Norwalk’s turnout out is low in primary

Tuesday in Ponus Ridge. (Claire Schoen)

The 2022 Election is Nov. 8. A primary is being held today.

NORWALK, Conn. — Turnout at the polls in Norwalk is significantly lower than the last non-Presidential primary, held four years ago.

At 6 p.m., 2,812 Norwalkers had voted, according to Democratic Registrar Stuart Wells. That’s 54% of the turnout in 2018, when 5,171 voters had gone to Norwalk’s polls as of 6 p.m.

Four years ago, a gubernatorial race brought people out to vote. This year, the ballot is slim.

Democrats have statewide primaries for secretary of the state and treasurer. In addition to U.S. Senate, Republicans also will choose nominees for secretary of the state and for Congress in the 4th District of Fairfield County.

It’s a quiet year for intra-party fights for nominations to the General Assembly, with only five Democratic and two Republican contests for state House nominations and one Democratic primary in the state Senate. There also are primaries for probate judge and registrars of voters.

None of those are local.

Norwalk has local candidates on the ballot.

  • Stephanie Thomas, who is in her first term as District 143 State Representative, won the Democratic endorsement for Secretary of State but is being challenged by Maritza Bond of New Haven.
  • Former Darien first selectman Jayme Stevenson easily won the Republican endorsement for Fourth Congressional District but is being challenged by Michael Goldstein of Greenwich.
  • State Rep. Terrie Wood (R-141) fell short in a bid for the Republican Secretary of State endorsement but is challenging Dominic Rapini of Branford.



West Haven Dems have reason to go vote as Democratic Rep. Treneé McGee is being challenged in the 116th District by Joseph Miller.

The Thomas campaign sent out an email just before 4 p.m., urging supporters to make phone calls to get out the vote.

Polls close at 8 p.m.