Watts: I’m not running to be Norwalk mayor

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Norwalk Common Councilman David Watts (D-District A) hasn’t decided if he will run for reelection, but he’s certain he’s not running for mayor.

By Nancy Guenther Chapman

NORWALK, Conn. – Common Councilman David Watts (D-District A) says he is not running for mayor, although he thought about it.

On Tuesday evening, he said he didn’t even know if he would run for reelection for his council seat. “I’m not going to lie to you, it’s brutal,” he said to fellow District A Democrats. “I want to make sure I can maintain the same energy.”

Thursday evening he released the following written statement:

“I have decided not to run for mayor. Why? I would like to gain more experience as a councilman.

“In fact, I served on the Human Relations Commission and the Zoning Commission before running for Common Council. What looks like an ‘overnight career’ in politics is really a long history of hard work and dedication to our city.

“I am a policy wonk and would like to write legislation that helps our city and state move forward. This is why – hanging around the state house and tracking house bills – is so appealing to me. This year, I plan to make several trips to the State House and Congress to demand better funding for our city. We have been losing the ECS (Educational Cost Sharing) funding battle for years now and it is time for this to change. Simple excuses are not acceptable!

“I would like to thank those who offered to help me in taking the next step. However, the timing is all   wrong! Besides, we have some great candidates for mayor this year. Please, consider their platforms.



71 responses to “Watts: I’m not running to be Norwalk mayor”

  1. Joe Espo

    Thank God!!!

  2. Tim T

    I think Watts is just what Norwalk needs..Someone who is not the same old same old that we have seen for so many years. He is not afraid to call the old boys club that has destroyed Norwalk to task.

  3. LWitherspoon

    More of the usual self-promotion and bloviating from Mr. Watts, who claims that people encouraged him to “take the next step” and run for Mayor. Do those people actually exist? The only reason I ask is that the last speech that Mr. Watts recorded had fake applause and cheering added to the recording. Could it be that it was a fake applause track that encouraged Mr. Watts to run?

  4. David Watts


    Your conspiracy theories add nothing to advance this city. However, you are always good for a laugh. Maybe, you could tell us your opinion on Roswell Area 51. LOL

  5. Bryan Meek

    He’ll have a tough time this year just winning re-election in District A now that the people know him and find out about his abysmal attendence record on his committee meetings. The voters gave him a chance and so far he has wasted it. What a shame.

  6. LWitherspoon

    @David Watts

    Thousands of people are applauding and cheering your last comment! Oops, wait, no it’s just special effects.
    On a serious note, will you PLEASE just tell us once and for all why the speech you recorded and promoted included fake applause and cheering?

  7. Bee Jones

    @ Bryan,

    David Watts is going to be hard to beat.Period! This guy knocked on over 2,000 doors and has loyal supporters.He will win reelection in a landslide.

    How about the Council President not calling a Personnel meeting in 6 months?

    @ Watts are you prepping for state rep? Sound like it.. HMMM

  8. Bee Jones

    @ LWitherspoon,

    You need to get off the couch and run for office. This guy is working hard for free. I heard the speech and I loved it. I also watched the council meeting and I see why he won by a large margin.

    See ya, Mr. Arm Chair Quarterback!

  9. Bryan Meek

    BJones. He has the worst attendance record of all the council people save Ms. Duleep. This is a matter of public record and Mr. Watts is going to have to explain why. I can and have always respected the volunteers on both sides who give their time to the city. Mr. Watts is not doing the job he wanted. He should attend his meetings or step down. There are others who would perform the required duties and the city will be better off. He can knock on all the doors he wants. This time he won’t be able to slander his opponents record, he’ll have to defend his which is pretty pathetic right now.

  10. LWitherspoon

    @Bee Jones

    If Mr. Watts is working hard, he’s not working hard for taxpayers. He’s working for special interests that make their living off of the taxpayers. What’s sad is that his accomplishments for those special interests are non-existent. If you’re going to betray the taxpayers who elected you and designate yourself as the representative of municipal employee unions on Council, it would behoove you to actually accomplish something for those unions.

  11. Bee Jones


    The common council does not pay a salary and people have to make a living. The council is designed for retired and rich folks, how far does 50 bucks a month go? Working class people would have a hard time working a full time job and serving.

    The council president should be ashamed not calling a personnel meeting in 6 months. He should be the one to resign from office.

    David Watts is one of the hardest working council people I know of. This guy is always in the neighborhood and knocking on doors and speaking to residents. I look forward to him speaking to the kids at the Carver Center on Saturday.

    Bryan, the voters of your district rejected you and maybe you are upset about that. As a woman your comments on the Lilly Ledbetter Act makes you an unattractive candidate.

    “Lilly ledbetter may help currently employed women, but the statistics show it has hurt prospects for new hires. Smart businesses will pay for talent. Dumb governments will try to rig the game and suffer unintended consequences.”

    No woman in this town should consider you ever. David fights for the people and he is a good councilman.

    Move on!

  12. Bee Jones


    David is a good councilman and he stands up to the good old boys in this town. Maybe, you should run for office and debate him. I watch the council meetings on TV and the republicans are rubber stamps. Voting in lockstep and never showing any guts.

    At least their is debate going on in this city. You think rubber stamping is ok?

    Go away Mr. Arm Chair QB!

  13. LWitherspoon

    @”Bee Jones” aka David Watts

    Intelligent debate would be a good thing. But we never seem to get any of that from you. Just grandstanding and bloviating. There are Democrats such as Bruce Kimmel who work hard, ask thoughtful questions, and attend committee meetings. Then there are Democrats such as you who never show up to committee meetings and focus on representing narrow interests such as City Employee Unions, rather than all of Norwalk. You describe yourself as working hard, but in reality you’re hardly working. It’s a shame because Norwalk has real challenges but you are either unwilling or unable to meet them.

  14. David Watts

    Mr. Meek,

    You should resign from the parking authority, buddy. If you did write the comments above about the Lilly Ledbetter Act- you are unfit for office and I will let the mayor know. I would not vote to put a partisan hack like you on a board or commission.


  15. Bryan Meek

    BJones. David is skipping the meetings he is supposed to attend. He wanted the job. No one forced it on him. His attendance rate is barely above 50% and I am including the multiple times he is more than 30 minutes late.

    To your turn on me, I have no regrets from running and for what I am involved in, I have missed one meeting in 5 years, while working 50 hours a week and supporting a family. I might even be doing your taxes for AARP who knows. I was playing basketball at the Carver decades before Mr. Watts decided to make Norwalk his political playground and I’m not afraid to tell it like it is. He is doing more harm to this city as a council person when he could be doing good. You can’t even name one tangible thing he has done. Going after the mayor for this, that, and every other petty little thing isn’t helping the city or his cause. This was his time to shine, and he has decided to squander it by politicking.

    I stand by my Lilly Ledbetter comments. The governments labor statistics bear this out too and there is even more data since I made this comment. Women have been disproportionately affected by this economic downturn than in past recessions. I am fully supportive of equal and fair pay for women and I find that they are generally better accountants than are men, but you can’t legislate it because it ends up having negative consequences and that is starting to show up in the data. I don’t like it, but it is a fact that it makes women less attractive to hire as it is added liablity for companies. Believe me, I have been in corporate long enough to tell you they only see green when they hire. The Bureau of Labor statistics shows unemployment is the same for women as it was a year ago and is much less for men. You can look at the history and see that this was usually never the case. SO what is different. Lilly Ledbetter for one.


  16. David Watts

    L Witherspoon,

    Sorry, Buddy you are wrong! The people of this great city have you watched jump from site to site attacking me. I am here to defend myself against your wild conspiracy theories. Maybe, you are one of those we faked the moon landing people or the government is hiding aliens at Roswell (Area 51).

    Maybe, you need a fake name and a curtain to hide behind- but I do not.

    Mrs/ Ms. Jones, thank for your support.

  17. Joe Espo

    David: I hear you graduated from Yale. For a Yalie, you’re doing some pretty dumb things to this Town and yourself. You are polarizing Norwalk as its never been and you are accomplishing nothing along the way that will make Norwalk a better place. You are destroying your chances of succeeding at higher office. A lot of people absolutely despise you and your odious tactics at self-aggrandizement. Please move out of here as fast as you can because we don’t need your poison.

  18. LWitherspoon

    Bee Jones said: “Maybe, you should run for office…”
    David Watts said: “Maybe, you need a fake name…”
    What an interesting coincidence that both of you misuse commas in EXACTLY THE SAME WAY!!! LOL!!!!

  19. David Watts


    Nancy, could prove that you are wrong. Very simple check!

  20. Tim T

    Bee Jones
    Just ignore LWitherspoon as we all do..His/her/ITS views are irrelevant and comical. He use the same lines over and over again (show proof) (bloviating) and (gamesmanship) BORING…Many on here and other boards have gone so far as wonder if he actully is being paid to post by the administration.

  21. LWitherspoon

    @David Watts
    When you’re caught lying it’s a really bad strategy to cover it up by telling an even bigger lie. Maybe, you should quit while you’re behind.

  22. David Watts

    Joe Espo,

    Were should I go? What gives you the right to suggest someone move out of town?

  23. Joe Espo

    David: I don’t profess to have the right; it’s a wishthat’s on my bucket list. Stay if you want, but beloved be you not.

  24. David Watts


    I can defend myself and I do not need a fake name. If you are working for the mayor he should get his money back. lol

    I know you are doing his dirty work.

  25. LWitherspoon

    @David Watts

    OK, go ahead and have Nancy prove that you are not Bee Jones, since you said it’s “very simple”. Note that different IP addresses or e-mail addresses wouldn’t prove anything, given the fact that computers and mobile devices are ubiquitous.

    Bee Jones said: “Maybe, you should run for office…”
    David Watts said: “Maybe, you need a fake name…”
    What an interesting coincidence that both of you misuse commas in EXACTLY THE SAME WAY!!! LOL!!!!

  26. David Watts

    Joe Espo

    I will stay here and keep fighting for the people of the city. Later, this year the voters will decide my fate (If I run). If I lose the election it was Gods will. I love the Lord and I pray on my decisions. I trust God will continue to guide my actions and deeds.

  27. Bryan Meek

    David Watts. It takes one to know one huh? Since you obviously didn’t learn anything at Yale about real world economics, I will lay it out in plain English for you why the Lily Ledbetter Act is a very poor peice of legislation.

    First, I would never deny the concept of equal pay for equal work. I have built, run, and supported financial systems for dozens of multinational corporations and in my field women do very well sometimes even better. I would agree there is still a gap that needs to be closed in many other industries. I believe market forces will eventually do this and that government intervention, however well intended may end up backfiring and the data are starting to bear that out as women have taken a step backwards since Lilly was passed.

    What the new law does to new hires is terrible and here is why.

    Let’s say you have two candidates who are perfectly equal in qualifications. One is man, the other a woman. The woman, under Lilly Ledbetter will not get the job offer because she could potentially sue the employer for very subjective reasons. They don’t have the same risk for the equally qualified male and more often than not will go that way.

    If you could see past the end of your political nose, you might just realize this.

  28. David Watts

    Tim T,

    Thank you, for the heads up that L Witherspoon might be working for Mr. Hand.

    I would like to use this space to talk about issues- however, Mr. Hand’s spin doctor is high jacking the site.


  29. Joe Espo

    David: no way, any way are you guided by God for Norwalk. Leaders like Frank Esposito was. I knew Frank Esposito, and you’re no Frank Esposito. You’re on a fool’s errand.

  30. David Watts

    Mr. Meek,

    You should be ashamed of these attacks on LLA and should not represent the city at all. I will make these statements known and demand you resign from the Parking Authority. You are unfit for office! As a appointed official you should know better.

  31. Bryan Meek

    Mr. Watts, since you support LLA which has clearly hurt women and only helped trial lawyers, backed up by actual data…I am demanding your resignation since you are unfit for office. See how that works?

  32. David Watts

    Joe Espo

    You are correct about Frank Esposito he was a real leader in this town. The city should honor him by naming city hall after him. What the former mayor did for this city would be hard to duplicate.

    I am not Frank Esposito and you are no Lloyd Bentsen!

  33. Bryan Meek

    Watts, this isn’t even an issue in Norwalk, but thanks for taking the bait. You continue to demonstrate your unprecedented incompetency.

  34. David Watts

    Mr. Meek,

    Most appointed officials do not engage in partisan behavior. In fact, the council frowns on that. Attacking LLA is out of bounds.

  35. Bryan Meek

    You call it an attack, I call it my position which was brought into question on this blog by your other pen name. We can debate civilly or you can just throw your arms in the air claiming unfairness every time you lose a debate on the facts. I am a partisan for Norwalk. You sir are a partisan for yourself evident by your behavior and actions. I’ll resign when you resign. And I’d be happy to. You are doing much more harm than any one can do good for this city.

  36. LWitherspoon

    All I can say is… WOW. Yet again David Watts gets caught red-handed posting under a fake name, this time a female one, and now he is trying desperately to change the subject to anything but that. His tactic of spitting angry retorts in every direction, on subjects that have nothing to do with the Common Council’s purview, is not working. I have to say that we have reached a bizarre new low in Norwalk when a Common Council member is online pretending to be his own biggest fan. I have to ask, will David Watts show up at the Carver Center this weekend as Mr. David Watts, or as Ms. Bee Jones?

  37. David Watts

    Lwitherspoon, your lies are over the top. I can defend myself and don’t need to use a fake name. Now, stop drinking the hater-aid and come from behind the curtain.

  38. LWitherspoon

    @David Watts
    You stated that it would be “very simple” to prove that you are not Bee Jones, yet you still have not done so in the face of evidence that you are. Where is the proof that you promised?

  39. David Watts

    Lwitherspoon, do you use a fake name? Yes! I will not answer anymore of you unproductive questions. You make up things as you go!

  40. LWitherspoon

    @David Watts

    Why do you keep changing the subject when I ask you a simple question about your public actions as an elected official? Is it because you know that the honest answer to the question would not reflect well on you? If you aren’t Bee Jones, why won’t you simply prove it? You yourself said it would be very simple, now all of a sudden you have gone back on your word. I do think it’s very interesting that Ms. Bee Jones has all of a sudden gone silent in all of this.
    I was impressed several months back when you appeared to abandon the tactic of posting under multiple usernames to create the illusion that you have supporters, and attack all who dared question or disagree with you. That tactic did not reflect well on you, especially when you employed it in attacking fellow Council members. When you stopped, I thought it showed an admirable attempt at personal improvement. Sadly it was only temporary.

  41. David Watts

    L Witherspoon,

    I love your irony! You accuse me of using fakes names- while attacking from a fake name. Your job is to write trash about me and discredit everything that I do. However, it will not work.

    Stand behind your words and come from behind the curtain. You will not do it- because, you are ashamed and you should be. Nothing Bee jones said would make me hide behind a bogus name.

    FYI- I spoke at the Carver Center today and it was a large crowd.

  42. LWitherspoon

    @David Watts

    Did you go to the Carver Center as Mr. David Watts, or as Ms. Bee Jones? Enquiring minds want to know! Also, we are still waiting for the proof you promised was coming that would verify that you are not Bee Jones.

  43. BARIN

    How about this folks, let’s respectfully request Mr. Mccarthy apologize for attacking council member Ms. Duleep’s mother. Please, who cares, bee jones, bee’s wax. Stay on point with the issue’s affecting Norwalk. It would appear that only a few writers on this forum are being nasty to each other, PLEASE STOP IT.

  44. LWitherspoon

    @David Watts
    Bee Jones said: “Maybe, you should run for office…”
    David Watts said: “Maybe, you need a fake name…”
    What an interesting coincidence that both of you misuse commas in EXACTLY THE SAME WAY!!! LOL!!!!

    @Barin – Like you, I was troubled by the comments that David McCarthy published about Anna Duleep and Ganga Duleep, but I’m not sure that “attacking Ms. Duleep’s mother” is the best way to describe it. If I remember correctly, Mr. McCarthy suggested that Ms. Duleep was using her influence to protect her mother from code violations of some sort. If Mr. McCarthy’s comments are true, there should be an investigation. If they are not, then shame on Mr. McCarthy. Either way, it was not appropriate for an elected official to level such a charge in passing, without providing any details to back it up.

  45. Tim T

    Please provide verifiable proof that David Watts and Bee Jones are the same poster (not that anyone cares). A typo is far far from proof as people make typos daily. So LWitherspoon get out your handy dandy play school detective kit and prove your accusation. We will be waiting.. I would hope without proof you would stop making a fool of yourself and acting like a child. Maybe if you would stop with the child like games people would take your posts more serious.

  46. David Watts

    L Witherspoon

    Someone provided me with your real name LOL. WOW!

  47. LWitherspoon

    @David Watts
    When you are caught in a lie, as you have been here, it does not serve you well to:
    1. double-down on the lie by telling another one
    2. attack people who are simply asking reasonable questions about the public actions of an elected official
    3. engage in childish name-calling
    With this behavior you are embarrassing yourself as well as the entire Common Council.

  48. BARIN

    @ Witherspoon, what would you call it if it was your Mom or relative who was dragged into the fray by a fellow council member? Do you think Mr. Mccarthy should apologize or not. Choose any term you’d like it doesn’t matter, it was wrong and mean spirited and you know it. Why don’t you ask your fellow Republican to apologize, I say this because in your posts you appear to defend the indefensible positions the Republicans take. STOP IT. Don’t defend anything that is wrong, it makes anyone look foolish and selfish doing this. I will agree that if true Mr. Mccarthy should bring the facts forward as well as where he got the information in the first place, TRANSPARENCY. I don’t think the Duleep’s would mind if the truth is told. Mr. Watts posted something in regard to you embarrassing the Common Council, now I’m curious, are you a council member? That would make sense because it appears you don’t want to let the truth be told, when it desperately needs to be told. PLEASE if you comment on ANYTHING I personally say stay on point, stay focused on the issues I bring up, not whether the word attack should be used, Silly.
    @ Watts, can you provide us with that real name, because when you don’t use your real name in your posts it should only be when you are saying something positive and not ATTACKING (oops, wrong word) fellow writers. p.s. I beg you to get over the Bee Jones issue and move on to more productive posting, also this is not an attack on you LWithherspoon (sorry, that word again).

  49. LWitherspoon


    Actually, I am not a Republican or a Democrat, nor am I a Council member. As a matter of fact, I criticized Dave McCarthy during the summer when he videotaped a political opponent from a moving vehicle. The whole episode did not reflect well on Mr. McCarthy, I noted, and he probably broke the law regarding the use of handheld electronic devices while driving. So I was especially surprised to learn that at the recent circus of a Council meeting over the “Freedom of the Press” resolution, McCarthy placed a videocamera on the table aimed at the Democrats. One would think he had enough of videotaping the last time after all the negative comments that drew.
    Regarding Mr. McCarthy’s comments in the paper about Anna and Ganga Duleep, if those are factual statements, that’s very serious. I would not call a factual statement an “attack.” As I already said, I do think it was inappropriate to make those charges off the cuff, without details. I do not know Mr. McCarthy and I certainly wouldn’t ask him to apologize without knowing whether or not the charges are true, but if they aren’t, then yes an apology is in order. I’m a little surprised that Ms. Duleep has not responded to such a serious charge.
    Mr. McCarthy seems to go after political opponents with gusto. I can respect his passion but he should be careful, lest his antics turn him into the Republican version of David Watts.

  50. David Watts


    I will release this persons name once my Attorney gives me the green light. Sorry for the slow response- in church most of the day.

    The fake name is part of a duo called L Witherspoon and Chucky.

  51. LWitherspoon

    @David Watts
    I think you didn’t read my prior comment. To repeat, when you are caught in a lie, as you have been here, it does not serve you well to:
    1. double-down on the lie by telling another one
    2. attack people who are simply asking reasonable questions about the public actions of an elected official
    3. engage in childish name-calling
    With this behavior you are embarrassing yourself as well as the entire Common Council, and by extension all of Norwalk.

  52. Bryan Meek

    Maybe. Comma. Bee Jones stopped posting.

    All too coincidental, not that I care.

    Ben Franklin made pen name posting a very common practice in early American op ed writings. He would even argue himself under several pen names. Of course he was doing this prior to the First Amendement. Perhaps he would not have done this with that protection in place, who knows?

    We do know that Mr. Watts is more hung up on the first amendment than he is about actually doing his job as a council member, so maybe this is just his way of reflecting that?

    Maybe we could get Jim Himes and/or Mr. Morris to do Mr. Watts job, since he has the federal and state issues covered.

  53. David Watts


    Check out the good things that are happening in this city. You keep posting I will keep working! Lay off the Haterade- it is really making you look bad.

    FYI- This was filmed in the concert hall.


  54. David Watts

    Mr. Meek,

    Your position on LLA makes you unfit for office. I do not need a fake name to question your judgement.Keep drinking the haterade, pal!

    Besides, opposing LLA, What are you doing to help the community?

    FYI- Mr. Meek is an active member of the republican party.

  55. BARIN

    @Bryan Meek
    Do you know something we don’t? C’mon, fess up.

  56. Bryan Meek

    David Watts is unfit for office, period.

    Facts never seem to matter to you, but one more time. Since LLA was passed unemployment for women has gotten worse relative to men. This is usually never the case prior to LLA. It seems women were actually better off when they had only the Equal Pay Act of 1963 and the Equal Rights Act of 1964 to protect them. Your continued support of LLA must mean you are against women or just unwilling to acknowledge the truth. So this was my position, maybe when I said it…I don’t recall, but your alter ego seems to know real well. You know the one who coincidentally types like you? Keep in touch with yourself.

  57. Bryan Meek

    And Mr. Watts, Don’t let your complete failure to accomplish anything significant or productive while you have been a council member distract you from possibly attending more than half of your remaining meetings. We look forward to your last few months on the council and hopefully maybe you can get something done. And by getting something done, I mean other than disrupting the business of the city to make yourself feel and look important.

  58. David Watts

    Mr.Meek, is making things up because his extreme views have been exposed. Opposing LLA is just shameful.

  59. Bryan Meek

    Supporting LLA is shameful. You and Bee Jones can’t seem to let it go though. It is hurting women. Reasonable people can agree the law can be better. But your track record of being anything but reasonable speaks for itself.

    What is more shameful is that you could have done great things on the council and instead you are just wasting everyone’s time and looking like a clown in the process.

  60. BARIN

    Lighten up bud, your affiliation doesn’t matter, just keeping it light.
    I’m still really concerned with the code violator accusation by council member McCarthy, it would be great if Mr. McCarthy released proof of those violations.
    It is important to remember that code violations can endanger public safety for all of us.
    It is also possible the violations may have been corrected, at the very least, the questions should be added to the agenda for the next Public,Health,Safety and Welfare committee meeting, for instance.
    1. What type of violations?
    2. Have they been corrected?
    3. What type of property?
    4. Are there multiple properties with alleged violations?
    5. Was the property owner given time to correct violations? How long?
    6. How much time did it take for them to correct prior violations if any.
    7. Did the city assist in paying to clear up any blighted property?
    8. Are fines collected for violations? If so, what happens to the money?
    Heck, why don’t we ask the city departments that issued any citations the same questions.

  61. David Watts


    Opposing LLA, makes you unfit for office and you should resign from the Parking Authority. I was raised by a single mother and it is wrong to pay women less money. Period!

    During the personnel meeting I questioned why two women employees were given modest pay increases and a male employee given two large increases for 2011 and 2012. At the next council meeting- I will vote against the payment plan.

    This is wrong and your position is just shameful. People, please watch Lilly’s story! Equal pay for equal work!


  62. Bryan Meek

    David, you seem hopelessly unwilling to understand reality and truth.

    Women are protected from equal pay discrimination from a law passed in 1963.

    LLA was an attempt to let them remedy the situation had they not filed complaints within 180 days of said discrimination.

    The law was well intended, but flawed in that it has seen a drop in the number of new hires in women relative to men. Why would you want to see women put at a disadvantage from this?

    My comments, in the past whenever are only in this context and have nothing to do with your missing the majority of your council meetings and wasting time on the council floor on matters that have nothing to do with council powers or business.

    Stay focused.

  63. David Watts

    Mr. Meek,

    I guess you think it is OK to pay women 77 cents on the dollar. You are out of touch my man and have no business making decisions for this city. Your position on LLA is wrong, shameful and you should resign. EQUAL PAY FOR EQUAL WORK!

    Now, lets talk about resolutions. Did you know that I am co-sponsoring a bipartisan resolution on Illegal guns? The council has a right to speak out on any issue. Period!

    Attendance, I am invited to a lot of events and sometimes work can get in the way. I also took an EMT Class (night) with other Norwalk residents and I am currently waiting to take state boards. The council is a volunteer position and people have to make a buck sometime.

    FYI- you are talking about committee meetings not council meetings.

    Keep drinking the Haterade and working towards that PH.D (player hater degree) Lol!

  64. Bryan Meek

    Watts, I fully support equal pay. Always have.

    You should note that I have no authority or capacity to make personnel related decisions for any part of the city, so your points are nearly pointless.

    However I do take issue with you discussing specific labor issues that you have done here where you do have a capacity to influence the decision. Are you actually trying to get the city sued here?

    It is wonderful all the things you do with your own free time. None of this has anything to do with being a council member. This is something you wanted. No one forced you to run and you are shamefully missing your committee meetings where the lion’s share of the work is done. Now it seems when you do grace us with your attendance you are perfectly willing to disclose information that should probably not be revealed without more careful consideration.

    It is here and again you continue to demonstrate your unfitness for office. Respectfully, you should resign and let someone else who is concerned with actually doing something for the city have a shot at it. There are plenty of fine Democrats who wouldn’t mind doing what you were elected to do.

  65. David Watts

    Mr. Meek,


    By the powers invested in me, I now confer the highest degree in Hate upon you. The Player Hater Degree is only reserved for those who make hating others their mission.

    The council is a volunteer position and working people with no control over their schedule can’t serve. If I decide to run for reelection the voters will not decide not you.

    Now, your position on LLA makes you unfit for office and women should think twice about supporting you. Look at your record.

    1. Did not support the Nancy Chapman resolution
    2. Do not support the Lilly Ledbetter Act
    3. Advocating for a cover up of a man getting higher raises than to two women.

    I might not be perfect but my single mother taught me better.

    Enjoy the new degree! LOL!

    FYI Bryan Meek, PH.D (Player Hater Degree) is an active member of the local republican party.

  66. LWitherspoon

    @Bryan Meek
    Very funny!
    Maybe. Comma. Bee Jones stopped posting because “she” stepped into a phone booth and changed back into David Watts.
    I wonder if Bee Jones occurred to Mr. Watts while watching the show Bosom Buddies. “She” could also have been inspired by one of Martin Lawrence’s excellent “Big Momma” movies.
    Whatever the case, Mr. Watts is embarrassing himself, his party, and our entire City once again with his online posts from multiple accounts. Caught in a lie, he doubles down and just digs himself in deeper.

  67. David Watts

    L Witherspoon,aka the Dean of Player Hating Online College.

    You have been turned in my friend. You have attack me over 200 times in different newspaper and blogs. I am hopeful I can post your real name online very soon.

    You are the biggest offender of all time. People like you are the number one reason good people do not run for office. I love your ironic behavior, hiding behind a computer and lying- while accusing others of the same thing.

    You should also be ashamed for taking part of a name of a group “L Witherspoon and Chucky” known for putting women down.

    Keep drinking your haterade and have a side of hater tots to go with it.

  68. LWitherspoon

    @David Watts

    If you are too afraid to answer my reasonable questions about your public actions as an elected official, I suppose that’s your right. It would be better to simply admit that though, rather than engaging in petty name calling and characterizing my questions as “attacks”.
    It’s interesting that not one single time have you denied that you are Bee Jones. All you’ve come back with is a lot of frothing at the mouth, name calling, irrelevant accusations, sillyness, and attempts to change the subject. I am embarrassed for you.

  69. David Watts

    Dean L Witherspoon,

    Your online college of attacks have no merit. I think it is time to focus on your over 200 online attacks. Hiding behind a screen and trashing a community volunteer is over the top.

    “L Witherspoon and Chucky” has no place in Norwalk. Maybe, you were inspired to chose this name because of your views toward women.

    Rise Above Hate!

  70. LWitherspoon

    @David Watts
    Yet again, you failed to deny that you are Bee Jones.

  71. BARIN

    Hey, how bout those Knicks?

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