Vinny Mangiacopra best choice for Norwalk mayor

By Monica Thomas

NORWALK, Conn. – Like many who live in Norwalk, I moved here from out of town and started my family. We have a beautiful 2-year-old girl.

As I think about my daughter’s future – the education she will acquire, the jobs available to her, the environment she will grow up in – I inevitably consider Norwalk’s leadership.

Given all the press this mayor’s race is getting already and the crisis our school system seems to be in, I decided it was time for me to look into who is running as a Democrat for Mayor. Vinny Mangiacopra stands out far above the rest. He brings a refreshing new approach to politics in Norwalk. His ability to recognize areas in which Norwalk needs help is uncanny. He spoke up last year during the budget crisis. He recognized what a travesty losing the YMCA would be. He understood the need to bring more young people into the American Legion or risk losing another part of our community. He advocates for Norwalk now while others just talk about the good old days.

We need leadership for the future and Mr. Mangiacopra is working relentlessly for that future. We can’t wait anymore. As a working mother with a young family I don’t want the same tired leadership anymore. I want a mayor that is in tune with the people of our city and whose willing to fight for our future and that is Vinny Mangiacopra.

Thank you,

Monica Thomas


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  1. Bruce Kimmel

    Mr. Mangiacopra last year pushed hard for the city to immediately spend an additional $4 million on our schools to make up shortfalls in the BOE’s insurance and special education accounts. He pushed without considering any other methods of addressing the issue; he pushed without considering the long-term fiscal consequences of reducing our reserves by $4 million; and he politicized the issue by urging a packed concert hall at City Hall to join the Democratic Party if they were not happy with things in Norwalk. His proposal and way of solving the problem might have caused a drop in the city’s bond rating, which could have cost taxpayers about $22 million over the next twenty years. That, of course, would have made it impossible to properly fund education!

  2. Anthony

    I agree with this letter wholeheartedly. As I have been looking over and reviewing the candidates all I see is more of the same. No one with fresh ideas or a fresh approach to things in the city and it is quite disheartening. I think Mr. Mangiacopra has what it takes to represent ALL of Norwalk and not just the special interest sections. I stay off of this blog because people on here are always so negative towards each other but if we are going to get the Norwalk our children need we all are going to have to work together.

  3. Harold

    I agree Vinny is the best choice for us Norwalkers! He definetely has what it takes to change this city for the better but more importantly he has the drive to follow through and get it done. Bruce, I believe you should take the time to listen to this candidate and stop speculating what “might” or “could have” happened.

  4. Suzanne

    If the word “fresh” was removed from these supportive statements, Mr. Mangiacorpa would have no ideas left. There is not one original idea in the letter that hasn’t been recognized and/or spoken about by the citizens of Norwalk and certainly not by the other candidates. I don’t see anything “fresh” from this candidate and would prefer to see a real platform statement reproduced them empty supportive rhetoric.

  5. jlightfield

    @Bruce Kimmel, are you really suggesting that any political party that attempts to recruit new people to the party is a bad thing? If there’s one clear thing about Norwalk, both political parties need to rethink how they recruit people. The way I see it, Norwalk is looking more and more like Green Acres with the a handful of Sam Druckers serving as “newspaper editor and printer, volunteer fireman, constable, justice of the peace, and postmaster” all at the same time.

  6. Tim T

    Vinny boy should start by running for student council and then maybe join the adult world. What we need is change in Norwalk but this kid is not it.

  7. Harold

    @Tim, why is Vinny not the one to make a change? Age? Just wondering if you have any info that I do not

  8. Tim T

    Yes it is his age..I just dont feel that someone 31 years old has enough life experience for the job of mayor..Of course one could say the same for Moccia at 70.. I would like to see him get some real world experience under his belt and come back in a few years.

  9. your daddy

    There are so many opportunities to get experience in public service, like boards, commissions, lower elected office. One problem with the younger generation is the sense of entitlement without having actually earned anything.

  10. Tom

    Vinny = no job in years = no experience = learning through on-the-job training = not good for Norwalk. Period, the end. Oh yeah; Ernie Newton – HELLO FOLKS111

  11. Admo

    There is a young prejudice in this town! It’s been an old boys run city for years! Time for new blood .Someone with the fresh ideas youth vitality and not beholden to any groups. Im tired if the status quo!

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