Troy’s arbitration case scheduled for hearing

NORWALK, Conn. – Former Assistant Town Clerk Debbie Troy is finally getting her chance to appeal the decision to fire her in an arbitration hearing scheduled for Thursday at Norwalk City Hall.

Debbie Troy mug
Debbie Troy

Troy, who was arrested  Oct. 30 in the case of money missing from the Town Clerk’s office, was fired on June 26. The arbitration hearing was originally scheduled for December.
Norwalk Personnel Director Emmet Hibson said the hearing is expected to go all day. It is not open to the public.

“I reviewed the file just to know what is going on but I’m not putting the case on,” said Hibson, who began work in Norwalk on March 27.

An arbitrator with the American Arbitration Association will run the hearing, which will be held on the third floor.
“The city will have the burden in a discipline case,” he said. “So the city will put witnesses on and then the union will put its witnesses on. Then the arbitrator will ask for briefs and make a decision. So other than the fact that they are having the arbitration on Thursday, I’d be surprised if you have any result from that – I would think 90 days would be when the decision comes out.”

The arbitration statute calls for a decision within 60 days and its “typically two or three weeks” for briefs to be submitted, he said.

Norwalk Police charged Troy with larceny first degree. Since then, charges of illegal alteration of records, forgery second degree and tampering with physical evidence were added by the State’s Attorney.

Troy’s case is scheduled for a pre-trial hearing May 14 in Stamford Superior Court. It is the eighth time the case has been on the docket.


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  1. John Levin

    I would expect the state attorney’s criminal proceeding would be more thorough, and thus fair, and ultimately, more conclusive than a one day arbitration hearing. So I will guess that the arbitration proceeding occurs automatically at the request of the terminated employee under union contract rules, or under state employment rules? And I will guess that the request for arbitration is part of a defense strategy, as to forgo arbitration could be construed as a tacit admission of guilt? I’m just trying to fill in some of the blanks, not pass judgement, as I have no knowledge of the details of the case. The whole thing seems tragic and sad.

  2. LWitherspoon

    How much will the arbitration process cost the City?

  3. SMH

    What’s with our city employees stealing? This should serve as a warning to all the firefighter’s too

  4. Anonymous

    @SMH, are you implying that all firefighters steal?

  5. SMH

    @Anon. The point is that city employees are held to higher standards. And when the taxpayer is on the hook for a pension they ought to be disqualified.

  6. Anonymous

    @SMH. I agree with you as probably do police, fire, teachers, and DPW workers. Even doctors and priests have some who shame their profession. Doesn’t mean they all do it or agree with it.

  7. the donut hole

    When will the rest of the union membership stand up and demand she be frog marched out of the city in handcuffs with a zero dollar payout for both pensions and accrued benefits?
    If our unions would just simple get rid of the bad apples they might find taxpayers a little warmer to their year over year demands for more and more money. Right now it appears that it pays to steal from the city. Disgusting.

  8. Oldtimer

    Unions have an obligation to insure that members are not disciplined arbitrarily. In this case, the employee’s guilt will not be legally determined, only issue will be did the City follow the rules in firing her. She is entitled, by contract, to a review of the firing by an independent arbitrator. Union members and officers opinions have no bearing on the obligation to represent her. At this point, she needs a good lawyer.

  9. So tired of all this…

    the Union is protecting her when she does not work for the City any longer at who’s expense the City’s or the Unions? I would think if every employee puts money into the Union, they have the right to no what and where their money is being spent and wouldn’t that be answered by the Union rep? I thought we read that this lady had cancer and went through months of Chemo as well as had treatments in 3 different hospitals. Maybe the medication played a part? in the end, the truth will all be told and then all of Norwalk and everyone concerned will find out the truth of this situation.

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