Watts not running for Norwalk mayor, Crosland ushers in uncertainty

Norwalk District A Dems Jan. 22 2013 051
Councilman David Watts (D-District A) announces that he is not running for mayor Tuesday evening at a meeting of Norwalk District A Democrats.

By Nancy Guenther Chapman

NORWALK, Conn. – One thing is certain: Common Councilman David Watts (D-District A) is not going to join the fray of men vying to be Norwalk’s next mayor.

“I’m ruling myself out,” he said Tuesday evening. “I’m getting calls from people asking if I’m going to run. It’s one of the things – I didn’t want to go out and say I’m not running for mayor. The only office, if I decided to run for anything, is Common Council.”

Watts was at a District A Democrats meeting, where there was some joking in the wake of newcomer Democrat Vinny Mangiacopra’s announcement that morning that he had filed papers to run for mayor.

“I’m not qualified to run for mayor,” Watts said, prompting Attorney Darnell Crosland to tell him to watch his words that might come back to bite him five years from now.

“I’m not qualified to run for mayor at this time,” Watts said, emphatically.

Crosland continued his light-hearted attitude with, “I applied for an usher position at movie theater. If that falls through, I’m running for mayor.”

District A Chairman Andy Garfunkel, himself a mayoral contender, said it’s “never too early” for people to announce their candidacy. “We have an energy level in January. Candidates showing enthusiasm to run is a real positive for our party.”

Garfunkel tried unsuccessfully to unseat Republican incumbent Mayor Richard Moccia in 2010.

Asked about the mayor’s race, Republican Town Committee Chairman Art Scialabba took a shot at Garfunkel and his comments in an email. “Seems to me that they actually have an enthusiasm and leadership deficit within their party as no announced candidate has established themselves as their clear leader. It’s obvious that they don’t even believe a former candidate could do better than his last results, so what do you do in that case, start putting up different names and see what happens by convention time.”

Norwalk Democratic mayor contenders need to understand some things, Common Councilman Carvin Hilliard (D-District B) said Thursday evening.

“Being mayor is very serious. You have to know the city of Norwalk. What some councilmen don’t realize is that when you move into an area you have different demographics. Norwalk is different from New Haven, and it’s different from Bridgeport. You can’t take your experience in New Haven or Bridgeport and transfer it to Norwalk. It’s different. … I think a lot of people – when you’re young you think you can do everything. But at some point you have to realize that you have to have some experience for the betterment of the people that you’re serving.”

Will he run for mayor?

“It seems everyone else wants to run for mayor, I may as well join the party.”

He quickly added, “No, no – that’s a joke.”

Norwalk District A Dems Jan. 22 2013 045
Norwalk Common Councilman Matt Miklave (D-District A) laughs at repeated assertions by Councilman David Watts (D-District A) Tuesday evening that he is not running for mayor. Miklave has formed an exploratory committee to run for mayor.


27 responses to “Watts not running for Norwalk mayor, Crosland ushers in uncertainty”

  1. Joe Espo

    “I’m not qualified to run for mayor…”. Truer words have never been spoken.

  2. Tim T

    Its a shame as he would have been excellent. I like that he is not afraid to shake up the status quo of the old boys club that has destroyed Norwalk for so many years.


    Being Mayor may be a tough job, but look at the perks. How much did it cost taxpayers for Moccia to stay a couple of extra days in Washington so he could attend the inauguration ?

  4. Tim T

    Old timer
    I was just thinking the same thing. I would hope that in these times when every dollar count that we the taxpayers didn’t pay for a vacation for Moccia as that is really all it is.

  5. LWitherspoon

    @Old Timer

    Oops, you forgot to mention that Gov. Malloy went to Washington specifically for the inauguration. Are you going to ask how much that cost CT taxpayers? You’re not? Oh, right, because Malloy is a Democrat and anything a Democrat does is ok. Interesting double standard.

  6. Harold

    I find it funny that there are jokes in the wake of Mr. Mangiacopras announcement

  7. David Watts


    No one made a joke about the announcement- just the number going from 3 to 4 candidates, seeking the nomination. Everyone in the room knows Vinny Mangiacopra is a serious candidate.

  8. LWitherspoon

    Crosland continued his light-hearted attitude with, “I applied for an usher position at movie theater. If that falls through, I’m running for mayor.”

    Why is Mr. Crosland casting aspersions on honest work as an usher at a movie theater?

  9. Bee Jones


    Do you have to attack people all the time? Do you have anything productive to say? Mr. Arm Chair QB put on a uniform and get in the game.

    Instead of attacking people who are doing community service. It is really sad that you have nothing better to do with your time. Get off the couch and run for office.

  10. LWitherspoon

    @Bee Jones
    Since when did asking a simple question related to the public actions of an elected official become an “attack”? Have I “attacked” you by asking this question?

  11. Bee Jones


    You are not fooling anyone! Your main mission is to discredit a hard working councilman. You should be ashamed of yourself for attacking a person who works for free.

    The council is not a paid position! I would never run for office because of people like you.

    Get off the couch and help change this city, Mr. Arm Chair QB and take Mr. Anti Lilly Ledbetter with you.

    @David- do not let these two clowns stop you from your hard work on behalf of the people.

  12. LWitherspoon

    @”Bee Jones” aka David Watts

    At this point I have to laugh out loud. “Not fooling anyone” refers to what you’re doing here. I was encouraged when you briefly stopped these games, but I see you have reverted back to posting under multiple accounts in support of yourself. More fake support, just like the fake applause and cheering you added to the speech you recorded. The pattern of deception is now clear, and it’s downright scary that someone who thinks it’s appropriate to behave this way would be a member of the Common Council.
    I am also curious how a Councilman who doesn’t show up to committee meetings would dare call himself hard-working. Can you riddle me that one? Aren’t committee meetings where the real work of Council takes place?

  13. David Watts

    L Witherspoon,

    You might need a curtain to hide behind but I do not. You need to lay off that Hater-Aid!

  14. Tim T

    Bee Jones
    you hit the nail on the head about LWitherspoon. Many have been saying the same thing about him/her/it for a long time.

  15. LWitherspoon

    Bee Jones said: “Maybe, you should run for office…”
    David Watts said: “Maybe, you need a fake name…”
    What an interesting coincidence that both of you misuse commas in EXACTLY THE SAME WAY!!! LOL!!!!

  16. Tim T

    Maybe you should work for the FBI as you are now analyzing grammar in a lame attempt to make your pointless point

  17. Tim T

    Of course you also analyze youTube videos for a part time job..

  18. BARIN

    First, Barin stands for born and raised in Norwalk, I thought it would be appropriate.
    All of you STOP the nonsense.
    It would appear folks are using Ms. Chapman’s site as a platform for personal attacks on each other.
    STOP IT.
    She has given us a forum to talk about helping Norwalk, that tells us what the real deal is in City Hall, it is embarassing that a few would ruin this opportunity for all of us.
    Here, let’s discuss some of the following instead:

    1) If elected for office running as whatever, you can’t switch parties during the length of your term, period.
    It’s unethical, and you know who you are, if you disregard this simple ethically sound idea, you must immediately step down and can never be elected/appointed in Norwalk again, regardless of your popularity in town. At this point whatever position is vacated by your nonsense based actions it will not be filled until the next election, I personally don’t mind running short a member or two to prevent political appointments, which by the way further muddy the waters.

    2)If you turn against the party you we’re elected under during your term, and don’t like them telling you what to do, PLEASE do not cry about it, simply get the facts and do what is right for the community in all decisions you make. Hmmm, that would make you unaffiliated,danger, do not mistake unaffiliated for Independent.
    It is ethical. We also don’t care why you did it, just don’t do it, period.

    3) Transparency, all parties caucus together, is that a problem if everyone sits in the same room to make decisions for Norwalk. It is apparent that the way things are currently being done isn’t working.
    This would include eliminating executive sessions at all levels of city government, unless it involves privacy, such as say the HIPA Act.
    It is ethical and you can’t hide behind closed doors and screw taxpayers secretly.

    4)Documentation, all words spoken by elected or appointed city officials in meeting’s that involve making ANY decision’s that involves Norwalk are recorded, and placed in plain print online in say,48 hours. EVERY WORD. We can use Ms. Chapman’s tape recorder.
    No one can hide behind closed doors. Especially when taxpayer dollars are being used. Folks will say we can’t do that there could be litigation against the city, but remember any money used to pay for litigation usually belongs to the taxpayers.

    5)Department Heads, a requirement that all must live in Norwalk, period. If you want the job you have to live here.
    For instance, when you decide to privatize garbage pickup, or give approval for a mosque, it just may be your neighborhood that is directly impacted. You probably will feel different if there is a direct impact on your family and property values.

    That said, I have thrown myself into the fray, let the attacks on me begin.
    Wow, do I now have a real platform?
    Oh yeah, I’m throwing my hat in the ring for Mayor too.
    Thank you Nancy, God bless.

  19. Suzanne

    BARIN, If you have a real platform, you don’t need to ask. You just work your butt off for what you stand for. I have no qualms about your ethical stance but I do object to you declaring this piece a platform, saying your running for Mayor (I am assuming this is a joke?) and not declaring your identity. Based on previous apologetics from the Democratic Party of Norwalk as to why candidates do not reveal their platform to the constituency, this would be another duck and an unfair representation to the constituency who would like to have the opportunity to make up their minds about who they want to vote for.

  20. BARIN

    Never mind the nonsense, let’s talk about the items I tossed out there. Don’t take your self too seriously and it was a joke. I can easily say my name is Suzanne too, who really cares what my name is, do you have any constructive ideas in regard to the items I tossed out there? If not please don’t attack me. I don’t need to run for mayor to have a platform. If it makes you feel better I’ll call it my soapbox instead, fair enough? Now, let’s get back to the ideas I tossed out there with constructive dialogue not attacks;they don’t work. I encourage ALL to be part of the solutions, not the problems. Nuff said.

  21. Suzanne

    I think you are so prepared to be attacked, you do not recognize when a person is not attacking you at all. I am simply referring to the process in which Anna Duleep claimed that candidates never declare their platforms when registering to become one and that, until they know whether Moccia is running again, they aren’t sure what they might be. I think of Norwalk as a corporation, the Mayor the CEO. I still maintain that if you are going to be CEO of a complicated and complex company, you should probably have a bit of an idea about what it is you intend to do to make the company perform better. Not revealing this to voters upon registering for candidacy is telling the constituency that their votes are worth empty rhetoric and not real solutions. I don’t like this process and I think it is not a very proactive one. This is not an attack on you, BARIN, just my opinion which I believe I am allowed to express on this forum.

    1. I absolutely agree with your premise about not switching parties mid-stream into one’s service. A person is elected based upon their ideas and, presumably, their party affiliation which reflects a certain set of values. Being allowed to switch to another party negates the votes of the people who elected the Council person to begin with.
    2. Your second comment doesn’t make a whole lot of sense although I don’t know why a person cannot switch to being unaffiliated without being disaffected if they believe their work and values cannot be represented in the party to which they initially declared their allegiance. Unaffiliated implies a neutral stance: sometimes the Councilperson will agree with one party and sometimes with another party. This still represents, in part, the voters who put them into office in the first place.
    3. Transparency is essential unless there is a sensitive personnel decision being made in which case an executive session is merited. The people are the government and they have a right to know what activities are taking place in the government that affects their communities.
    4. Not allowing recordings is like hiding in executive sessions which deprive the people from knowing what in the government is being decided that affects their community. Transcribe every letter.
    5. There is incredible talent in Norwalk. Incredible numbers of executive types who could serve in city government bringing with them to the bureaucracy private business sensibilities, i.e., respect for the bottom line, appropriate planning and timely implementation of projects, stream-lining of administrative and departmental tasks, a CEO mentality that respects the value of a taxpayer dollar. All of this seems most appropriately understood from the front lines of residency in Norwalk. Department Heads of excellent skill would have empathy for issues that arise in the community if they live here. I am surprised every Department Head doesn’t live in Norwalk already. It’s kind of like a congressperson having to have a residence in their electoral district (for the same DH residency reasons described above.)

    Now, BARIN, you need a thicker skin if you think any of my responses have included attacks. On the contrary, dialogue can only be created when there are questions and comments diverting from your (narrow) agenda, answering questions you have defined and must be answered to your satisfaction. That is not the way dialogue works. Disagreement is not an attack. Rather, it is a necessary element to furthering understanding.

  22. Suzanne

    BARIN, In your comment, “Never mind the nonsense”, it could be interpreted as you attacking me for not adhering to your specific agenda which, in turn, you described as a joke. Definitely a thicker skin….

  23. BARIN

    Yes I was prepared to be attacked because it appears that is happening way to often in some posts, for instance in one of my posts LWitherspoon jumped bad on me. My respones are meant to deter personnal attacks by telling all to let the attacks begin, reverse psychology maybe. Thank you Suzanne, I will be as thick skinned as I can be from this point on. I do apologize if you feel the word nonsense was an attack, it was not meant to be, it was the right word for some of the silly posts. It was refreshing that you spoke on the issues, I will agree to disagree, you have a valid point on the unaffiliated part of my post. Let’s all keep up the great dialogue.

  24. Tim T

    I take it that you have not seen LWitherspoon posts over the years. We just ignore him as we no longer take anything he has to say as serious .His posts are irreverent. Basically he is a know it all that actually has no clue. You will find he uses the same words over and over again…(show proof) (bloviating) and (gamesmanship)….I wonder if he actually knows what the definition of these words.

  25. Tim T

    You state
    Oops, you forgot to mention that Gov. Malloy went to Washington specifically for the inauguration. Are you going to ask how much that cost CT taxpayers? You’re not? Oh, right, because Malloy is a Democrat and anything a Democrat does is ok. Interesting double standard.
    Maybe you are not aware but as governor Malloy has a has to have a working relationship with the president. REMEMBER HURRICAN SANDY AND CHRISTY OF NJ. As mayor of little old Norwalk the president doesn’t even know Moccia exist nor does he need to. With that said Malloy spending taxpayer money for this is justified but Moccia no way. He should be made to reimburse the city for this. Now that you have been school do understand?
    Also you talk about old timer and his support of democrats. I would suggest you change democrat to republican and that would describe you perfectly.

  26. BARIN

    I’ve really never had a decent place to post my opinions until Ms. Chapman came along. They may have unwittingly created a monster reporter. I’m not familiar with LWitherspoon. How do you know LW is a man?

  27. Tim T

    I do not know that he/she/it is a man as it was just used a generic phrase in regards to LWitherspoon. With the said I do agree Nancy has been a breath of fresh air to the Norwalk media both on here and on her previous site..

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