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Stories from around the state
Stories from around the state

Here are some items of interest being talked about elsewhere in Connecticut:

Connecticut energy costs are third highest in the U.S., analysis finds: The only states in the nation with higher monthly energy bills for consumers are Mississippi and Hawaii. Connecticut is ranked as the third-most energy expensive state in the country, according to a new analysis by WalletHub.

‘Medical homes’ improve quality, lower costs, but challenges remain: The use of nationally certified medical homes to coordinate the care of Connecticut’s Medicaid patients has led to improved quality, a 2 percent cut in per person costs, and a 32 percent increase in the number of participating providers during an 18-month period. That’s good news for those behind the state’s plan to jumpstart the medical home movement in Connecticut with an expanded program that would assist all practices – not just those that accept Medicaid patients – working to become medical homes.

CT’s 4th Congressional District ranks 5th in U.S. for income inequality: Connecticut’s 4th Congressional district, centered in Fairfield County, has been ranked as the district with the 5th-highest level income inequity in the nation. Whose No. 1? New York’s 10th, including the Upper West Side of Manhattan, the west side of Lower Manhattan including Greenwich Village and the Financial District and parts of Brooklyn, including Borough Park.


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  1. spanner

    Connecticut energy costs are third highest in the U.S

    I’d like to thak Bob Duff and Chris Perone for outstanding work on the Energy Committee.Chris on his website supports a deep water port becuase some fuel bills are higher,its more expensive to off load product onto smaller barges first.He forgot to tell us this and the millions needed to dredge on top of 20 years off its completion and isn’t on the States agenda.

    Bob knows gas Bob knows solar Bob does not know Ct.

    Thanks guys Ct is in the news again last on another list while you tell us all why to vote for you again.

  2. Piberman

    Third highest energy costs just another reason to re-elect the outstanding Democratic team that’s driving jobs and firms from CT. Maybe next year we’ll be no. 1. With a new tax hike to cover the deficit.

  3. One and Done

    The taxpayer funded mailers that Bob sends out are great kindling. This definitely helps cut down on my personal energy costs. Keep mailing the trash Bob. It’s what you are best at right now.

  4. Suzanne

    Piberman, I think this Democratic administration not only ridiculous but completely deleterious to CT’s future. However, it must be said, this decline did NOT start with them. There has been a fair amount of contribution on all sides to this disaster. It’s a pity – CT used to be one state to be admired.

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