Two Norwalk photos

(Harry Rilling)

NORWALK, Conn. — Mayor Harry Rilling said he took these photos Sunday from the deck at Harbor Lights, using his personal cell phone.

(Harry Rilling)


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  1. David Muccigrosso

    Cue all the facile criticism: “Why’s he NOT WORKING on a SUNDAY?!? Obviously he’s corrupt.”

    Because clearly our elected officials are expected to not have lives outside of work, like any of the rest of us.

    I sure dislike the guy’s leadership, but people should be offering real criticisms, not idle nonsense. Boy, this comment thread’ll be fun to read!

  2. Fran Di Meglio

    Thanks for sharing these amazing pictures! They should be part of the “This is Norwalk” portfolio.

  3. Shari Brennan

    Really pretty . Hope you were able to take a little break and enjoy this view and a nice glass of wine with Lucia

  4. milbank

    Nice shots, Harry. I especially like the framing in your first shot with that little touch of leaves in the right foreground.

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