Vote Thomas, a voice for the voiceless

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It is my hope that you have had the opportunity to meet Stephanie Thomas.  She is running for a seat in the Connecticut State Legislature in the 143rd District.  Because she’s knocking on doors and visible daily on social media @votestephaniethomas you may have heard something from her.  The district encompasses eastern Norwalk, a small sliver of Westport and a large area of Wilton.

Stephanie has many fine qualities.  She’s a smart, hard worker with excellent organization skills and is a great listener, but I want you to know more about who she is and where she comes from.

She is rooted in that old tradition of ‘do unto others’, give back to the community, reach out and help your fellow citizen and be a voice for those who are voiceless.  This is the thread that weaves through her entire life.  Stephanie comes from a military family. Her father, grandfather, sister and brother have all served in the military.  Her other sister was a missionary. Stephanie recognizes that it does indeed take a village to raise children to their fullest potential and it is this mindset that brought her to her career helping non-profits to thrive in good times and bad.  Her relationship to the non-profit community keeps her close to the people who need our help the most.

She has been an important part of our community for several years and I believe she is exactly the kind of representative that we need in Hartford. I enthusiastically support Stephanie Thomas for the 143rd, a woman of strong character who can work for us every day in the State Legislature, #VoteStephanieThomas

Donna King


4 responses to “Vote Thomas, a voice for the voiceless”

  1. Linda O’Shaughnessy

    It’s difficult to believe Stephanie is a voice for the voiceless if she is endorsed by Planned Parenthood. Sorry, but she can’t get my support.

  2. John ONeill

    Some quick observations:
    1) Donna King writes very well. If I ever get married again I will be sure to use her as Justice of The Peace
    2) It should be pointed out that Stephanie Thomas has stated she’s for “effective governing instead of politics “. While that’s a nice cliche that’s proven to be untrue in her case. She blindly supported the Bob Duff lies in the now infamous Duff affair with Norwalk Police. At a time when tensions were high her support of Duff’s misrepresentations were the equivalent of throwing gas on the fire. One may ask why she did this? Politics of course. One may also ask, if Steph sold out NPD for political purposes what other issues will she sell out on for political expediency?
    3) CT economy has been in trouble due to failed policies of Dems over past 40 years. Over the past 12 years we have created many low paying jobs, BUT have lost many high paying jobs. Our politicians talk about job creation, but forget to tell us those terrific Amazon jobs are stocking shelves. I’m afraid that doesn’t pay the rent or pay the entitlement programs favored by Hartford Dems
    4) The last thing we need is another Senator pushing misguided policies in Hartford while crushing our state econominally
    5) Nancy: Please follow up on electric bill increase due to windfarms becoming operatonal in 2-3 years. Norwalkers should be told in advance that we will need to pay 20% more to turn the lights on..Another minor thing our officials have overlooked.

  3. Bryan Meek

    How does pursuing a Super-majority legislature give voice to the voiceless? Last I checked those on the side of fiscal sanity have no voice. And now you want them to have even less of a voice?

  4. Mimi Chang

    Ms. Thomas, who will represent part of East Norwalk should she be elected, has not been a “voice for the voiceless” locally as a Norwalk Zoning Commissioner who supported the East Norwalk Neighborhood TOD Plan, despite strong opposition from the community. The plan proposes to bring several hundred to potentially a thousand gentrification apartment units with inadequate parking, and several hundreds of carbon monoxide emitting vehicles, with no comprehensive traffic study planned to mitigate the current traffic gridlock situation, let alone analyze how a thousand more vehicles will impact conditions, on a 1/2 mile stretch of tight infrastructure. Several hundred residents loudly and clearly pushed back against the volume of density proposed, and against the nonexistent safeguards or plans in place to mitigate the negative consequences of excessive consumption such as noise and air pollution, traffic congestion, parking spillover, etc. Their voices went largely unheard. Residents proposed three reasonable plans of compromise to Ms. Thomas and her fellow commissioners to reduce negative environmental impact, which were rejected. As an appointee on the East Norwalk Neighborhood TOD Oversight Committee, Ms. Thomas had every opportunity to be the “voice for the voiceless”, especially when it came to overseeing that environmental safeguards were in place in the plan to protect those who live in 06855. I expected much stronger advocacy from a self proclaimed environmentalist who is endorsed by the “Sierra Club“. What a disappointment. Let’s hope Ms. Thomas finally listens to East Norwalk residents’ voices in opposition to the 10 Norden Place Special Permit Application for a Warehouse/Distribution Center.

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