Dathan needed to counteract conservative’s death by a thousand cuts

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Democratic seats in State Legislatures were always important, but never more so than at this moment.

With the passing of Justice Ruth Bader-Ginsberg and the distinct possibility of another ultra-conservative Supreme Court justice, state legislators may be our only protection against a Federal Court that will strike down or undermine established laws that protect women’s rights, civil rights and voting rights.

That is why we must re-elect state Representative Lucy Dathan to the 142nd District. Lucy has already proved to be an active legislator working to protect and preserve Connecticut’s progressive state laws.

The Coronavirus contagion threatens all our lives, so Lucy was in the forefront advocating for a bill to permit no-excuse absentee voting, something that is vitally important to immunocompromised voters like me.

Lowering healthcare costs is one of Lucy’s priorities and she is working alongside other Democrats on legislation to reduce health care costs by implementing a Public Option.

Family health is of particular importance to Lucy – she has three children of her own – so she has also helped develop programs that would recognize the necessity for Paid Family Medical Leave.

Lucy has an extensive background in finance, nationally and internationally, and recognizes the financial difficulties that so many of us presently face.  She recently worked on legislation that will prevent utility companies from adding a surcharge that would force Connecticut residents to unwittingly subsidize interstate natural gas pipeline capacity.

So-called “conservative” state lawmakers nationwide have already eliminated or diminished many of our hard-won federal protections or have hamstrung them with a “death by a thousand cuts” approach.  We cannot let that happen in Connecticut!

Lucy Dathan has a proven record of legislative effectiveness and constituent concern. Her re-election will ensure that she continues to champion and protect the civil liberties of all her constituents.

Kathleen Mary Tepper


George October 5, 2020 at 7:03 am

Death by a thousand cuts or death by a thousand taxes by keeping Lucy and her Democratic party in charge?

The difference is that those thousand cuts heal very quickly.

The Democrats keep adding taxes, fees and regulations. There is $10.00 State park pass that is now $15.00. The 10 cent bag tax which is a big flop and how about the push for the soda tax, “fixing the car tax” and I would bet they will push for the tolls again.

What is the next tax they will dream up?

I’ll gladly enjoy those thousand cuts thank you!

Bryan Meek October 5, 2020 at 10:17 am

This one has me confused…..

Family health is of particular importance to Lucy – she has three children of her own – so she has also helped develop programs that would recognize the necessity for Paid Family Medical Leave.

……programs that would recognize the necessity? We have the program. She voted for it. It installs a new payroll tax starting on January 1, 2021, if anyone is still working by then.

What is Lucy’s current stance on unfunded mandates for towns and cities? Specifically her bill that will require schools to put free feminine hygiene products in the BOYS bathrooms. Some estimates put this expense to Norwalk at $250,000 a year.


John O'Neill October 5, 2020 at 11:01 am

@Kate – I agree Lucy is a very nice person. HOWEVER, there a some things that should concern us:
1) Doesn’t it concern you that Lucy blindly signed off on a letter condemning our police department, without knowing the facts in the Duff Affair. I hope you agree that video clearly demonstrated Duff was lying for some type of weird political gain most logical people can’t figure out. Does she blindly follow his lead?..Scary
2) Does it concern you that Malloy administration misappropriated(stolen might be more appropriate) billions of dollars away from Hospitals only to have to pay it back over the next seven years.
3) Does it concern you that More African American children were aborted last year in New York City than were actually born?
4) Does it concern you that with all Lucy’s financial expertise that CT economy has never recovered from 2008, yet she continues to push anti business issues? The growth has been anemic IN spite of massive military outlays (under Republican Federal gov’t) which has been a boon to Eastern Connecticut.
5) Does it concern you that CT pays highest Electric bills in Continental USA but my ice cream still melts during 7 day outage every year?
6) Does it concern you that funding from Hartford for our Norwalk’s neediest students is non-existent?

Again, Lucy is a terrific person. But my brother-in-law is also a nice guy but I wouldn’t vote for him either.

John Miller October 5, 2020 at 4:07 pm

Connecticut is essentially insolvent. Only two states, Illinois and New Jersey, are in worse financial condition than Connecticut. Among all the states, Connecticut ranking for business taxes and business friendly climate is 48 of 50, which certainly doesn’t bode well for getting the State back on track. The only thing the “progressive” policies in Hartford have done is progress the state towards bankruptcy.

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