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When voters elect a Senator or a Representative to the General Assembly, the expectation is that that Senator or Representative will actually be present during legislative sessions and committee meetings to perform the duties that they were elected to perform.

It has already been documented in the media that our Representative from the 137th Assembly District, Chris Perone, was not present during the Special Session where the police accountability bill, which will have a significant impact on every town and city in the State of Connecticut, was taken up and ultimately adopted.

Even more concerning is Representative Perone’s attendance record on the General Assembly’s Energy and Technology Committee, of which he is a member.  Given the disastrous performance of both Eversource and United Illuminating in the aftermath of Tropical Storm Isaias as well as the fact that, according to most recent data from the US Energy Information Administration, the residents of Connecticut pay the fourth highest average retail price for electric power in the nation, it is critical that the citizens of the 137th have a reliable and committed voice on that Committee.

The Energy and Technology Committee has conducted four meetings in 2020, including one on August 26th to address the issues related to Tropical Storm Isaias.

Representative Perone was not present at any of these meetings.  In 2019, the Energy and Technology Committee conducted twelve meetings.  Representative Perone was present at seven of these meetings and not present at five.

Of the last 16 meetings held by the Committee, Representative Perone has been present 30 percent of the time.  To the best of my knowledge, we don’t elect Representatives to represent us 30 percent of the time.

We need to elect a candidate who will represent us 100 percent of time.  We need to elect Ellen Wink to represent us in the 137th Assembly District.


John Miller


2 responses to “Vote for Wink, a 100 percent representative”

  1. John ONeill

    Hey John: You forgot to mention Chris Perone is also on the appropriations committee..He attended 1 out of 4 of those committee meetings. That’s just not right…This is a perfect example of why we need to not blindly just vote for a party across the board. That shouldn’t be considered controversial by anyone should it?

  2. John Miller

    @John O’Neill: Thank you for reminding me that Representative Perone is also on the Appropriations Committee, where his attendance record is actually worse than his attendance record on the Energy and Technology Committee. You are also 100% correct that straight party line voting is simply not acceptable and ticket splitting should not be controversial.

    One clarification that I’d like to make to my original letter regarding Connecticut paying the 4th highest average retail price for.electric power according to the US Energy Information Administration. That represented the agency’s last full year of data which was 2018. In the two years that followed (2018 and 2019), when Representative Perone only attended 30% of,the Energy Committee meetings, Connecticut achieved the distinction of mioving from the 4th highest into the number one position as the highest average retail price for electric power in the nation. If that isn’t sufficient to send Ellen Wink to Hartford to represent us, I don’t know what is.

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