What will the new year bring?

(Paul Cantor)

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As my wife and I were walking along that ribbon of highway that stretches between Fillow Street and Old Rock, that is known as Princess Pine, we came across these inhabitants of this pond.

“Hi,” I said to no one of them in particular.

“Quack?!” the one closest to us replied quizzically, as if he was speaking to the others and not responding to my greeting.

“Mind if I ask you a question?” I asked.

“Shoot, but don’t take that the wrong way!  I am not a fan of the second amendment,” he replied.

“How do you think things are going to turn out in the New Year?”


“Yes, 2023 is the upcoming New Year.”

“Hold on, I’ll ask Mr. Sayer.”

And then he shouted, “Sooth, what’s you prediction for 2023?!”

“2023? Gonna be just ducky! No worries!!” came the response from somewhere in the back of the pond.

“Good to know,” I yelled back as we moved on.  “Hope you and everyone else in and out of your pond have a ducky New Year!!!!”

(Paul Cantor)

Then, later, as we made our way by this body of water alongside Bethmarlea Road we called out “Happy New Year” to its dabbling darlings and one of them quacked back, “And to you too.  And to everyone in and out of every pond everywhere.  And especially to Nancy on Norwalk’s never rest editor, Nancy Guenther Chapman, who day in and day out gives us Norwalk residents, quackers and non-quackers alike, a voice!”

Then is an effort not to sound too quacky or whacky as we headed home, I turned and waved and yelled:

Right on.  Happy New Year Everyone!!!

Happy New Year to you wherever you are and

whatever pond you’re in or near!!!

Paul Cantor

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