Town Green’s ‘kidnapped’ signs vandalized

Uprooted signs litter the Town Green Wednesday morning off Park Street. (Brad Craighead)

Signs posted along the Town Green, showing Hamas hostages in now-ubiquitous images, were ripped out of the ground Wednesday morning and strewn about.

Norwalk Police are investigating the vandalism.

“This morning we received a report that signs of Israeli hostages that were posted at the Norwalk Green were knocked down,” Chief James Walsh said in an email. “The Norwalk Police Detective Bureau is actively investigating, and we ask that anyone who may have seen this occur or may have any information related to this incident please call the Norwalk Police Detective Bureau.”

The exhibit, Sunday morning on the Town Green. (John Levin)

The Green, located along East Avenue, belongs to the First Taxing District.

First Taxing District Water Department General Manager Eleanor Militana said a woman acting on her own asked for permission to put up the signs just before Thanksgiving. She was given a greenlight, on the provision that they not obstruct activities that were planned to happen on the Green.

(Brad Craighead)

The “kidnapped” posters were created by a visual poet and a graffiti artist in an attempt to ensure that the 200-plus hostages were not forgotten as the war proceeds in Gaza, the Guardian reports. They swiftly spread across the world and are seen by some as a propaganda push to justify Israel’s killing of Palestinian civilians in Gaza.

The New York Times reports that the posters have been plastered all over but also torn down, and folks caught in the act have suffered consequences. Some are Jewish.

“Displaying the posters has become a form of activism, keeping the more than 200 hostages seized by Hamas in full view of the public,” the Times reports. “But removing the posters has quickly emerged as its own form of protest — a release valve and also a provocation by those anguished by what they say was the Israeli government’s mistreatment of Palestinians in the years before Oct. 7 and since the bombing of Gaza began.”

Norwalkers commenting in a NextDoor post early Wednesday were shocked to see the signs removed.

“I was horrified to see that someone decided to destroy something that someone worked so hard on and it upset me to the point of making me sick to my stomach that people just don’t respect each other,” wrote a woman who posted photos of the vandalism.

“I think you need to call the police. I think it’s a hate crime,” came a reply.

Militana said she’d learned of the vandalism after Norwalk Customer Service received a complaint and then contacted the First Taxing District.

There was no indication of who did it, but the signs were uprooted, she said. They include images of children being held by Hamas.

The debris had been cleaned up Wednesday afternoon. Militana said she expects the signs to be reinstalled.

  • Norwalk Police anonymous tip line: 203-854-3111
  • Detective Bureau information line: 203-854-1011
  • Norwalk Police website: www.norwalkpd.com
  • Anonymous TEXT tips can be submitted by typing “NORWALKPD” into the text field, followed by the message, and sending it to TIP411 (847411)
  • (Brad Craighead)


    4 responses to “Town Green’s ‘kidnapped’ signs vandalized”

    1. Steve Mann

      Cameras? Check the cameras?

    2. Bryan Meek

      Over 24 hours later and we do not have one single missive about this heinous act. We are spending $ millions on PR staff, Tourism staff, and DEI and NOT ONE SINGLE STATEMENT. FAIL!!!!!

    3. Drew Todd

      This is DISGUSTING!! I really had hoped Norwalk was better than this! I’m glad it’s been put pack up already! I have total confidence that NPD will find the Anti Semite who destroyed this and be FULLY charged and Prosecuted..What I do find amazing is we haven’t heard a peep out of Bob Duff who can resist to attack anyone saying something about Biden or telling us when the trash pick-up is and weather forecast…But when the person or persons are identified they will be EXPOSED. This crime will not go unpunished.

    4. niz judia

      It’s unbelievable how little media is reporting on the hostages. I keep them in my prayers as I do any innocent civilian casualties. It’s a horrific matter!

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