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To the Editor:

We’ve had a Democrat monopoly in Connecticut for far too many years.  As a result, our beautiful state has fallen off a cliff and we’ve landed squarely at the bottom of the list in every category that matters – the ones that define your quality of life.

Our citizens carry the burden of some of the highest taxes and unemployment in the country; crushing the middle and lower classes, leaving them with a sense of hopelessness and despair.  Many are literally forced to choose between buying food and the expense of commuting to work, if they even have a job.  Those fortunate enough are also left with difficult choices that deny their families a quality of life they once enjoyed.  Polls show that nearly half our state would leave if they could afford to. How can we continue to support this Democrat monopoly that exists solely to benefit itself at the expense of the rest of us! How?

The answer is we cannot.  We cannot permit them to continue their control of our future when they have so badly botched our past.

And the Democrats know it.

I have not seen a single positive ad by Democrat Gov. Malloy.  And the ones I’ve seen aired by the Democrats running for the House and Senate are almost entirely negative as well.  That’s because the evidence of their ideology litters the unemployment line and clogs the bankruptcy courts.  All they have left is to try and make you believe that Republicans are bad.

But you know better.

Our Republican candidates, from Tom Foley running for Governor to our own Toni Boucher and Gail Lavielle running for State Senate and State Representative, and the entire Republican slate on Row A WILL do better.  Not simply because it would be impossible to do worse than what the Democrats have done but because our policies are the same ones you employ when managing your household finances.  They are the same as the ones you teach to your children at the dinner table, the ball fields and when helping them with their homework.

Our Republican candidates support you and your families; we believe in policies that give YOU control over your healthcare and your finances.  We believe that YOU should be in control of your education, not a prisoner to a system that rewards seniority over skill set.  With the average Connecticut State employee making nearly 40 percent more than the average Connecticut family, Republicans believe it is time that YOU were represented in Hartford.

For too long Democrats have put the special interests over the public interest, and rewarded them at your expense.

On Tuesday, Nov. 4th,vote for what is best for YOU.  Vote Row A.  Vote Republican.

Al Alper, chairman

Wilton Republican Town Committee


8 responses to “We can fix this: Vote Republican”

  1. Mike Mushak

    Yes, let’s all vote for Foley, who is a millionaire tax dodger who pays little to no state taxes unlike the cashier at Walmart. Who is a best friend of Bush and Cheney who went over to Iraq to oversee the “reconstruction” of that country we invaded and destroyed, and helped waste billions of taxpayer dollars that just disappeared, poof, into the hands of well-connected American private contractors. Who defied international law, then using an expletive when asked by a reporter about it, when he privatized publicly owned companies that belonged to the people of Iraq. Who takes money from anti-choice and anti-gay groups, and is a member of a political party that has a national platform that is anti-woman, anti-immigrant, anti-voting rights, anti-healthcare reform, anti-gay, anti-climate change science, and basically a regressive party of “no” basically run by cranky old white men. No thanks to that!

    Besides, we already tried a GOP Governor who felt like he was above the law. Been there, done that. Not again, please. Vote Row B for Democrats on Tuesday.

  2. One and Done

    I’d bet the Foley’s pay more in property taxes than Mushak makes in a year. But, keep up the class envy bit. It’s doing wonders for our country. Let’s tear everyone down a bit, huh.

    BTW, Foley is complying with laws enacted by our state. If Malloy wanted to get rid of things like Net Operating Losses for busineses, he could have. I’m surprised he didn’t seeing how much he hates small businesses. The fact Foley paid no income taxes for a year here or there is Malloy’s fault when you get down to it.

  3. Ryan

    Typical liberal, leftist propaganda.
    Vote row A.
    The defiinition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.
    Enough is enough

  4. fedUP

    its pretty clear CT is headed further and further down the tubes. Anyone who characterizes it differently is just plain dishonest.and the poster above is correct, all that Anti-Foley stuff is just propaganda. Vote Foley for a change and lets see what it brings. Cant be worse, that’s for sure.

  5. Mike Mushak

    One and Done, Foley has kept the details of his S Corp a complete secret from the public despite numerous requests, the S Corp with the huge deduction for its loss, that just so happens to conveniently be the same amount as his gains from his other investments that cancel out his state tax liability. Why the big secret? Give me a break!

    We know the GOP has no monopoly on sleaze in CT, but really, do we want to elect another GOP Governor, this time one who lost billions in Iraq, broke international laws doing it, keeps his tax returns a secret, and is best friends with the dynamic duo Bush and Cheney? Oh, and who gladly accepts donations from anti-gay and anti-women groups? Oh, and who thinks sensible gun control is a socialist takeover by the government? I don’t think so! Vote Row B for “Best Choice”.

  6. One and Done

    Foley left out his business p&l and Malloy left out his charitable contributions. Probably because he didn’t make any. Who cares? Neither have anything to do with the miserable job Malloy has done. Then again you probably care about things like boat names too.

  7. Norwalk Sage

    Mike, did you watch the debates? Malloy is no stranger to tax law violations. Foley is obeying the law. Malloy is just making noise about Foley’s legitimate returns as part of the Democratic strategy of attacking anyone for making a decent living outside of public service.

    Malloy likes to pick on Foley for laying off people. We should have seen Malloy fire some people and have the state government operate within its means.

    And you know what else Mike? The Democrats have been blaming Bush so long that being his friend is back to being a good thing. Bush and Cheney were doing a much better job of looking after the country than Malloy’s buddy Obama ever did.

  8. Fact Check

    The article skews reality, and is a bit over the top in painting the picture of Connecticut as going down the tubes. Among the worst unemployment in the country? Actually, there were 20 states with worse unemployment as of Sept. 2014 (see http://www.ncsl.org/research/labor-and-employment/state-unemployment-update.aspx). Among the highest taxes paid per capita? Well, we have THE highest per capita income in the country, so that might have something to do with it (see http://247wallst.com/special-report/2014/04/02/states-with-the-highest-and-lowest-taxes/3 ).

    And that seems to be the crux of Alper’s article: too many taxes, too few jobs, and too many negative ads (boo hoo).

    Come on, Al Alper, stop being such a grumpy old man. Would you be painting the same picture of doom and gloom were we in the same circumstances if a Republican were in office, Mr. chairman of the Wilton Republican Town Committee? Doubt it.

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