Upset citizens plead with Norwalk BoE chairman for response to ‘racist’ remark

NORWALK, Conn. – There was no response Tuesday from Board of Education Chairman Mike Lyons to multiple requests made in a packed meeting room asking if he endorsed a recent comment made by board member Jack Chiaramonte that speakers called racially insensitive.

Chiaramonte, the former board chairman, also did not comment about his dubbing fellow BOE member Shirley Mosby “the girl who cried black.”

The Common Council chambers were packed for the meeting, but many people were there to protest the board’s intention to outsource janitorial services.

Those who addressed board about alleged racial insensitivity included Gwen Samuels of the Connecticut Parents Union, which widely publicized a protest before the meeting, and Norwalk Branch NAACP President Darnell Crosland, who did not speak of any evidence to back up Mosby’s claim of racial discrimination but said that Chiarmonte’s comments were “a disappointment” that showed the claim has merit.

There were also those speaking in support of the board. John Romano began his comments with a quip, “I’d like to know if body guards are available for after this meeting.” Bryan Meek said, “I see the glass as half full here,” drawing a comment as he walked away from a man in a AFSCME union T-shirt, “How much he got paid?”

Jack Chiaramonte
Norwalk Board of Education members Jack Chiaramonte and Sherelle Harris listen to speakers at Tuesday’s meeting, in City Hall.

Chiaramonte sat quietly through all of it, facing the speakers as they made their remarks.

Samuels last brought media attention to Norwalk in support of the arrested Tanya McDowell, who claimed to be a homeless mother and later went to jail on drug charges. FoxCT was the only major regional media outlet to respond to the press release, filming both the demonstration before the meeting and the comments made by speakers to the board.

Before the meeting, Samuels called for Chiaramonte and Lyons to resign.

“We are all watching what you do in Norwalk,” Samuels said to board members before addressing Chiaramonte’s comments. “The fact that you think by calling someone, a grown woman of color, a ‘girl,’ then saying she is crying ‘black’ like there is something wrong with being black,” she said, drawing hoots from the crowd.

It was irresponsible, she said, considering that the student body is 40 percent minority. “If a child comes to you saying ‘bullied,’ what are you going to say?” she said.

Norwalk citizens can vote board members out, she said. (Chiaramonte and Lyons are up for re-election next year.) Citizens can also vote out Gov. Dannel Malloy if he doesn’t speak out against the comment, she said.

“If they condone what you do they won’t get elected either. That’s the power of the people in this room,” she said. “… Do you know if you call a grown man ‘boy,’ that means you’re degrading him? Back in the civil rights era you called a person ‘boy’ that means they don’t have no value. So that means Ms. Mosby don’t have no value and yet the people voted for her and everyone else that is with her.”

The speaking session began with short comments from Daisy Franklin, who asked if Lyons would endorse Chiaramonte, and Jackie Steiner, who asked if Lyons would endorse Chiaramonte’s comment.

NAACP assistant treasurer Carolyn Fuller asked, “What does diversity mean? I would like the Board of Education to let us know they think is diversity because from what we see in the community it is not happening. We want it to happen and we are going to get our parents organized and hold everybody here accountable to all of our children.”

Crosland said he had come to the board last time to bring attention to the complaint of racial discrimination from Mosby, Rosa Murray and Migdalia Rivas.

Norwalk Board of Education
Norwalk Board of Education member Shirley Mosby listens to speakers speak in her support Tuesday.

“While those issues were pending it was a disappointment, I think to all of us, that we read in the paper that Mr. Chiaramonte sort of insensitively used the words, and I quote, ‘Ms. Mosby,, the girl who cried black,’” Crosland said. “While we were still trying to work this out with this administration we were met with these comments and I think that they speak for themselves. So I think everybody in this room, if you read these comments while this is pending, it’s quite clear now that there are some issues.”

He asked if Lyons would make a public statement about it, and if he supports the comments.

Romano said he is an avid reader and had gained a renewed sense of pride in Norwalk from positive articles about the school system under the stewardship of Superintendent Manny Rivera and Lyons.

“Then I read all these controversial articles,” he said. “… Being a reader, being a reasonable person when I read that remark, I could have found a little objection to it, but I completely understood the meaning behind it.”

He was interrupted by an audience member, then compared Chiaramonte’s remark to “a sky is falling-kind of remark.”

“In today’s society, especially when remarks were leveled and accusations were made that no proof is forthcoming, to me that’s very, very unfair to malign people and put all kinds of pressure on people that are really working very hard for the betterment of our kids in our schools,” Romano said.

Tasheedah Roberts finally got a reaction from a board member. She complained that the board members were not interested in the comments, and were looking at their computers while people were talking.

“If you’re disinterested then don’t be here,” she said, as shown in the video shown below. “…Graduate law school, do something other than tearing up our town. If you’re not interested, get off the board.”

Mike Barbis said, “What makes you think…” before being drowned out by applause from the crowd. He said nothing further.

Lyons declined, after the meeting, to comment on the controversy.

Chiaramonte stepped up to the plate.

“I found it pretty ridiculous that she goes out to the public with racist accusations and puts it out in the public, and then Mr. Crosland is like, ‘maybe we should discuss this and start looking at the stuff,’” Chiaramonte said. “If you are looking at the accusations, don’t you think you’d kind of figure out if there’s any meat to the story and then come public with it? No, she blurted it out to the public without checking anything, there was no proof to it.”

Mosby did not mention the controversy during the meeting. Speaking to FoxCT before the meeting, Mosby aid there was evidence to support her claim of racial discrimination.

“I do have the proof and when the time comes to show them that proof, that has been shown and people have seen it, if we ever have to go to a court of law, believe me, it’s there,” Mosby said.

She declined to speak to Nancy On Norwalk, claiming that previous reports have been unfair. She did not specify what had been unfair.

After the BoE meeting, however, she did reply to Chiaramonte’s claim that, shortly after joining the board last November, she had threatened to use the race card if she needed to.

“I don’t talk like that,” Mosby said. “You know I don’t. I would never say that, that’s all. I am not going to sit here and make it about me going against Jack because I am disappointed, he was a good friend. I would never, never in my life. People are out there, that is why they are coming out in support. I never would say that. My family is extremely diverse. It hurts me to the core, that’s why I don’t want to talk about it.”


37 responses to “Upset citizens plead with Norwalk BoE chairman for response to ‘racist’ remark”

  1. Lifelong Teacher

    All this drama. None of it is important, and it takes the focus off of what we are supposed to be about: educating all of our children,

    Organized labor unions (they’re only about money) from outside and civil rights rights protesters (they’re only about their own power and publicity) all from outside Norwalk, none of them care about our mission one single bit. Let’s stop giving them what they want.

  2. Norewalk Lifer

    I worked in the Norwalk school system, I saw the inequality these parents speak of when it comes to their children, a minor point, kids with cell phones; I encountered one incident where a kid from Rowayton had a cell phone, and when I noticed it, she stated “just move on, Ms.—–, just move on”, Imagine the people who raised this kid. BUT kids who were African American had their cell phones pulled and their parents had to come in and retrieve it from the asst principal.
    Minor incident right? it speaks volumes to a kid, Don’t give me that “can’t we all just get along” nonsense, make the rules equal among all; and maybe just maybe, these parents, these “activists”, as if that were a disease, will have not a need to crowd a town hall to express their frustration.
    And to the teachers, you try to do a great job, it’s time to stop hiding behind the board bureaucracy, and they created this themselves and get to work.

    Norwalk’s school systems are rated very low, and to me, that’s the real performance review, sure blame on the kids, the parents, the environment, etc.,

    When I see teachers “profiling” students who ride to school in taxis, and then “rat out” to the principal that that student might be out of district, I wonder if that teacher who is supposed to be outside maintaining order so kids don’t get hit by cars, really understands what they are supposed to do.

    Teachers should not be “auditors” they should be teachers, Teachers should not be “punishment custodians” they should be teachers.
    The east Norwalk bridge was named Stoffolino Bridge” in honor of old man Stoffolino who had a store on Ely Avenue, The Fuller’s and the Mosby’s have contributed a lot to this town, in athletics, caregiving for children, advocacy for those disadvantaged, how about naming a street or a bridge after them?
    Before you condemn, ask yourself this; what have I done personally to help others, EVEN with my own imperfections?
    And by the way, you don’t refer to any grown woman as a “girl”, that was a stupid statement to make.

    Norwalk Lifer

  3. Lisa Thomson

    The fact that NO African American, Norwalk politician, either from the state or Common Council spoke out on behalf of the Mosbys, speaks volumes that this was just a publicity circus stunt for the media.

    Mike Lyons is the most professional and competent BOE Chairman Norwalk has had in decades. He has held the BOE votes together, brought fiscal management to our educational system and ushered in nationally recognized Supt. Manny Rivera, who too has brought in professionalism, grants and new programs to our city that will raise the bar of excellence and close the gap for the most needy. Two of our three high schools has an African American Principal and three of our four middle schools. What happened last night was Mosbyism pure and simple, not racism. It’s embarrassing.

    Lifelong teacher, you are right. Lots of drama and absolutely no substance and nothing about the kids, achievement or reading, writing and arithmetic. Just adults playing to the cameras.

  4. EveT

    I would just like to compliment BOA member Sherelle Harris for her good judgment in staying out of this controversy. I am sure she is under pressure from both sides to come out with a statement supporting one polarized viewpoint or the other. If we had elected more BOA members like her, the BOA would be more productive and we wouldn’t be wasting time and energy on this drama.

  5. John Hamlin

    This claim of discrimination is entirely unsupported. The complainant went public with her claim of discrimination — she chose the forum to bring it, and she chose the press — but apparently she won’t share with the press, or anyone else, any facts or evidence to support her claim. The proof is apparently “secret” — and in any court, if you don’t have any proof, or at least a fact you can articulate, your case is summarily thrown out. So it seems she has no proof — except that other board members don’t vote her way. This latest demonstration just reinforces that there’s no proof to support her accusations. If she has proof, the time to bring it forward is long past due. We should support the BoE in all the good things it is doing and hope that it can get back to work without any more of such absurd distractions.

  6. Joanne Romano

    The sad thing here is the example we are setting for the children. No, we can’t always just get along but we can act as adults and not show children how petty politics can make even the most educated act live spoiled children. The important thing here is making the right and sound decisions when it comes to Norwalk children’s education. The more we play partisan politics the more the children suffer. This is all about control…If I can’t get my way I’m taking my toys and going home. Stop for God’s sake…is this what we want to teach the kids? It seems to me that all these lawsuits and constant bickering each and every meeting is counter productive to the reason everyone got elected. Put your personal business aside and concentrate on the job at hand!!! As for playing the blame game…no one is blameless if you constantly play into the drama!!!

  7. John C. Romano

    Wow, what a hostile group of activists who attended the BOE meeting last night. One can only assume that the NAACP had broughts it’s troops out in force and orcastrated the continuation of the race baiting. The speakers who supported Mosby were coached and had their talking points, but they were not practised and continually had to be corrected by their cohorts/handlers in the audience. This is not democracy in action it is more of a travesty.
    Fortunatley the group in attendance at the meeting last night were/are not representitive of people of Norwalk (many were brought in from out of town) They were a part of the farce brought on and perpetuated by the NAACP.

    Do the names Tanya McDonnel, or Towanna Brawly ring a bell?

    Norwalk and it’s children deserve better then that.

    We have a strong Superintendent of schools who is very dedicated to the community and it’s children, we are blessed to have Michael Lyons at the helm of the BOE, and yes we are blessed as well to have a Jack Charimonte who speaks out and is a balance to this racially charged argument and accusations which were leveled in public without substance or proof. This was not brought on by the way the BOE operates it was brought on by the racists who leveled the onfounded remarks to begin with.

    To now make the focus of the argument the remark “The girl who cried Black” when every school age child knows the chicken Little story “the sky is falling, the sky is falling” Instead of making this remark as a lession to our children that in this case the “Race Card” and racial remarks should not be leveled by anyone, it was twisted to reflect and endorse racisiam.

    In closing, remember our children’s futures and their growth are a reflection of what and how their parents act and what happens in the home. It is actions and demostrations such as this is where the real damage is done.

  8. potaxpayer

    i would like to know why would the school system have Tanya McDowell arrested for sending her son to school in norwalk and being a bridgeport resident a usa citizen , but the school system allows residents from other countrys that are here illegally to send there kids to norwalk schools with open arms. they even have a special school for the illegals its silvermine school.

  9. Casey Smith

    After following this story on NON ever since it first appeared and having had some personal run ins with Mosby & Co. long before that, I’m more convinced than ever that Mr. Chiaramonte was right in his statement, and that the Norwalk School district needs to outsource the janitorial services. The strum un drang isn’t about better education for Norwalk’s kids, it’s about one group of people being perpetually offended and suing the City.

  10. One and Done.

    @NorwalkLifer. I agree. Let’s name the city transfer station aka “dump” after Mosby. It’s filthy like the schools he was supposed to clean and always making a big stink that won’t go away.

  11. piberman

    How fortunate that we are to have truly competent people on the BOE who can function despite the obvious publicity agendas of 3 members who bring only their unfounded discrimination claims. Imagine if these 3 ran the BOE. Could they possibly attract a competent Supt ? We’re also fortunate that this group enjoys no public support from City or Democratic Party officials. Maybe a sign of new maturity in Norwalk. They seem to represent just themselves. Just maybe one City Democratic official will have the simple courage to say they are out of order.We’re waiting.

  12. Casey Smith

    @ Norwalke Lifer – I believe that the City of Norwalk has a policy that it does not dedicate those types of structural memorials to any living resident. However, Calvin Murphy has a sports program named after him.
    I’d like to take a moment to point out that that the Stroffolino Bridge was dedicated to Stanley Stroffolino, who was not only a the owner of the Stanley Drug store and a pharmacist in South Norwalk but also a State Senator from Norwalk.
    As for the naming of a street after the Fullers or the Mosby’s, Academy Street, where the Carver Center is located was dedicated as a memorial Street for Richard N. Fuller in 2012. There is a sign above the regular street sign with his name on it. The City also has dedicated Room 231, a conference room, in City Hall to the late Bea Brown. There is a memorial plaque in the room with Ms. Brown’s picture and name on it. There are probably more dedicated structures around the City that I don’t know about, but those few came to mind when I read your comment.

  13. cc-rider

    Wondering when Shirley Mosby is going to follow in the family tradition and file a frivolous lawsuit with all of the secret evidence?

  14. Bill Nollman

    Wow. “Orcastrated?” “Charimonte?” “Racisiam?” “Strum un drang?” I’m assuming the NoN letters are printed as received and this isn’t the result of bad proofing. What better examples of the value of a good education? Or at least spell checking.

    Ms. Mosby has a long history of being an agent provocateur. This is nothing new. Mr. Chiaramonte has a long history of saying equally provocative and inappropriate things under the guise of “telling like it is.” Neither one of them brings much distinction or honor to their BoE positions. It is fair to ask Lyons if he endorses Chiaramonte’s comments which I found pretty awful even for him just as it is fair for the NAACP to investigate a complaint. This deserves an objective discussion. The rest is a meaningless sideshow.

    What I have observed is that the Norwalk Public School system seems to be heading on solid footing in a positive direction. That is no mean feat. Mr. Rivera and some members of the BoE deserve credit for that and continued support.

  15. Piberman

    Where are Norwalk’s minority community’s leaders not demanding that these 3 BOE members do the business they were elected for ? Are they too embarrassed to speak up ? Why are Democrat Party leaders silent ? Are all Democrats afraid to criticize these wayward BOE members ? Mayor Rilling ?

  16. Susan Wallerstein

    …and because of the issues which brought so many to last night’s BOE meeting, the accomplishments and voices of a diverse group of young people and their families were lost in the shuffle, caught in the crossfire…

  17. Oldtimer

    If there is nothing obvious to Mosby’s complaint what harm would there be in having a private conversation with her to find out what is bothering her and working out an agreement for her to stop complaining and Lyons to change whatever is causing her discomfort ? Sounds pretty simple, but would require a little good faith effort. Spahr and Chairamonte publicly calling her complaint bogus is not helpful.

  18. Ziggy Stardust

    Shirley Mosby response to Chiaramonte’s claim the she (Mosby) said she would use the race card if she had to:
    “After the BoE meeting, however, she did reply to Chiaramonte’s claim that, shortly after joining the board last November, she had threatened to use the race card if she needed to.
    “I don’t talk like that,” Mosby said. “You know I don’t. I would never say that, that’s all….”.I would never, never in my life….. I never would say that.”
    Hmmm. I do recall a certain Board member, who on the very joyous day of being sworn in to office chose to make a mockery of the swearing in ceremony by dragging Mayor Rilling in from a council meeting in progress, to swear her in because she (Mosby) refused to have Mike Lyons do it. Only to follow that by proclaiming her ambition “to pull every White hair out of Mike Lyons heard!” Ahhh…right Shirley!, you “don’t talk like that”, You would NEVER say anything like that!

    @ Bill Nollmam
    There is nothing offensive as to Chiaramonte’s quote. In fact, his quote couldn’t say it any better. Seems to you, it is OK for Mosby to make racist claims against her fellow Board members without any proof. Oh, excuse me, Mosby says she has proof, but it’s secret, and she’ll share it if and only it goes to court. Really??? Seriously???
    I’ll also remind you that Chiaramonte, along with Mike Lyons, is also one of those that fully supports and hired Superintendent Rivera and has helped to move this district forward.

  19. Ms. Mosby, who constantly calls for “transparency”, is now going to keep her “evidence” secret from the public. Ms. Mosby, challenged by Mr. Chiaramonte for threatening to use the “race card”, responds “I don’t talk like that … You know I don’t. I would never say that, that’s all.” But this is the same person who said, just after our first Board meeting, “I’m going to pull every white hair out of [Lyons’] head”, and when challenged on that statement, far from apologizing, said “If Mike Lyons sitting there and crying about that then he needs to give up the chairmanship right away.” I think folks who follow this ongoing political theater can judge how likely she is to have made similarly offensive statements.

  20. Ziggy Stardust

    You sir are a hypocrite. You constantly make excuses for your people on the left and vilify those on the right.
    Get your facts straight. Mosby didn’t ask for a private conversation to discuss her concerns with the Chairman and the Board. Instead she went to the public and played “the card” with the NAACP and claimed unproven accusations. Stop twisting what Mosby did OldTimer. She didn’t bring this to the Board, she chose to make a public mockery.
    And because Spahr and Chiaramonte responded to her public false allegations publicly, you think they are the ones who aren’t helpful.
    Maybe is Mosby had the good sense to go to the chairman, board , Mayor, whoever and had asked for a meeting to discuss her concerns, we wouldn’t have this mess, would we. Instead she went to the public with proofless accusations. These are the facts OldTimer. By why let the facts get in your way.

  21. Bill Nollman

    @ Ziggy Stardust- “There is nothing offensive as to Chiaramonte’s quote.” That’s your opinion. I do find it offensive and unbecoming of a person in a position of public service but irresponsible comments are Chiaramonte’s M.O. just as creating scurrilous media circuses is Mosby’s. You must have read my post at least to some degree. If you did, I was equally critical of Mosby and Chiaramonte. I also characterized this media forum as “a meaningless sideshow.” The snarky comment you directed at oldtimer, “You constantly make excuses for your people on the left and vilify those on the right” suggests making simplistic partisan generalizations and attacks is your M.O. Whatever floats your boat. And for the record, Chiaramonte and Lyons supporting Rivera’s hire does not get them any extra points. It was a bit of a no-brainer. He was a great candidate, has been a great Superintendant so far and Norwalk is lucky to have him.

  22. EveT

    @Oldtimer, “what harm would there be in having a private conversation with her to find out what is bothering her and working out an agreement for her to stop complaining and Lyons to change whatever is causing her discomfort?” How do you know this is not taking place behind the scenes? Those who attended the July meeting of the Democratic Town Committee came away understanding that the issue would be discussed privately.

  23. MarjorieM

    Shame on all of you! You are all ready to form a lynching mob, and I don’t say that lightly! I, for one, will wait for the evidence before condemning any Board members, whichever way it goes. I will tell you though, if Carolyn Fuller is supporting the claim, I believe the claim is likely true. Carolyn Fuller is one of the finest, most decent woman I have ever had the pleasure to meet.
    The “usual suspects” are on NoN in force. Lisa with her usual quote “nationally recognized superintendent” (enough, already! It’s overdone.) Berman with his usual accusations that are repeated ad nauseam, .and on and on. Do you wonder why there are the same old same old people constantly on here? Hey, Mike, aren’t you glad I didn’t mention you this time? Don’t worry, in my opinion, you are part of the “brain washing” crew. If the superintendent is said to be the guy who walks on water long enough, people actually will believe it! I am not against him, but I don’t see anything but more top paid administrators being hired and Rivera doing the same thing he did in Rochester. “Hey, Toto, are we in Rochester now?” Rivera is also very tight with the union. I thought that was a “No!No!” for this Board.

  24. Ziggy Stardust

    @Bill Nollman
    Well Bill, I guess we can agree to disagree. I would like to know why you find it offensive. What did the “boy who cried wolf” do to his village neighbors? We can agree, I’m sure, that the boy lied to them to illicit a reaction based on a lie. What did Shirley Mosby do? She went public with accusations of which she had no proof, or at least that she’s willing to provide, because it’s apparently a secret. So I’ll call it a lie until she proves otherwise. She caused a “circus” to occur because of that lie. She did exactly the same action as the “boy w c w” Chiaramonte could not of come up with a better analogy to compare Mosby’s actions. He told it like it is and I wish all politicians and otherwise would do the same. Apparently you seem to be one of those that just can’t handle the truth.
    Also your lerroneous view that I make “simplistic partisan generalizations” has no merit. You can read any of Oldtimers posts and conclude that he defends any union loving democrat and chastises republicans regularly. That’s his M.O., not mime.
    And that last bit of nonsense you wrote about Lyons and Chiaramonte not getting any points for this superintendent. Get this, if it wasn’t for them and the other like minded on this board, this superintendent wouldn’t be here if Mosby, Murray and Rivas had their way. Guess it wasn’t a “no-brainier” to this trio. […]

    This comment was edited to conform with our policy.

  25. YankeeC

    MARJ…You are just bitter that neither political party would endorse you, you had to run on your own and you got crushed! Get over yourself

  26. piberman

    Curious that none of the recognized civil rights organization in CT who have real bona fides in discrimination issueshave supported the bizzare claims of Norwalk’s minority BOE members. Nor have they gained traction here in the City save the local NAACP which has little influence.
    What is happening is that these 3 “nonperformers” by their bizarre actions are discrediting our BOE, our public svhool system and our City for their own self aggrandizement. Long past time for public apolgoies and their resignation from “public service”. They serve no useful role on the BOE. Why is Mayor Rilling quiet ? Surely he understands acceptable public behaviors.

  27. LWitherspoon

    Some of the video clips are reminiscent of a Maury Povich show. Mike Barbis attempted to respond to repeated false accusations that nobody on the Board cares about kids, and was shouted down. Thank you to everyone on the Board who endured that circus. Please know that the complainers do not speak for the majority who appreciate your struggle to spend our tax dollars wisely as you educate Norwalk’s children.
    Gotta love the irony of a man wearing an AFSCME t-shirt claiming that Bryan Meek was paid for his supportive comments. Would the AFSCME have been at that meeting at all if not for their own self-interest?

  28. piberman

    By highlighting claims of discrimination made by public officials without any supporting evidence isn’t NON supporting their agendas ? Or is evidence not required in the New Norwalk. Maybe NON can ask Democratic Party officials and the Mayor their views on this episode raised by 3 Democratic BOE members. that has no parrallel in CT.

  29. Casey Smith

    @Bill Nollman – I stand corrected. The proper spelling of the German phrase I used is “Sturm und Drang”. My apologies, I only have English loaded onto my spell checker.
    @Marjorie M – “Lynching mob?” I’m not sure where you got that idea.
    The story states that there was one person who called for resignations, “Before the meeting, Samuels called for Chiaramonte and Lyons to resign.”
    As for Caroline Fuller, like the rest of us she is free, to form an opinion on the issues and also free to state them. However, just because she is a woman of integrity does not mean that her opinion is necessarily right or wrong. I didn’t see anyone attacking her character.

  30. Papa-Oom-Mow-Mow

    Thank goodness for White Hairs. He should consider running for Mayor of Norwalk.

  31. piberman

    The only way to end this unprecedented civic embarrassment is for City Democrat officials beginning with Mayor Rilling to call the 3 disgruntled Democratic BOE members to task. But the smart money says Democrats are afraid of alienating their minority base. And minority leaders are staying home. Imagine what happens when Democrats have complete control over Norwalk – another Bridgeport in the making.

  32. Dennis DiManis

    Tanya McDowell:

    Had a residence in Bridgeport

    Used a fake Norwalk address so her son could attend school closer to her places of business (the sidewalk in front of the Magnet School and Marshall’s parking lot) where she sold dope and pimped women

    Sold dope to an undercover cop outside her Bpt apartment while her son’s birthday party was in progress in the apartment

    Offered to procure prostitutes for an undercover cop in Marshall’s parking lot

    Was convicted and sentenced for the above

    Had already served time on weapons and bank robbery charges.

    Her son was the victim …does anyone who stood in her defense deserve to have any credibility now?

  33. Art

    It should be noted that this article is incorrect. FoxCT IS NOT a regional news outlet for Norwalk, it is for the Hartford DMA. Norwalk’s local media is in NYC. FYI.

    1. Mark Chapman


      It should also be noted that the article does not say “for Norwalk,” just that it is a regional outlet. Much like Connecticut Post is regionl newspaper, but not for Norwalk. Perhaps we should have said FoxCT of Hartford instead. I am curious, though, if the story showed up vi shared footage on the New York Fox outlet.

  34. Art


    Hartford is not regional to Norwalk as Norwalk is in the metro NYC region. You should know this. The Connecticut Post could be for Norwalk as it is a regional newspaper. FoxCT is a Hartford station in the Hartford DMA (market) and their regional coverage is everything but Fairfield County, also known as the so-called Hartford/New Haven market area.

    As for OUR New York WNYW Fox 5 goes, it would not have to be a shared feed, it would be first-hand footage due to the fact that they are our local Fox station, not so-called, FoxCT. That station, along with the other in the Hartford and New Haven areas, are not in this area and are all out of market news outlets, and are Boston centered in their reporting.

    Perhaps if any CT pressers or any other media worthy events would contact their local New York City (NJ and News 12 too) media on a regular basis, then they may show up. No offense, but Norwalk local politics do not supersede Stamford or Bridgeport you know.

    I am just reminding you that FoxCT is not a regional (this region) new outlet for us, as they serve a different market from this NY/NJ/CT region.

    1. Mark Chapman


      Thanks. And you should know that it was FoxCT that showed up, not Fox 5, so anything the “local” Fox affiliate would have on this, other than a talking head reading a teleprompter, would have come from FoxCT. I have worked, over the past four decade for many regional and local papers. The Sarasota Herald-Tribune is a regional paper — not to Norwalk, but it is regional. The Cape Cod Times is a regional paper, whether I talk about it in Norwalk, Sarasota or Hyannis. FoxCT is a regional TV station whether or not it covers Norwalk. The CT Post is a regional paper, covering multiple towns, and can never claim to be local to Norwalk. The Hour is a hybrid — it has two weeklies with staff reporters in Stamford and Wilton, both local papers, but those stories often run in the daily, giving it a regional feel while the daily staff is focused almost exclusively on Norwalk. The term, applied to media, refers to the product, not to its position in the locale in which it is being mentioned.

  35. Don’t Panic

    Many locals invite News12 to “pressers”. They almost never show up. We are grateful that truly local video coverage is available.

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