Turtle art promotes recycling

Norwalk pedestrians pass Shelley the Turtle on Wednesday at Calf Pasture Beach.

NORWALK, Conn. – The newly-installed artwork at Calf Pasture Beach encourages visitors to take care of their trash responsibly.

“Shelley the Turtle is a beautiful sculpture commissioned by Keep America Beautiful and gifted to our city,” Mayor Harry Rilling said in a Wednesday evening email. “It shall serve as a receptacle for recyclable items that could end up in the sound. It will also serve as a reminder to people that recycling is the responsibility of all of us.”

Shelley’s been getting around – she was recently seen at The SoNo Arts Festival. Calf Pasture pedestrians took note of her Wednesday evening, in her new location just next to the sand.

“Shelley will remain at the beach until October 15 after which she will travel to other areas to educate others. She will be back in Norwalk for our next beach season,” Rilling wrote.

“Shelly is filled with recyclables and serves as a public reminder to properly dispose of waste,” Keep Norwalk Beautiful wrote on Facebook. “The EPA estimates that 80% of marine debris originates on land, so let’s all do our part to protect the environment and our beautiful resources!”

Shelley at The SoNo Arts Festival.


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  1. John Miller

    At the end of the beach season, Schelly can be relocated to the Isaac Street parking lot along with a donation box and a sign reading: Donations Accepted for Property Taxes that McClutchy will not have to pay on POKO.

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