West Norwalkers’ input sought for survey

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To the Editor:

The West Norwalk Association is conducting a survey of our West Norwalk neighbors to determine how they feel about the proposed settlement regarding the Mosque. We will report the results of the survey at the Open Meeting on Sept. 4. (7 p.m., Concert Hall at City Hall)

The survey question is: Should the city of Norwalk vote to accept the revised plan for the Al Madany Islamic Center located on Fillow Street?

West Norwalk residents can go to our website, www.westnorwalk.org., to register their votes.

Gay Mac Leod and Linda Forcellina

Co-Presidents of the WNA


2 responses to “West Norwalkers’ input sought for survey”

  1. David

    Will there be any transparency to this survey? I only ask because the last time WNA ran a survey regarding a matter it has a strong opinion about (Oak Hills/driving range) the results didn’t quite match the narrative.

  2. Suzanne

    A day late and a dollar short.

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