Union says CL&P violated labor agreement; CL&P disagrees

HARTFORD, Conn. – The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers said Connecticut Light & Power’s recent decision to use contract workers for a majority of the repairs violates its collective bargaining agreement.

The contract workforce, which currently handles all work after 3 p.m. Monday through Friday and during all weekend hours, will actively preclude union electrical workers from handling the majority of the company’s repair calls.

According to Frank Cirillo, business manager of IBEW Local 420, the current contract breaches the terms of a 1.5 year agreement between the company and the union.

“The collective bargaining agreements have always given the company the right to have straight time 24/7 coverage 365 days a year. The new agreements also gave the company more flexibility with straight time on-call assignments,” Cirillo said. “Our agreements were negotiated with public and employee safety in mind and have served the State of Connecticut well for over 50 years. The new out of State executives just want to make change where no change is needed.”

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3 responses to “Union says CL&P violated labor agreement; CL&P disagrees”

  1. Bill

    Great, if it saves money for the consumers (us), who cares?

  2. Oyster

    You might care if you are the next guy up that pole and the previous repair caused you to get injured. You certainly would care if your employer or vendor at customer didn’t stick with the terms of your signed contract.

  3. Bill

    Why do you assume that a non-union repair guy would do a worse job than the union guy? Many union guys I know are sloppy and lazy, does that mean I paint all union guys with that broad brush, no?

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