Trick or treaters welcomed at Norwalk Public Library

From left, Librarian Assistants Amie Arnold, Jaequell Wilson and Jason Iverson greet families Saturday at the Norwalk Public Library. (Courtesy photo)

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To preserve an opportunity for trick-or-treat fun for Norwalk children during this past cold and windy Halloween weekend of social distancing, the staff of the Norwalk Public Library distributed over 250 bags of candy and other goodies to Norwalk children at the Main Library and the SoNo Branch.

Congratulations and thanks go to Interim Director Sherelle Harris and Children’s Librarian Vicki Oatis for planning this fun activity for Norwalk families and for the Norwalk Health Department for approving the event during Norwalk’s “red alert” status.

Here are some pictures showing the drive-up welcome at the Main Library on Saturday, as children in their family cars were greeted by Librarian Assistants Amie Arnold as Minnie Mouse, Jaequell Wilson as the Cat in the Hat and Jason Iverson tending our Pop-Up Mobile Library.

Thanks to all the families who attended!


Alex Knopp, President

Norwalk Public Library Board of Directors

(Courtesy photo)

(Courtesy photo)


(Courtesy photo)

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