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This is a very exciting time for Norwalk. The need for new people with new ideas is more true and necessary today than it has ever been. Our city is tired of the same old song. But in these difficult times we need more than just people with ideas: we need people who aren’t afraid to speak truth to power.

We need people who aren’t just applying for government jobs, but who are applying for an opportunity to build their communities through service to government. That is why I decided to change parties this year. I had enough of the same old song. The idea that as a black man I was owned by the Democratic party just wasn’t good enough for me anymore, and I decided it was time for change.

I haven’t turned my back on Democrats. In fact, many of my friends and supporters are Democrats. We even have a group called Democrats for Darnell. As Lisa Brinton states: “we need a coalition in order to make true change.” That is why I am excited by all the support that I have received from both parties.

Many of us in the know, know that ‘freedom ain’t free,’ and fighting for it often comes at a cost. Over the last fifteen years, I have spoken truth to power in courtrooms all over Connecticut, New York and other parts of the country. Last year alone I won five jury trials in a row. I received Man of the Year by the Criminal Defense Bar for my work defending the Constitution and people of all races, both young and old.

This has angered some prosecutors who aren’t comfortable with an advocate who stands up for what’s right. As a result, I am now facing prosecution just like the people who are oppressed by this unfair system on a daily basis. Regardless of the outcome, I must stand and fight. Though I might not get to the mountain top with you, through my work, as Martin Luther King once said, “my eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord.”

People want to know how my arrest would affect my candidacy. It won’t. Martin Luther King wrote one of his most powerful letters from a Birmingham jail. Nelson Mandela served 27 years in jail for standing up for what he believed in. Sometimes the most righteous leaders—those who are not afraid to speak up for the oppressed—are the first to face the iron fist of the law. Would we not vote for Martin Luther King today if he were alive, his arrest notwithstanding? Would we not support Mandela if we had the chance? Both were arrested fighting for the rights of others. Fighting for the rights of others has been my job for 15 years.

I want to focus on Norwalk. We have a lot of business to handle here. As a council member I will have only one focus: to fix what’s broken. I will ask the people of Norwalk what’s broken in their lives: from traffic lights to housing to trouble starting small businesses, and I will work on fixing it.

I support a growth management program that would ensure future large scale developments pay for their infrastructure and education costs. The Wall Street Place Plan with Citibank and John McClutchy does not do this. I oppose that plan, and I support tearing up the LDA and starting over. We don’t need to pay developers to build in a city the Mayor called “hot” at Monday’s debate. They should be paying us.

The new SoNo Collection mall is in the Enterprise Zone. The mall won’t yield full property taxes for eight years. That’s a “lay-away” plan we just can’t afford. ‘Tis the season to be jolly at best is 8 years away, and we all know a dollar is worth more today than tomorrow. Homeowners aren’t getting sweetheart tax breaks–why should developers?

Too many politicians have failed to ask the people what’s broken in their lives. I plan on bringing my skill as lawyer to my new position. I plan on reviewing lease agreements with the skill of a trained lawyer. My only concern is advocating for the people of Norwalk as I currently do for my clients.

I am not into friendship based governing. If I have something to say, I will say it regardless of who likes it or not. I support open and honest government that is accountable to all stakeholders, not just big campaign donors. The law department and the mayor’s office have weaponized confidential meetings with back door deals and secret handshakes. Too often the people of Norwalk are the last to know. We need to stop this practice. We need open and transparent government. We need accountability, not cronyism.

I am not concerned with joining crews or aligning myself with political parties. When we focus on the people of Norwalk and not just our friends on the council, the City is better served. Serving the City and the people of Norwalk will be my job and my mission, and my voice will be heard. That’s why on November 5, 2019 I am asking all of the people of Norwalk to vote for Darnell D. Crosland for Council at Large.

Darnell D. Crosland



10 responses to “Vote for me, Darnell Crosland”

  1. Tysen Canevari

    Cmon Darnell You brought Al Sharpton to Norwalk to make us look like fools on national tv! One day you are democrat, next day you are republican, and the next day you are arrested for bribing a gang witness. I would run and hide if i was in your shoes.

  2. Mitch Adis

    Bahh! hahahah!!!

  3. Norwalk native

    Appreciate your piece Mr. Crossland. You are right that Norwalk needs new leaders who are not beholden to Public Sector Unions. Best wishes to you.

  4. John ONeill

    Darnell: Please let me know how you’ll shame our legislators into fighting for outside ELL funding and I’ll vote for you in a second. You do realize those funds are being reallocated away from programs that help non-ELL students. As I’ve said before, we need to embrace these ELL children, but we can’t foot the entire bill ourselves.

  5. Tysen Canevari: Excuse me, no. Sharpton came to the Norwalk rally while Crosland was fighting to defend his client. Everyone who is charged with a crime deserves a lawyer, and fighting for you client –no matter who that client is– is what ethical lawyers are supposed to do.

    Now tell me this: why aren’t the members of our City Council fighting to defend Norwalkers as tenaciously as we’ve seen Attorney Crosland fights for his clients?

  6. Tysen Canevari

    So i suppose Crossland got arrested for being ethical?

  7. John ONeill

    Maybe we need people like Darnell to shake things up..Promise me funding push ftom Hartford and you have my vote.

  8. Michael E. Skiber

    I unequivocally support Darnell Crosland and so should you. Darnell is a top notch ADVOCATE that wants to put his skills to work for the people of the City of Norwalk.

    He has served as the past President of the NAACP, on the board of the methadone clinic and is always a contributor in so many other causes he does not make public. A true public servant.

    Darnell is a winner. He has won many difficult trials where nobody thought he had a chance. His history of success in he courtroom is important because it will translate into public service, without a doubt.

    Darnell has an uncanny ability to grasp and master concepts immediately; he is always prepared; he is a fierce advocate; and when you get to know him, he has a heart of gold.

  9. Thomas

    I agree with Micheal, John and Jeff. Darnell shows up and fights for Norwalk day in and day out. Bringing Al Sharpton to Norwalk was just another example of showing up and fighting for our citizens! Through his work in our court systems, he has proven time and time again that he fights for our citizens, not when it’s convenient, or when he wants to gain more attention, but when it’s needed.

    As far as the arrest goes, that just shows how much of an advocate and warrior for justice he is. The greatest change makers in our country’s history have been arrested. He will get through this case with flying colors and will continue to fight for our great city.

    With this election tomorrow, we should ask ourselves, what kind of city council would we be proud of: One filled with the same kinds of people that have played a part in bad decision after bad decision for our city, or a fighter, not afraid to make the necessary changes to put Norwalk back on the map.

    I for one would like the latter, and Darnell is the one who can do it.

  10. Thomas

    I agree with Michael, John, and and Jeff. Darnell shows up and fights for Norwalk day in and day out. Bringing Al Sharpton to our city was just one of many examples when Darnell was fighting for our citizens. He doesn’t just just fight four our citizens when it is convenient for him, or when he wants to gain publicity, but rather when it is needed.

    As far as the arrest goes, thats just proof that Darnell is a warrior for justice and a fighter for our citizens. The greater change makers in our country’s history we arrested. Darnell will come out of this case with flying colors and will continue to fight for our citizens.

    With the election tomorrow, we must ask ourselves: What kind of Norwalk can we be proud of, one that elects the same people to the council who oversaw and approved countless bad decisions for our city, or a city that is a champion for the rights of all, and not afraid to make sure our city stays relevant, diverse, and fun in these times of great change.

    I personally would much rather the latter, and Darnell is the only option to do that for us.

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