Wall Street Corridor’s Phase 1 Plans Move Forward

A map of Wall Street
A look at the Wall Street corridor in Norwalk. (Courtesy of TMP)

The Norwalk Public Works Committee voted unanimously to advance a $2 million contract with Waters Construction Company to construct “phase 1” of the Wall Street corridor project. 

Garrett Bolella, the city’s assistant director of Transportation, Mobility, and Parking, said that they were thrilled to bring this piece forward, stating that this was just the first phase of about $27 million in investments in the corridor. 

Bolella said that the funding will cover a variety of improvements to the section of Wall Street that runs from about Main Street to past Knight Street include: 

  • Wider sidewalks
  • Streetscape
  • New light fixtures that are “pedestrian level”
  • Street trees
  • Curb extensions that will make it easier for pedestrians to cross the street. 
  • A “plaza between High and Knight Streets” with a crosswalk that has a push button and flashing lights 

“We’re really, really excited about this project,” Bolella said. “It’s 99% grant funded through the state.”

About $34,000 worth of items won’t be covered by the LOTCIP grant and will instead be funded through the city’s capital budget project. 

Bolella said that they’re looking to get the contractor on board and hopefully start this phase of the project in April. He said that would timely nicely with the next step of public engagement for the larger project.

“Speaking to the larger corridor improvements at that time, we’re also looking to do a public meeting to provide more info about this project and all the feedback we’ve gotten for other phases of the project and how we’ll be advancing the plans moving forward,” he said. 

Bolella said that this first phase should take about a year to complete and so they’ll meet with the community over the course of the year to “finalize the rest” and “smoothly transition: to the next phase of the project. 

Council members said they were excited to see the work begin.

“We’ve had numerous presentations on this and I’m just really excited to see this getting started,” Council member Barbara Smyth said. “We’ve waited a long, long time for some action on Wall Street.”

Council member Melissa Murray said that she believed these improvements would help tie together the community. 

“I am super excited for Norwalk to be starting this,” she said. “It’s just so important for us engaging with each other.”

The Common Council has to officially vote to approve the contract at its meeting on February 13. 


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