hook, I argued for laws that would incentivize gun owners to secure their weapons. Instead, the legislature passed laws which were politically palatable but did not address the root cause of the tragedy.

    Now Travis Simms’s improperly secured weapon has fallen into the hands of criminals. Of guns recovered from persons arrested and charged with a crime, 84 percent of those guns were stolen in a burglary. Is there any doubt that Mr. Simms’s gun will now be used in a crime?

    You can be certain that Mr. Simms would have thought twice about leaving a loaded gun in his car if he knew he would be liable for crimes committed with his stolen gun. Or if he knew his gun liability insurance premiums would rise.

  34. Scott

    Lwitherspoon what you are proposing is to make the victim of a crime into a criminal. Gun owners have a heavy burden to keep there weapons out of the wrong hands but let’s not forget that Mr. Simms was the victim of a crime. His possessions were reportedly inside a locked private vehicle. He is the victim. Now because of over reaching gun laws that are yet to be proven in their effectiveness he has been turned into the criminal. Yes he has pending court cases but last I checked this is America and everyone is entitled to their day in court. If you are personally against firearms that is your choice but everyone should use their 2nd amendment right which keeps this country free . If you don’t understand what the right to bear arms has to do with freedom I would suggest you read it and realize it’s about more than guns

  35. Tim D

    @LWitherspoon – I know this a bit off topic but you should note that the Sandy Hook tragedy did not include “Automatic” weapons which have been banned since The National Firearms Act of 1934.

  36. LWitherspoon

    @Tim D

    Thank you for the correction. I should have written semi-automatic.


    I did not propose anything – I merely suggested that the law should look for ways to incentivize gun owners to prevent their guns from falling into the hands of criminals, as has happened with Mr. Simms’s gun. I believe there is common ground to be found between gun safety advocates and responsible gun owners that does not impinge on the 2nd Amendment. I think most would agree that leaving a loaded weapon in a locked vehicle on or near Martin Luther King Drive was not a responsible thing to do – especially since the vehicle was parked at Mr. Simms’s home and he could have secured the gun inside.

    Can you explain what you mean when you say that “Gun owners have a heavy burden to keep there weapons out of the wrong hands”? I have doubts that someone who leaves a loaded gun in his car in front of his house feels much of a burden to keep the weapon out of the wrong hands.

  37. LWitherspoon


    Thank you for the information on the lack of handgun registration in Connecticut.

  38. Scott

    Children, criminals, the mentally ill. It’s like owning a dog. You didn’t make it bite but it got out of your yard. You have to secure your gate.

  39. LWitherspoon


    Exactly. If my dog bites someone, the circumstances don’t matter – I am held responsible. Similarly, if someone is so negligent as to allow their weapon to fall into the hands of a child, criminal, or a mentally ill person, there should be some sort of consequences.

    Maybe the answer is to come up with a reasonable standard for securing weapons, and those who don’t follow it have greater liability than those who do. As a gun owner, what do you think a reasonable standard would be?

  40. Tim D

    @LWitherspoon – Great, great point. Mr Simms, charged with a misdemeanor, will likely walk away from this unscathed. However, that gun is now out there for the opportunist who wants to hurt someone. Mr Simms should be held accountable for allowing this to happen. 10 rounds? 12 rounds? Really who cares about that because if it weren’t loaded it would still be in dangerous hands right now. He should be fined heavily for unlawful storage of a firearm.

  41. Scott

    You are only responsible if you are negligent. Locked private property is locked private. Wether you like Mr. Simms or not he was the victim. If it had been locked in a safe and the safe was stolen or if he was carrying and hit over the head and they took it, it steal required a criminal act to take his firearm. There’s no possoble solution that wouldn’t criminalize the victim

  42. LWitherspoon


    So in your opinion there’s no middle ground that addresses flagrant negligence while excluding the possibilities that you mentioned?

    If the gun is in a safe and the safe is stolen, hard to argue that the owner failed to take reasonable measures to secure it. If the owner is carrying and gets mugged, there again it’s clear that the owner wasn’t at fault.

    On the other hand, what if the owner allows a mentally unstable person to have free access to the gun? What then?

  43. Scott

    Knowingly, negligence can be a tricky thing.

  44. Piberman

    When was the last time a Norwalk Councilman carried a weapon in public ? For the legal eagles I believe that storing a loaded handgun in just a “locked compartment” violates city/state rules. The usual prescription requires storage in a safe and secure place within the car, eg safe attached to the vehicle with the clip or ammo stored securely in another place in the auto. Gun stores carry a car pistol safe just for this purpose. Might be helpful if NON asked our local police chief what are the City rules for carrying handguns in autos for those with permits. Given the incidence of auto vandalism/theft in doubtful neighborhoods maybe the real question is why any public official would store a loaded handgun in such an area. Or any area !

  45. Seth

    @Scott – locking your gun in what is a essential a glass bubble is akin to picking your nose is that glass bubble. It’s stupid.

  46. Scott

    Unfortunately I believe Mr. German is correct. The problem is that our gun laws are so confusing that you almost need a lawyer to be sure you are following them. Especially with the new additions it’s very difficult to know if you are in compliance. Even if you are simply traveling to the local gun range you may be in violation.

  47. Tank

    [He] should not have a street named after him. And he should be in jail.

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