TTD: Free Trees for East Norwalk was a big success

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Free Trees for East Norwalk was a Big Success

The Free Tree program, supported by a grant from the Third Taxing District, was a major success, again this spring.  Now in its fourth year, the program, sponsored by the Norwalk Tree Alliance, offers free trees to East Norwalk homeowners.

This year, the Tree Alliance took a unique approach to garner community interest in the form of a tree lottery. From over 50 entries, 12 homeowners were randomly selected to have a free tree planted in their yard. Each “winning” homeowner could select from three tree specimens; red maple, white oak and little-leaf linden. “Our goal is to help beautify East Norwalk and add to the quality of our environment,” says Andrew Strauss from the Norwalk Tree Alliance. “As these trees grow and mature, they will enhance Norwalk’s tree canopy that has been challenged by urbanization and, most recently, by storm damage,” says Strauss.  Based on the success of the program, the Third Taxing District has awarded a grant to continue the Free Tree lottery and planting program.


For those East Norwalk homeowners interested in a free tree planted in their front yard, please email [email protected] and visit www.theNorwalkTreeAlliance.com.



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