Two Norwalk photos: Hair in the time of COVID

Stylist Melissa Piney removes highlight foils from Nancy Lally’s hair Monday afternoon, under a tree outside Lally’s Wolfpit Avenue condo. Lally, who said there was “no way” she would return to a salon, said her outdoor highlights were safer and allowed men to “see what women go through to look good.” (Bob Welsh)

NORWALK, Conn. — Bob Welsh presents you with a COVID-19 activity: a professional hairstylist doing a client’s hair out in the open, where all their neighbors can watch.  

Nancy Lally takes a break from her outdoor hair appointment to wish peace to all Norwalkers, as Melissa Piney looks on. Piney is a professional stylist and colorist at a local salon, and serves private clients outdoors. Lally and Piney are neighbors at Strawberry Woods, on Wolfpit Avenue in Norwalk. (Bob Welsh)


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