Try this easy trick to make a kid laugh, Norwalk

A screen capture of silliness, staring Zach, 6, center.


By Nancy Guenther Chapman

NORWALK, Conn. – I don’t think I’ll ever be able to duplicate the feat I pulled off last week, but I’m going to try.

Quite by accident, I discovered that there is a website that will let you put faces of your choosing into an animated video. Rather than being evil and put in faces of people I hardly know, I decided to feature my 6-year-old nephew – a stroke of genius, if I do say so myself, as the references to “poo” were likely to be right up his alley.

So, little Zachary, who was born in Guatemala, is “partying like it’s 1621” in a JibJab Thanksgiving e-card, with his parents, his grandmother and, ahem, me.

I don’t want to be forgotten.

As a reward, we got an unforgettable moment: Zachy leaning across my lap, pointing at a computer screen and squealing with delight. (It is easy to forget how observant the little ones can be: he didn’t miss a thing, including my character barfing.)

My mom said she had never seen him act like that before. I don’t know if it was really all that unprecedented, but it was fun.

So I looked up JibJab – I thought it was some sort of political action group. Turns out it’s two California dudes who were doing commercials for Disney and other companies when their animated satire of George Bush and John Kerry went viral in 2004. Out of this, an e-card company has grown.

Bravo, gents.

Anyway, it was easy and cheap, although a little time consuming, to make this card. And I was lucky – it was my sister-in-law’s face that wound up on the character in the outhouse. Doubly lucky; she didn’t mind.

Hey, I just checked and the Jib-Jab “snowball fight” has 20 million views. So I guess this is just news to me. But it was fun!

A word of advice if you decide to try something similar: don’t choose the Facebook option. No one in my family saw it when I did that.

Basically, a Jib-Jab subscription is “a buck a month.” Your video doesn’t need to be as outrageous as the one I chose; I’ve since inserted Zach and relatives into a relatively tame “Feliz Navidad.” There’s also a freebie on the site at the moment.

But if you dare to see the Thanksgiving satire video with the “quirky” humor, click here.


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  1. Diane C2

    OMG- this is hilarious – it goes so fast though that I have to go back and replay a few times to catch all the action!
    Once again, thanks for sharing!

  2. Myla

    We first saw Jib-Jab on the Tonight Show. They continue to show all of the current event ones as they occur. Brilliant!

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