Vote Democrat, support LGBTQ rights

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This election is the most important of our lives, and it is not hyperbole to say it is literally a matter of life or death for many Americans. That is why we encourage you to vote Row A, Democrat, as soon as you possibly can. Let us explain why.

The fundamental duty of or our elected officials is to respect the inherent dignity, worth, and human rights of all Americans, especially for those whose rights are more easily violated or not fulfilled. That is why we need to elect Democrats who are always committed to fight for “liberty and justice for all.”
As members of Norwalk’s large and diverse LGBTQ community, we are very aware of the Republican Party’s regressive platform calling for an end to marriage equality, and recent actions by Republican leaders to undermine the rights of LGBTQ Americans. We cannot ignore the reality of what is happening every day across our governmental agencies including our military branches and the Supreme Court.

Please join us in voting Row A, Democrat, from Biden/Harris to the entire slate of highly-qualified candidates for federal, state, and local offices.

Joseph Andrasko, Oak Hills Park Authority
Casey Fitzpatrick, Norwalk Human Relations Commission
Colin Hosten, Norwalk Board of Education
Dominique Johnson, Norwalk Common Council
Mike Mushak, Norwalk Planning Commission
David Westmoreland, Norwalk Redevelopment Agency Commission, Second Taxing District Commission


14 responses to “Vote Democrat, support LGBTQ rights”

  1. John ONeill

    The idea of someone blindly voting for candidates because they are from a certain party seems to defeat the argument these signers are trying to make. It borders on the absurd to think that 100% of the candidates of the opposing party are evil people in our latest “life or death” election. You may want to rewrite and resubmit. A great place to start would be electricity. Why would someone in the 137 continue to vote for a guy who doesn’t show up for Energy meetings? Isn’t that what he signed up to do? If you find that acceptable because he’s from your side of the tracks that’s not just prejudice, that’s not acceptable. That’s just one example of many. Call me crazy, but I think voters should actually vet candidates without party prejudice. As you know the word prejudice doesn’t disciminate.

  2. David Osler

    You tell us to vote row a yet in your own backyard your Democrat City and Democrat state government cannot follow the clean water act they’re incapable of enforcing the laws that we need and go out of their way to force legislation and their will on things we don’t need I’m okay with the clean water act I’m not okay with letting guys beat somebody who death with a brick out of jail in a matter of weeks

  3. Rosita Hill

    I agree with John O’Neill.

    If we are going to go into sweeping party statements – when is the democratic party (for which I’m a registered voter – but not a ‘blind’ one) going to realize that economics matters just as much to most voters – we want jobs to give ordinary people enough money to have sufficient food, education and healthcare – those things save lives too! Making them the cornerstone of voting platforms is more likely to start addressing inequality and prejudice than the kind of sweeping statements you’re making here.

    I will not be voting all Row A for sure – Bob Duff’s statements on Norwalk Police and his support for badly developed, rushed legislation have certainly lost my vote.

  4. NiZ

    Vote for the person that supports equality, justice and freedoms that are precious to us all.

  5. Bruce Kimmel

    While I tend to agree with most of the points made by the authors, it’s always tricky — and in this case somewhat disingenuous — to urge residents to vote a particular Party line without regard to the positions of specific candidates. The authors, I assume, are well aware that not everyone on the state Democratic ticket in Norwalk supports “liberty and justice for all.”

  6. David T McCarthy

    This is a very specious argument. I cannot think of one right of LGBTQ people that has been threatened in the last four years. In fact, the opposite is true, President Trump is the first president to enter office supporting gay marriage. Barack Obama had to be forced into accepting it after his re-election, by the Supreme Court and others.

    If there is a residual plank in the R Platform opposing gay marriage, it is likely there because of a disagreement with the *way* marriage equality came to be…that is, by judicial over reach.

    I know of no one who actually opposes gay marriage, or marriage equality, if you prefer. This argument lost all meaning when President Trump was endorsed by the Log Cabin Republicans and his response was “My Great Honor”

    I also notice that each and every one of the signers is a very active member of the Democrat party locally, and they did not reach out to any of the prominent members of the Republican Party who share their sexuality, but not their ridiculous assertions. This sort of bashing without cause, reason or logic offends realistic people, and I am impressed by Bruce Kimmel’s honesty here.

  7. Andrew

    I’ve attended more Norwalk RTC meetings than any of these signers, and I can tell you in none of those meetings I’ve ever heard someone say “Hey, you know what we need to repeal gay marriage!” This is a non issue as it has been settled in State law and the federal government has no say in what the state does.. All this piece is a red herring to distract from the real issues that the state has and has nothing to do with reality on the ground.

    Which is what the candidates should be talking about. No one care who the hell you sleep with, love, or marry. That is your choice.

  8. Joe Ruggerio

    Just so we are clear here…
    No one, Repulicans or dems, do not care if you love or marry a person of the same sex.
    We have far more pressing issues to vote on. Thanks for the insight, @andrew.

  9. Helen Demeris

    So many people on leaving comments seem to be in denial about what a vote for a Republican – at any level – means. Someone who still identifies as a Republican is – by definition – supporting a hateful agenda that promotes backwards thinking, bigotry, and discrimination. The Republican Party is actively working to take away a women’s right to choose, the right for gay people to marry, for transgender people to serve in the military, etc., etc. A vote for *any* Republican is a vote for this agenda whether you are able to see beyond your privilege to admit it or not.

  10. DrewT

    @andrew You are 100% correct! As a matter of fact 2 new members are part of the LGBT Community and married. We welcome them and everyone with open arms!

  11. Danny

    As a gay man, I find it appalling that someone would write such nonsense.

    Where in the last four years, did President Trump try to take away my gay marriage or gay rights?

    “A matter of life and death”

    All scare tactics from the left and this is the reason why I left the democratic party.

    You ought to be embarrassed of yourselves, all of you.

  12. John ONeill

    What this section proves beyond a shadow of a doubt: If you disagree with a policy of the left you are considered evil. I find that insulting among many other things that I can’t post on this forum. To quote Larry David, “pretty pretty pretty scary”.

  13. The 2020 Republican Platform states that “any attempt to amend the 2016 Platform or to adopt a new platform… will be ruled out of order.” On Page 31-32 of the 2016 Republican platform, it states that “the cornerstone of the family is natural marriage, the union of one man and one woman… For that reason, as explained elsewhere in this platform, we do not accept the Supreme Court’s redefinition of marriage and we urge its reversal, whether through judicial reconsideration or a constitutional amendment.”

    Citation: https://prod-cdn-static.gop.com/docs/Resolution_Platform_2020.pdf

    Hey, for a party that doesn’t care “who the hell you sleep with, love, or marry,” the GOP sure does spend a lot of time calling for the reversal of marriage equality, possibly by amending the U.S. Constitution.

    As an LGBTQ American, I urge my friends to vote Democrat up and down the ticket on or before November 3.

  14. Andrew M

    As someone who is gay, I’m sick of people telling me who I need to vote for. I’m tired of people telling me I need to vote Democrat because I’m gay. I’ll vote who I’ll vote for.

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