Vote Thomas for District 143 State Rep

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There is so much work to do to fight for what is right, stand up for progressive values and Democratic ideals, and make our voices heard here in Norwalk and in Hartford. Stephanie Thomas will fight for us, stand up for the values we share, and make our voices heard on the issues that will change our lives for the better. The 143rd District needs a leader like her at the table in Hartford.

I’ve seen Stephanie stand up for others, amplify their voices, and fight for Democratic ideals in our diverse Norwalk community. She is ready on day one to move us forward on the crucial issues we face, from making healthcare affordable for all, to securing our right to vote and ensuring access to the ballot for fair elections, and to meet the moment to build a more just and equitable Connecticut. The 143rd deserves her leadership – she can bring change to Hartford through creative problem solving, a generosity of spirit, and an ability to authentically understand diverse points of view. As an enthusiastic supporter of hers I hope you will join me in doing what you can to make sure she is elected this November. #VoteStephanieThomas


Dominique Johnson, Norwalk Common Council member


6 responses to “Vote Thomas for District 143 State Rep”

  1. John ONeill

    Stephanie Thomas recently signed a letter publicly condemning the Norwalk Police Department before she had ALL the facts. Is that really who we want representing Norwalk in Hartford?
    It is my hope that voters don’t blindly pull levers without having ALL the facts first.

  2. Ron Morris

    We still do not have all the facts as the only thing presented is a highly edited video. I will be voting for Stephanie Thomas

  3. Jon J Velez

    Hartford is loaded with the same voices and failed leadership. Government paid employees/workers throughout Ct will never vote Republican due to fear of losing their job? Where is that Democrat candidate who will SLASH taxes, eliminate positions in Ct that are not needed. Too much waste. When the public has been told to cut back & tighten their belt, Government does the opposite. Stephanie will you & the other candidates in our area spend our money cautiously?

  4. Bryan Meek

    I honestly don’t know what this woman stands for besides Duff. Her platform seems to be about platitudes dealing with federal issues. Does she have anything in mind for state level work?

  5. Michael McGuire

    Serious question – what are progressive values?

  6. Andrew

    @Ron Morris. Do you have a link to that?

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