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Lisa has the remarkable ability to have her finger on the pulse of Norwalk.

Starting in 2008 Lisa’s Red Apples became the leading force to turn around our school system. She worked tirelessly to get reform-minded Board of Ed candidates elected. In the face of significant opposition, she worked with the new Board to achieve Dr. Adamowski becoming our new Superintendent.

Starting in 2014 Lisa turned her energies toward reforming our outdated zoning code. When the charter revision did not include those needed zoning reforms, Lisa mobilized the community opposition to successfully defeat that charter reform.

In 2017 and again this year Lisa has been running for Mayor. Her message about balanced growth increasingly resonates with those who do not want Norwalk to become a Stamford or a New Haven.

Lisa has been my friend all these years, and I am happy to support her on Election Day.

Fred Wilms



10 responses to “Vote for Lisa Brinton”

  1. Denise DeMarsh

    I moved away 9 years ago, so my opinion probably isn’t important. But I would definitely vote for Lisa if I still lived in Norwalk.

  2. Mike Mushak

    It is so sad to see Fred Wilms fall into the trap of the Trump-era Republican Party of 2019, and resort to spreading fear and misinformation in his endorsement letter of Lisa Brinton.

    But this is no surprise, as Lisa’s entire campaign has been about pushing false narratives about the impacts of rental apartments, taxes and tax credits, zoning reform, and the kind of smart growth near transit happening in Norwalk.

    Lisa has waged a deliberate misinformation campaign for over a year to create animosity between “renters” and “homeowners”, not realizing those artificial labels are fluid as folks who rent often end up buying houses, and those that own houses often end up selling them and renting. Not to mention all the families and groups of friends who contain both renters and homeowners!

    The labels of “renter” and “homeowner” are meaningless in 2019, especially since most millennials and empty nesters (who once owned their own homes and are downsizing) want to rent instead of own suburban homes in a nationwide trend Lisa won’t have any ability to stop or change despite her empty promises to reduce rental apartments. That would be blatant bad planning and a death wish to our strong and growing economy!

    If you didn’t know any better you might actually believe this nonsense Lisa and Fred are pushing. Let’s clear the air with some real facts.

    Contrary to what Fred Wilms said, Norwalk will never become “Stamford or New Haven“ as he claimed might happen. That is pure nonsense, and he should be ashamed of this kind of petty fear-mongering. Fred is smarter and bigger than this, we can only hope.

    Here’s the reality. The kind of urban renewal with high rises replacing entire blocks of historic neighborhoods, that sadly happened across square miles of Stamford and New Haven, was eliminated by HUD and other federal and state agencies over 30 years ago based on decades of social research-exactly what highlighted the virtues of the kind of smart infill development that preserves historic fabric and neighborhoods that is now happening in Norwalk. (To be clear, that legacy of the failed policies of the 1960’s does exist in Norwalk but we were lucky that it was relatively limited in its impact, at 50 Washington and the mall site, both bought and cleared decades ago which would be impossible now.)

    It is both astounding and disappointing that former State Representative Fred Wilms wasn’t aware of that sea change in urban planning over the last 40 years, that will never permit Norwalk to become Stamford or New Haven that were both redeveloped when Richard Nixon was President in processes that are now illegal.

    Reject the divisiveness and fear and misinformation of the Lisa Brinton campaign, and vote Row A Democrat next Tuesday, for better schools, smart growth, business and job growth, professionalism, lower taxes, and fiscal responsibility!

  3. Isabelle Hargrove

    As a former chair of the BET, amongst other things, Fred Wilms understands what it takes to run this city.

    As a small business lender, he also sees the power of our city leadership embracing small businesses as a priority, not an afterthought after 6 years in office.

    With his experience as State Representative, he also knows how important it will be to Norwalk’s future to finally have a mayor who will take ownership of funding and aggressively advocate for Norwalk.

    No wonder he supports Lisa Brinton!

  4. David Muccigrosso

    @Mike, as a renter, I’ve spoken directly with Lisa – a homeowner – and I’ve seen absolutely zero of this animosity. Don’t pretend to speak for us renters.

    Some of us want a Norwalk where the character – the DIVERSE character – of our neighborhood doesn’t actually change. Some of us don’t want to be inundated with commuters living in shoddily-built, insanely priced stucco apart-mansions that drive up the cheap cheap rent that attracted me to living in SoNo. Some of us patronize the many grocery stores and restaurants and other businesses started by recent immigrants with ELL children and think it’s a damned crime that you and Rilling are sleepwalking through getting our NEIGHBORS the proper funding they need to succeed as our NEIGHBORS.

  5. Educator

    I don’t recall Lisa ever being elected to the Board of Education, yet somehow she takes credit for all work they did. Very disingenuous of her and her “NURDS”. I am still baffled as to how the republican party endorsed her.

  6. Tysen Canevari

    Mike Mike Cmon: Fred Wilms who is highly respected in Norwalk is simply writing an endorsement letter for Lisa. There is no fear factor or hate involved. You need to stop attacking everyone with an opposite view of yours. Thats what this world is all about. This blog is for people to express themselves in a civil manner. Your constant nonsense about Lisa lying and following Trump is childish rhetoric. Perhaps, it is you that fears she has a chance to win? LOL

  7. niz

    OK then why is the long standing issues with SPED services ignored by all? There are an estimate of 1700 sped students in Norwalk Public Schools, and based on my outreach for the past 4 years… no one is providing accurate record or attention this decades old issue. I though the systemic complaint was a serious matter, but it has been downplayed by the Chief of SPED, Adamowski and all Board members, hope the new ones do better.

  8. John Miller

    Spot on Tyson. Mushak’s constant intellectually dishonest, disrespectful, factually inaccurate, and mindlessly partisan rhetoric about Lisa and others (which now includes Fred Wilms) spreading disinformation and animosity (debunked by David M.) is almost laughable and can’t be taken seriously. He even screwed up the facts about HUD in his latest installment.

  9. Tommy

    Muccigrosso- can you please name the “stucco” and “shoddily built” apartments you reference?? I am a renter too and I have not come across stucco or shoddy construction. But enlighten me. I have an open mind. I rent because its cheaper than owning. Why do you rent??

  10. John ONeill

    Fred Wilms is a class act. I don’t know Mike Mushak but I would recommend he stop posting as he’s hurting the causes he claims to represent. Is it possible he’s a Russian asset? Scary stuff.

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