Troy may drop appeal of Norwalk firing, have criminal charge dismissed

Updated, 12:23 p.m. Friday: Troy has made formal move to drop appeal

NORWALK, Conn. – A fired assistant Norwalk town clerk has agreed to withdraw her grievance against the city and resolve her criminal case by entering a program for first- time offenders.

Debbie Troy mug
Former Norwalk Assistant Town Clerk Debbie Troy.

Debbie Troy was arrested in October and charged with first-degree felony larceny in connection with money, said to be several thousand dollars,  discovered missing from the clerk’s office. She was fired in June 2013. Troy appealed the decision and an arbitration hearing was held in April.

There was a pre-trial hearing for Troy on Thursday morning in Stamford Superior Court, the 11th time the case was on the docket.

“The state is waiting for another piece of information,” Attorney Eugene Zingaro said Thursday afternoon. “A diversionary program is a possibility in the near future.”

He said that meant she would enter a program for first-time offenders. If she successfully completes the program, the charges will be dismissed, he said. There are several such programs; Troy would go into Accelerated Rehabilitation, he said.

“Nothing else was made firm,” Zingaro said. “There was short discussion. I was tasked with contacting the city.”

It’s been 133 days since Troy’s arbitration hearing with no word from the city, although Personnel Director Emmet Hibson said at the time that he expected a decision within 90 days.

“The matter is still pending.  I anticipate that the matter will be withdrawn, but as of now it is still pending,” Hibson said last week.

Despite a published report on Friday, Troy hasn’t dropped it yet.

“There is an agreement that Debbie will drop the grievance, the agreement becomes valid in 21 days. Debbie has 21 days from yesterday to finalize her decision to withdraw or to continue on with the grievance,” Hibson said Friday.

“I believe that discussions have taken place in an effort to reach an agreement to resolve the issues that have been raised,” Deputy Corporation Counsel Jeffry Spahr said Wednesday . “I am informed that it is not final yet and that it is therefore still a ‘pending claim or litigation’. We hope this will wrap up soon.”


10 responses to “Troy may drop appeal of Norwalk firing, have criminal charge dismissed”

  1. Oyster

    Issues? Not the criminal mastermind then?

  2. John Hamlin

    More evidence that public employee unions do a disservice to taxpayers.

  3. One and Done

    Once again we have proven it pays to steal from the city. Private sector workers would have been imprisoned, but not in the City of Norwalk. Keep your pension and ride off into the sunset scott free.

  4. Casey Smith

    Oh, I don’t know about that, One. Background checks by potential employers are becoming more and more common and it’s surprising what a simple Internet search will turn up.

  5. K.Kelly

    How about the fact that she has an active lawsuit for her “injuries” from a car accident and goes to the gym on a regular basis. […] This woman needs to have some sort of accountability. […] Shame on our city!

    This comment was edited to remove potentially libelous statements.

  6. One and Done

    @Casey Smith. Recall the IT manager for NPS who was stealing from us with a city issued credit card? We gave him a letter of recommendation. Whoever ended up hiring him could sue the crap out of the city for fraud. Harry and company are trying to make this go away quietly as well because it looks really bad for Garfunkel’s run at Cafero’s seat. This isn’t about justice. It’s about turning Norwalk into a Democrat stronghold that can be counted on to pack the legislature and Hartford with good public sector union backed Democrats. They could give a rat’s ass if the city ends up like Bridgeport in the process.
    Just like last night’s mosque ruling where Santo folded like a cheap tent at the threat of personal lawsuits against him from the attorney who supposedly represents the city. Instead of admitting that they have further corroded everyone’s property values to the tunes of 100s of millions, Harry, Bruce and other democrats are celebrating a settlement that feels good short term. There is no vision other than the next election.

  7. My Opinion On Debbie & Garfunkel

    Well, simply put… Garfunkel is ultimately responsible for this whole situation.

    He was the man in charge and never saw a THING going on in that office because he was too busy trying to “BEEF UP HIS RESUME”. I wouldn’t vote for Garfunkel if you gave me a box with a million dollars in it.

    As for Debbie, well .. What can I say? She’s going for A/R. Debbie undoubtably deserves it, as her alleged crime wasn’t violent in nature. She can move on with her life and given a new/clean slate. That’s what A/R is all about – to give a second chance.

    I’m not friends with Debbie, but I have to say – we all make mistakes in life and we learn from them. I’d trust her with money more than anyone else at this point, as she’s learned a lesson.

    Perhaps she will receive a demand from the judge that includes some sort of 1 – 3 year length of the A/R including community service. So be it.

    In the end, Garfunkel should be shunned from political service, as he couldn’t even operate an office for the city of Norwalk. He was never around… We was absent from the job because he was too busy attending every single club/organization in Norwalk, working the crowd.

    Debbie, although I don’t know you, I wish you the best with A/R. Garfunkel, hopefully you won’t get the State Rep job. God help us all.

  8. Really now???

    Wow is all I can say about all this.. How can it be that the City allows someone to get AR when a person stole funds, time and falsified a mortgage all while employed within the walls of City Hall. .. These are criminal issues and the City is going to turn their back? I remember that Ms. Troy also had cancer while she was working in City Hall, so you steal from the place that fed you and your family, while others were trying to help you and your family while you were ill.. What does this show the other employees in City Hall, I guess it is a free for all, take the money, pay your personal bills and never have to worry because there is no debt owed in the end, all hid under the carpet (sad) .. AR huh? Good call for Ms. troy, she will walk.. Wow some people walk away with AR while others will pay the debt through our taxes!!! HUGE INJUSTICE and I do not agree that Ms. Troy will learn from this EVER!!! We will hear about her stealing again, stay tuned…

  9. Deesgusted

    Once again we have proven it pays to steal from the city. Private sector workers would have been imprisoned, but not in the City of Norwalk. Keep your pension and ride off into the sunset scott free…..You said it right One and Done!

    I think what is offensive here, Is, do you see the message that this thief is sending to the general public?

    Ms. Troy, is nothing more than a criminal mastermind, If only I could work at City Hall! There are a ton of perks, you steal for over a year, take from weeping co workers because you told them you had cancer, while your not paying your mortgage while flaunting your wealth, humm, and the taxpayers will pay you for your summer vacations? This sounds like a job I want, if I were a sociopath. Did anyone ever disclose the real facts about the amount she stole, or was that too a coverup for something they City didn’t want you to know, This City is a MESS, from lawsuits to stolen money,now I know why my taxes are over 10,000! Got to pay for crime, the crime perpertrated right there in the halls of the City of Norwalk. Pitiful.

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