Vets want credit for military training

Coventry resident Micah Welintukonis (Photo by Hugh McQuaid)
Coventry resident Micah Welintukonis (Photo by Hugh McQuaid)

HARTFORD, Conn. – Micah Welintukonis says he scratches his head at why he can’t use the skills he’s learned through three combat tours in the Army to directly qualify for a civilian career.

“It’s frustrating — probably the best way I can sum it up — to have to sit there in class. You’re like scratching your head, ‘I know all this stuff. Can you just give me the test please,’” he said at a Tuesday press conference.

Welintukonis, is a Coventry resident who was injured while deployed in Afghanistan in 2012. He was speaking in support of legislation, which lawmakers are hoping they can push across the finish line in the remaining eight days of the session. The bill was approved by the House in a unanimous vote Monday night.

It is designed to give military members trained in certain jobs credit for their training when they apply for similar licenses and qualifications through state agencies. It would pertain to vets trained as medics, military police, vehicle operators, as well as electricians, plumbers and other trade professions. The bill also aims to make easier the process of converting military training to college credits.

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