Union official rolls eyes, sparks contract debate

HARTFORD, Conn. – It wasn’t collective bargaining policy that provoked a dispute between legislative Republicans and a union official during a Tuesday hearing — it was a roll of the eyes.

Rep. Terrie Wood, R-Darien, stopped midway through a question to SEIU 1199 President David Pickus during a hearing on a collective bargaining agreement for personal care workers.

“Question to President Pickus on the outreach efforts — are you rolling your eyes?” Wood asked.

Pickus said he didn’t mean to convey disrespect and cited a medical condition. He later told reporters he has been suffering from an eye injury. But Wood and other Republicans on the Appropriations Committee saw enough rudeness in the labor official’s body language to draw House Minority Leader Lawrence Cafero of Norwalk to the committee hearing.

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2 responses to “Union official rolls eyes, sparks contract debate”

  1. Oldtimer

    When Republicans are talking to Union representatives, a miracle in itself, it takes very little to derail the conversation. Happily, this incident only wasted a little time while the Republicans vented over an “eyeroll”, and the inquiry into a collective bargaining agreement made it’s way through the appropriations committee hearing unscathed, although the labor Representative was pressured to apologize for what he said was involuntary eye movements resulting from recent eye surgery. The issue seems to be, according to Larry Cafero, Republicans are “very sensitive” to disrespect,much like the street gangs we read so much about.

  2. anonymous

    with the street gangs being the the union representatives

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