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My name is Ron Paladino and I am a West Norwalk resident. I have lived in Norwalk my entire life and made the decision to run for council in District E which encompasses West Norwalk, Rowyaton, and the Brookside neighborhood. I love Norwalk and feel lucky to live in a district so beautiful, unique and true to the characteristics of New England. I am running because I deeply care about Norwalk and want to make a positive difference. I’m a husband, father and grandfather. I’m concerned, Norwalk is heading down a path of what I believe is over development, overcrowding, and heavy traffic. These  quality of life issues are causing property values to continue to decrease or at best remain stagnant which is a huge concern as a homeowner who is truly invested in the city. We have a local government which is 99% one party, this simply does not work in my opinion. Government must be balanced. Norwalk is becoming a big city with ugly fortress buildings, dense apartment buildings, and now a mall lacking the character and charm that attracted many of us to buy homes and live in Norwalk. The mall is here and as a result I want it to succeed but I have strong concerns of its long term success in Norwalk. Norwalk is facing overburdened roads with heavy traffic. Sewers, police, fire, and schools are over extended.  

Our open space and skyline are forever diminishing. If elected, zoning reform for preservation of Norwalk’s neighborhoods would be a top priority that I would focus on. Our zoning laws are poorly outdated and do not protect our neighborhoods or the character of our neighborhoods given the development trends. I’m not against development but I believe in smart development and ensuring what we have works. Additionally, I would advocate for stronger enforcement of our laws that were put in place to protect neighborhoods. A few examples would be illegal apartments in Norwalk and the cut through traffic and speeding on residential streets. These concerns are a safety issue opposed on residents and acknowledged by our police and fire to be of concern. As a council, I would advocate to strongly support the Board of Education with improvements to our school system. I do not agree, it is not simply a Board of Education issue/task. If our public school system thrives, then we as a city thrive. The mayor and council need to be apart of the success. If elected, I am committed to being a strong voice for our district and all of Norwalk. I will hold the mayor accountable by doing right by you, the citizens of Norwalk. We need balance in our local government, we need transparency, and we need to listen to our residents; if I am elected I will see to it that transparency and your voice matters. I humbly ask you to vote on Tuesday November 5th.



Ron Paladino

West Norwalk Resident

Candidate for Common Council District E


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