Warren Peña details his platform for 140th District state rep run

Warren Pena
Warren Peña

NORWALK, Conn. – I think we all understand the importance of education in our community. The key to providing our children the education they need to succeed is to fight to ensure that Hartford fully funds our schools as they have long promised.

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Not only will this give our teachers and students the resources they need, but it will help to bring our property taxes down, and give everyone in South Norwalk much needed relief.

Going hand and hand with our need for increased funding, is our need for increased educational opportunity.

The best place to start for our children is to increase access to early childhood education and to work to increase pre-K enrollment. This will give our children a much needed head start when they are ready for school.

Not only do our children need increased educational opportunities, but so do our adults. If we ever want to foster economic development in the district and give everyone a chance to succeed through hard work, we need to offer them the tools to do so. The best tools for overcoming poverty are having the skills to obtain quality jobs. For this, we need increased funding for adult competency programs. We need to increase funding for job training programs, resume building programs, adult education classes and programs to assist new entrepreneurs in effectively running small businesses.

The primary election is Tuesday, Aug. 12.
The primary election is Tuesday, Aug. 3


3 responses to “Warren Peña details his platform for 140th District state rep run”

  1. Poliwatch

    How is this any different from the Platform that Bruce Morris has been operating on for the last eight years? Bruce has brought in 126 pre-k seats in the last two years alone plus an annual average of 4 million dollars for the education budget for Norwalk public schools. Let’s be honest here, Warren Pena is a very charismatic and charming young man, but he has no idea how to operate as a State Rep. He is just copying the incumbent’s platform.

  2. Mike Mushak

    I haven’t seen any detailed proof of the $4 million claim that Mr. Morris has “brought in”. Where is it?

    The difference between Morris’s and Pena’s platforms is striking, as Morris has had 8 years to prove he could deliver on his promises, and has failed. Parts if South Norwalk still look like the South Bronx of the 1970’s, with rampant blight and empty properties. Just look around.
    Morris has failed his community and Norwalk taxpayers, with his mostly no-show job at the Board of Ed while he us up in Hartford spinning his wheels doing very little for Norwalk or his district.
    Warren Pena is the best choice for the strong (and properly-qualified) new leadership we need. . Morris should stay in Norwalk doing his job we are paying him to do.

  3. Michael Geake

    @Mike Mushak:

    You just have to look at the year-by-year budgets to see the increase. Your not seeing it doesn’t mean it’s not there!

    Blight is the responsibility of the city and its officials, not the state. Warren Pena had his chance as a member of the Common Council’s Ordinance Committee from 2011-13: he could have actually attended the committee meetings where the city’s first Blight Ordinance was crafted, debated, and passed. Instead, then-Councilman Pena played softball (check that committee’s attendance). Should we expect better attendance from him in Hartford?

    CGA §2-3a — on the books since the 1950s — guarantees legislators the right to choose the shifts they work so they can perform their duties. These protections even extend to legislative candidates. Bruce’s contract has him working weekends, and his city telephone extension transfers to his cell phone so he is always accessible. He only has to be paid for hours actually worked, so how exactly is this a no-show job?

    Whenever I needed Bruce, either as an elected official or a private citizen, he’s been there for me. I’m happy with him right where he is.

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