Vote for change: Ellie Kousidas endorsement

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I’m endorsing Ellie Kousidis.  WHY?  Because Norwalk needs CHANGE.

Through several elections cycles now, we’ve needed a state senator focused on Norwalk, not party leadership or the next rung on the political ladder.  For all the seniority and power Ellie’s opponent has amassed as a career politician, how has it helped Norwalk? 

There’s been a lot of discussion about equity and social justice taking place this year in the press, via protests and in social media. From my perspective, it didn’t just start in 2020.  It’s been going on in our state for years.  It begins and ends with following the money.  Norwalk residents witness the inequity everyday with housing, education and jobs that include:

  • Millions in tax credits for developers, who donate to state and local party campaigns, while property taxes and rents increase for ordinary folks.
  • Less than $2 Million in additional ECS dollars secured for our schools since 2010, despite dramatic changes in the poverty level.  Enrollment now consists of ~60% free and reduced lunch students.
    • (Note: Hartford gets ~ $200M to Norwalk’s ~$11M.)
  • Hundreds of businesses exiting the state, wary of punitive legislation and years of unpredictable state finances.


As a lifelong teacher, married to a small business owner, Ellie understands that fair and equitable school funding is fundamental to providing a positive educational experience, generating successful student learning, and positioning students for future economic success as adults.  She and her family also understand that the state’s largest employer can’t be the government sector.  We need more private sector jobs and a state legislature that encourages not discourages business.

Finally, courageous conversations ARE needed between law enforcement and people of color, but Senator Duff has made this impossible with his recent public accusations against police and his highly divisive rhetoric.  Ellie Kousidis, on the other hand, has already demonstrated a desire for a more balanced and reasoned approach that respects both the police and every member of our community.  I also have more faith in a working mother of two, who herself lost both parents at a young age to bridge the gap between law enforcement and communities that face hardship – not an entitled, career politician.

This is why, I encourage voters to seriously reflect this November and VOTE CHANGE for Norwalk – it’s long overdue.

Vote for Ellie.


Lisa Brinton


Jerome September 27, 2020 at 9:30 am

I’ve read her website but there is little on specifics and a lot of generalities. Also, you say she wants more private jobs yet denounce tax credits given to businesses for exactly that. You say she wants equitable school funding yet she on her website is against regionalization.

Also not a lifelong teacher as you state unless if working at UBS counts as teaching….

Please just stick to the facts.

LifeLongNorwalker September 30, 2020 at 11:44 am

I agree and will definitely be voting for change in Norwalk – it’s long overdue. I would like to make a small suggestion to Ellie however.
Bob has always been very accessible – especially on Facebook. I don’t think Ellie ever checks Facebook – as I’ve tagged her multiple times with no response. I understand she prefers email. But, especially now, I would highly recommend she gets more active in social media. Just my 2 cents.

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